Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder for anyone who was too busy last month and whose hair is looking bad... you know who you are...


I am doing hair-- so if you are hoping to get in before February- please let me know :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Every Man is Given a Gift

"...there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God" Doctrine and Covenants 46:12

I am about to BRAG about my kids... But I understand that not every one receives every gift, so don't feel bad about yourself when you hear how amazing my child it. I am sure your kids have OTHER gifts... like drawing an ELEPHANT at 2! or singing on key, or reading at 3, whatever it may be.

As for my GIFTED children. Apparently they were both given the same special talent. One that most in the world will never recognize or know (which is why I must Blog) A talent I had never considered before childbirth...

I discovered on Monday while sick on the couch watching Little Einsteins with my kids that Blake is a gifted child. At only 17 months old he came to me, looking sympathetic towards my horribly runny nose and eyes, with the same runny look on his own face, and took from me my roll of toilet paper, tore off a square and proceeded to BLOW HIS NOSE!! then handed the yucky tissue back to his stunned and proud mother!

That's right everyone. My kids are nose blowing prodigies! I considered that it might have been a fluke. Could two children in one family be so gifted at Nose Blowing before a year and a half?? Then last night as we brushed our teeth I saw Blake walk directly up to the Toilet Paper dispenser in the bathroom and lean his nose against the soft tissue and begin to BLOW AGAIN! Five minutes later, he ran back to the bathroom, without bothering to remove a square, and leaned against the paper roll with his face and BLEW AGAIN! IT ISN'T A FLUKE!! IT IS A GIFT!!

Ok, ok, he can't play the violin, or eat with a fork, but they both can blow their noses!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

What to EXPECT...

We have all read it... or at least parts of it.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting

This week I needed some serious MEDICAL CONFIRMATION that I AM NOT LOSING IT!!!
(which I was beginning to think I was)

SO EVERYONE OUT THERE, including Young Women and Leaders, Relatives, Friends, yes, even strangers who might be Blog Stalking me because I am THAT cool. THIS is WHAT TO EXPECT When You are EXPECTING KATIE TYLER:

  • Clumsiness
  • Difficulty Sleeping (that causes groggy mornings)
  • Increased Day Dreaming
  • Mood Swings

Please do not expect me to PLAN ANYTHING, to SHOW UP to anything PLANNED, to REMEMBER any PLANS, or to do anything REMOTELY RELIABLE for the next 3 months! I am losing my mind. According to my mom, who is apparently a secret Dr. Oz fan, women lose a TON of brain cells during the last trimester of their pregnancy. Supposedly we gain it back right before Labor... but I am not so sure. I have already noticed the decline in Brain Capacity over the past few weeks. (In fact I had to think REALLY hard to come up with the word "decline" just now)

People say I am losing it based on the fact that I have two kids already to chase around. And that alone is sufficient for partial insanity. But I know it is MORE than that.

The bottom line is:
I don't sleep anymore without a good dose of Benadryl due to Restless Leg Syndrom.
I am so Moody that it is like playing Russian Roulette to even talk to me.
The day dreaminess is taking over reality.
And I can not remember ANY commitment, appointment, or assignment I have made in the last two weeks!!

So sorry, everyone, this is the New Katie Tyler for at least a few months. And really, I think this is like most pregnancy things --"9 months on 9 months off" -- so it may take a little longer to snap out of this.

This is my Blanket Apology to all those that I am going to stand up, forget about, be annoyed with or rude to, and to all those that I give a blank stare. AZA FAHADY. (that means sorry in Malagasy. How can I remember Malagasy and not play dates with friends???)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Migrating Placentas and Other things to be Grateful for...

I neglected to do my "Gratefuls" at Thanksgiving- but now I have even MORE to be Grateful for!!

  • My Baby's Placenta Migrated!!
YAHOOOOO!! After gaining 6 lbs this month, I am happy for this news! Not only can I get back to the GYM, but I don't have to worry about a C-section anymore! And of course-- on our ANNIVERSARY, JT is very happy for the Green Light on other activities :) Which leads me to my next Grateful. (no, not that)
  • My Man
FIVE YEARS TODAY!! On December 10th 2004, JT and I were married in the Seattle Temple. It had only been 4 months since our first day- so needless to say it was an adventure. But I knew right away that he was "the one". I can't pretend that it has ALL been sunshine and roses, but I can say that it is RIGHT. And I am surprised at how quickly I forget the thorns to notice the flowers in or marriage. I never imagined that anyone could love me so much. And he really is the pinnacle of kindness. I can't even list all of the things that he is and does and that make me happy! I look forward to the rest of Eternity together.

