Friday, June 26, 2009

Why I LOVE my little Blakers

Blake is a SPITTER UPPER. (yes, that is the medical term, I asked JT)
Because of this, I have always wondered if that affects how much other people love him... This stems from when I was about 21 (and VERY single- and naive about motherhood) and my friend had a baby that seemed to instinctively know when I was holding him- and usually on my way out on a date or with friends- and he would without fail spit up on me! (and my dry clean only clothes, that ONLY a girl without kids could own!) I was HORRIFIED by this! I feared holding him, because I knew it would end in a funky smell and trip to the dry cleaners.
SO in true Charmic fashion, I in turn have a "Spitter". That is right, he is 11 months old- and STILL I find little trails of spit up on my new carpet. Any of you that have held him, have probably experienced it. (of course he is not nearly as bad as when he was 6 months and I had to carry 4-5 burp clothes everywhere I went- and they would be DRENCHED by the time I got home)
So this BLOG is for all of you- that might be wondering how I love such a spitty little guy?!

I love him because he carries a sock wherever he goes. Sometimes one in each hand. And loves to sleep with them at night. No blankie- just his socks. It is a waste to put them on his feet- he will just take them off and carry them in his hand or mouth.

I LOVE Blake because he is SOOO ticklish. Ever since he was a newborn, he giggles when you take his onsie off over his head. Being naked was his favorite. He could be crying- until you lift up those little arms and then the giggles come!

I LOVE Blake because he LOVES Riley. This little boy LOVES his sister. She can beat him, kick him, poke him, take his toys, whatever you can imagine- she has done it. And Blake just beams at her! The sad thing is: I had a boy so that I could have a baby adore me- the way Riley adores her daddy... but no, I get a boy that adores his sister!

I LOVE Blake because he looks like I did as a baby, only skinnier. Yep, I just said my 24 lb 11 month old with tree trunk legs is skinnier than I was! I found baby pics of me - and was shocked out how much he looked like my pics. Only with 6 less chins.

I LOVE Blake because he is so happy. Sometimes he really just sits and laughs for no reason. I was in the shower today and could hear him sitting outside the shower, just cracking up!

Basically, I love him to pieces. Despite his spitting up on EVERY outfit, carpet, piece of furniture, inch of the car, pillowcase and relative that I have. Despite the fact that he has had a cold for over 4 months- causing the world's longest running nose. Because everything else about him far outweighs spit up and boogies.

MORE reasons I LOVE Blake-
he is a dancing maniac! EVERY time he hears music- even if it is just a toy- he starts rockin! Sometimes on his knees sometimes on his tummy- but always smiling or clapping! He is so cute.
I could add a hundred more reasons!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the icing on the cake

You know when you get all excited for a great idea, like decorating a cake for your cute hubbie's birthday (the big 27- he enters the "late twenties" as I enter the...well... you know) and then everything goes wrong, and you think "at least it will be a funny blog" but then your computer won't respond to your camera to down load the pictures- so it still takes another week to sit down and blog only to remember that you still don't really know how to put those pics on the blog anyways!! You know we have ALL had this happen!

Here goes:
SO I decide I want to be like my hero Stephanie (if you are reading this, please don't look at the pictures!!) and bake a wonderful cake for my hubbie. But instead of doing it the night before (like I should have) I do it the morning of his birthday. Now, I should explain that I LOVE baking. LOVE it! Yet, I should NOT be allowed to Bake. Baking should be for scientists, mathematicians, people who FOLLOW directions, people who PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing, people who realize that the person who WROTE the recipe was probably right, and people who read the directions ALL the way through before beginning! That is NOT me. So I start in on making the Marshmallow Fondant. (for the first time) While both kids are awake! Needless to say- between sifting 7 cups of powdered sugar- all 3 of us and the kitchen were COVERED in white powder! I was hurrying so that I could get it set in the fridge in time to frost during nap time at 12:30. (because I did not read the directions the night before to know that I should have let it set OVERNIGHT!) I got it done and baked little mini cakes and frosted that with regular butter cream- which somehow required spilling MORE powdered sugar all over me and the kitchen! I thought it would be a good idea to put the cake in the fridge while I rolled out the Fondant. My fridge was a little too full.....

Yep, that is my cake! Hours of Fondant and cake baking to end up on the ground.
Really? Who does this happen to?
JT doesn't even like cake.

Well, I made a little cake with the leftover rounds (since I made a mini) but was so sick of hassling with it (and it was time to work on dinner) that I handed it over to Riley to decorate! She did better than I probably would have!


SO I guess even if I SHOULD not Bake- Riley definately should!
And here is the Birthday Boy (Don't pay attention to Katie with NO MAKEUP!! obviously I was a little busy that day!!)

SO there you go, STILL A ROCKSTAR! :)
Happy Birthday JT!!!