  • My Kids
I can't believe we are having our THIRD! Riley is such a Clown and Blake is so Fun, I don't know what entertained me before they came along! And a third will be icing on the cake.
My favorite Riley Phrase right now is during her prayers when she blesses JT's sister Megan on her mission and says "Please Bless Meggie on her Mission, To Be GOOD" :)

(I know, the pic is old, but it is still my favorite!)

  • My Family
I am grateful for all of the help on both sides of our family - especially when it comes to loving and helping out with my kids.
I am ESPECIALLY grateful for a WONDERFUL brother and sister in law who noticed me struggling a few weeks ago and were inspired to help out. Sometimes we need a break, sometimes a casserole, sometimes a shoulder to cry on-- But this time I needed some Christmas Cheer! So what did they do?? Brought over Christmas LIGHTS and helped JT put them up!! They really have no idea how much that little act of kindness has touched me. (especially because I had bought our previous lights at Big Lots for $.75 a box--- and it showed!! they looked awful!) Every night when Riley and I plug in the lights I say a little prayer of thanks for people who love me.

  • My Visiting Teachers
I have never DOUBTED that Visiting Teaching is inspired and necessary, but I have never really seen it work like they say in the Ensign articles either! Until now. I have wonderful visiting teachers who work hard to come every month and have really worked on developing a friendship with me. The past few months they have been so inspired to bring EXACTLY what I need. (not just the Choc Chip Cookies that I really did NEED this month!!) I really feel that they are with me for a reason and because they have been so consistent and loving I actually feel like I can go to them when I need them!!

  • The Gospel
What Grateful list would be complete without this? I have really felt the blessing of the Book of Mormon in my life lately. Things have been crazy for us- and I have felt so upside down and stressed out. And it seems that peace from outside sources (such as mint chocolate covered oreo cookies, buying something on sale, or even a nice talk with a friend) doesn't seem to last long enough. The ONLY thing that seems to get me through is the Gospel

One of my favorite talks from Elder Holland speaks about his call to be an Apostle and this is what he said.


Well, I can relate to that. I feel so blessed to have the Scriptures and the Truths of the Gospel in my life. I have felt so much relief, peace and comfort that I could not get anywhere else. (not even Christmas Lights from my sister in law) Not to mention direction, inspiration, and patience! I could do a whole post on my LOVE of the scriptures!

So if you see me SMILING you'll know it is ONE of these things!

Friday, December 4, 2009


A few years ago - some girlfriends and I decided to get together and make Gingerbread Houses.

Year #1
December 2006 (Heidi just pointed out that I have the dates wrong!)

Heidi, Katie, and Shelbi (I think the other girls had already gone home when we remembered the camera!)

I wish I was one of those really cool people who takes pictures of everything and every event and then puts them on their Blogs...

But since I am NOT that girl, here is a picture of Year #3! (but I guess I didn't take any of the other girls' houses... probably because they were so awesome that I would have felt like a loser putting up pics of my store bought cheesy house next to their homemade Food Network worthy mansions!!) Yes, I changed this to #3, since I am such a nerd I don't even have a pic of year #2!! oooopppsss.

Year #3, and the one that Riley made
December 2008

And HERE is YEAR #4!! Dec 3 2009

After 5 hours, 4 girls, and lots of food-- this is what we accomplished!

Heidi, Lindsey, Natalie, and Me

Apparently we were all running low on Christmas Spirit last night! First my frosting was too thick, then too thin, and then they all showed up without houses! So we tossed in the Frosting and decided to eat all of our goodies and call it good!

We had a great time just talking and hanging out. I don't think any of us missed making the Gingerbread House. So maybe we have new tradition???

FORTUNATELY when I woke up this morning, I had a helper ready to get started. We got Blake down for his morning nap and then made the perfect frosting. (not too thick, not too thin, where was that frosting last night?)

Riley's roof collapsed after she got a little too excited to wait for it to set and started on the candy. So we improvised and apparently she made a Gingerbread Single Wide.

WAY more candy in the tummy than in the house!

She's a pro.

She is SO my daughter!!

Luckily JT got home from class and dove in to help Riley so I could throw mine together before Blake woke up. (if you have seen Blake's chubs- you know what he would do if he saw a CANDY HOUSE!)

JT usually runs and hides when I have a project like this... UNLESS RILEY IS THERE! Then the Super Dad appears and he is just as excited as Riley to help. I LOVE watching them work together. And I really love the time it gave me to finish mine.

Finished Project :)

The Single Wide.

We'll see how long it lasts when Blake discovers it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here we go


I have been trying to figure out a way to make this work. I have always felt that this is a career that I could do as a Stay at Home Mom, but with two kids I found that it was difficult to juggle this around nap times and grumpy times and that I just couldn't do it...

SO I have decided the best solution (so that I can continue doing what I LOVE) is to GET A BABYSITTER!! :) Duh!

I will have a babysitter twice or three times a month (if I am really lucky and everyone is dying to get their hair done) so that I can just spend the whole day doing hair instead of 2 hour increments while I pray that my kids stay asleep. I know this is less convenient for my clients who have to work around my hours- but better in the long run to have my undivided attention than to have Blake with a poopy diaper while you have bleach on your hair!


FIRST SATURDAY of the Month (DEC 5)
Anytime from 8am-5pm
THIRD TUESDAY of the Month (EXCEPT FOR DEC. WHICH WILL BE DEC 8) because of the Holidays.
Anytime from 10:00-10:00pm
I know for some it is easier during school and some it is easier in the evening. I do not expect to be booked this whole time- just available.


Woman's Haircut: $20
Men's Haircut: $15

Children's Haircut: $10
All Over Color: $35

Full Foil: Begins at $60

Partial Foil: $35

Brow: $8
Lip or Chin: $5
Full Face: $15

I am really excited to still keep my job as a Mommy but to be able to have the creative expression (and of course the social time) from doing Hair again!
Let your friends know if they are interested I am happy to take new clients!

Please let me know if you are interested in booking an appointment. I know that the Holidays are crazy- so even if you are thinking that you might be interested for January.

P.S. If there is interest I would be happy to schedule something during the Christmas Break if you have kids that need to come while school it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

Ok, we already KNEW that. But yesterday I spent 3 hours at the O.B., had 2 ultrasounds, and learned a lot of new info about this pregnancy- but I am most excited that It's A GIRL! For some reason- yesterday it became REAL to me. And I got really excited for another daughter! More ballet, more baking, more tutus, more butterfly kisses.

Unfortunately, JT could not go with me- and with Pregnancy Brain I have forgotten half of the stuff they explained to me! (Natalie- maybe you can help!) It turns out that the umbilical chord is not attached right, or well, or something. (darn that brain!) so I "get" to go back every four weeks for ultrasounds to measure that she is still growing on track. (but so far so good) It also turns out that the placenta is really low down by the cervix. But they think that will resolve itself, but it is another reason for monthly ultrasounds. The funny part of all of this is that JT could not be there, and when Dr Channell was explaining this all to me- she pointed out that I can't WORK OUT anymore, and no more You-Know-What for You-Know-Who!! :) I started laughing and told Dr Channell that JT would never believe me! He would say "yeah right, the ONE time you go to the doctor alone you come home saying you can't have _______ anymore?!" ha ha ha ha! And that is exactly what he said!!

So, no more working out... I can swim, or walk, that is it. I am a little bit concerned facing the Holidays pregnant and NOT being able to go to the gym for a good Post-Turkey Day workout! I know everyone says that it is OK to gain more weight when you are pregnant- but they never talk about LOSING that weight! And I really felt that being in really good shape with Blake helped the delivery and recovery! Is it weird that my biggest concern is losing this weight? Not the loss of _____, or the worry about the growth of the baby, or possible C-section? I guess I can only worry about what I can control- and usually- that is my weight.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Didn't I USE to be amazing? and brave? and spontaneous?

  • I have been cooped up in my house taking care of H1N1 sickos since last Thursday... I think it is affecting my Mental Health!
  • NO ONE is allowed to comment on this blog saying things like "oh, Katie, you ARE amazing" blah blah blah (in fact this should be buried in my personal journal instead of out there for pity and observation, but MAYBE someone else knows where I am coming from)
Didn't I USE to be amazing?
Like I said I have been trapped in my house for too long and I have too much time to THINK. The future right now is too overwhelming so I started to reflect on the past. It started with Ashlee's blog about group dates....

I thought back to funny things I did as a Young Adult. Spontaneous, Crazy things (some of which I hope Riley never does!!) Peeing on 1-5 (no, not the side of the freeway- the ACTUAL freeway!), riding on the back of cute boys' motorcycles, quiting a job and moving to SLC one day just because I needed new air to breathe! I don't think I had a fear in the world! (maybe that I would never ACTUALLY settle down!)

Then on to Young Adult accomplishments like becoming an EFY Counselor. I remember hearing the staggering statistic that over 5000 people apply and only 400 were actually chosen -99% of those accepted were from one of the BYU campuses. (I was definitely NOT at BYU, I was in beauty school in Seattle) EVERYONE told me NOT to apply because it was so unlikely that I would be accepted! :) The best summers of my life were spent awake till 3:00am worrying about those youth and trying to teach them the Gospel while traveling around the country!

How could I resist serving a mission after that experience?

MADAGASCAR of all places?!
Fleas, mosquitos, GIANT SPIDERS, mystery meat, and the Craziest language I had ever heard!! There I was, on the other side of the world from anyone who knew and loved me, and yet I felt so brave and strong!! I spoke to people in their own gobbledy goop langauge! I walked down dark streets that I didn't know with a companion I had just met! (all of which are the most amazing women I have EVER known) I had never Laughed so hard, or Cried so hard, or Worked so hard in my entire life. I actually felt strong. Now, don't say this to the elders who trapped giant spiders in Pringles cans to watch me scream, or who came to rescue me and my comp the night the witch tried to break in to our house, or my President who listened as I cried that first week because I could not communicate and the thought of sitting quietly was unbareable!! Don't tell them, they may not have thought I was strong. But I did.

So that led me to think "Man, I WAS AMAZING!"

But where does that leave me now? A frumpy-sweats-wearing-house-wife with two and half kids, one mortgage, and a hubbie who is waiting to get into PA school (which probably won't be for another year now!) I am TRYING to see the Brave, Strong, Spontaneous girl that I use to be.

I know I should recognize that desire to bring more babies into this crazy world as Brave. Right now, it just seems a little bit insane!
I know that supporting a hubbie struggling to change careers should make me feel Strong. But right now it mostly feels overwhelming.
I know I must be Spontaneous and Crazy to bake with my three year old daughter! (the whole kitchen covered in flour after I mopped and cleaned it yesterday is a story for another blog!) But right now I am avoiding that side of my house.

I guess the Rhetorical Question of the Day is:
HOW do I keep my identity and stay true to the person I have always thought I am, while being in the position I never thought I would be in?

Monday, November 2, 2009


It all began with one little sugar cookie..

A whole lot of frosting...

And a ton of fun!

Riley and I baked Sugar Cookies for our neighbors- as if ANY of us need MORE treats right now:)

Then we went to the Ward's Trunk or Treat party. Jt had to leave early to go to work- and I was left a Semi-Single Mom...
What is it with Blake that would rather go find a stranger than be with Mommy? He squirmed, screamed, cried and howled until he saw Josh Weed! Then suddenly it was all better! This kid.

There were moments at Trunk or Treat that I had NO IDEA where EITHER of my children were! So I was less of a Single Mom and my kids were more Single Kids! I have always laughed at the idea of having a kid on one of those Monkey Backpacks that is actually a LEASH... but I may have to take it all back soon. With an escape artist like Blake on my hands I am definitely in trouble come March.

For HALLOWEEN I was left Semi- Single again (this time it may have been worse on JT than me-- who wants to deal with all the Crazies in the ER?) We went to JT's brother's house to Trick Or Treat with Riley's cousins. I was too scared to try to chase Blake around by myself while helping Riley go up to the doors to beg for candy. (Don't we love this wierd holiday??) Luckily, Blake latched on to Aaron like he was Josh Weed or something, and I could focus on watching Riley skip up to houses holding hands with her cousins all night! And then reap the benefits of an awesome neighborhood that hands out full size candy bars!! (Once again- who's brilliant idea was this holiday??)

Riley is into the Silly Face right now...

I got the Lion Costume from Natalie... man he is cute!

Too cute!!


Last of all.. the pumpkins...

JT and I have been married almost 5 years and never carved pumpkins together! So this last week- I thought he and I needed a break from the stress of our lives right now - and I bought two pumpkins for us to stay up late, drinking apple cider, laughing and carving pumpkins together. Unfortunately, JT had a big lab, followed by a big test this week and spent every night studying late into the night! (he did get an A so it is worth it!) I ended up carving the Pumpkins by myself with a Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper. (yes, Sis, I scooped out the guts of my own pumpkin!! I don't think I ever did that once growing up! It is NASTY stuff in there!!) I had carved I Love JT on one so he would see it on the porch when he got home the next morning from work. But while I was out- he turned the Pumpkin around to carve I love KT on the other side!

I guess when your man works crazy hours and goes to school during the days- this is how you end up communicating-- THROUGH PUMPKINS!

Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Widget

Ok, I just saw this on someone else's Blog and thought how adorable it is. Normally I do not like to think of DUE DATES in ACTUAL DATES... probably because Riley was 8 days late and every "well-meaning" comment AFTER the due date is torture!

"STILL pregnant, Katie??"
"no, no, just faking it now. This is a basketball under my shirt, the baby is with my husband"

"WHEN is that BABY coming??"
"When I find out, YOU will be the first to know"

"Do you know what I heard HELPS the Baby come?..."
fill in whatever wife's tale floats your boat:
"yes, Sister So and So, we had Sex FOUR times last night, thank you."
"yes, I have eaten Spicey Thai Food for 6 days straight, I am now peeing curry, thank you."
"Oh? Walking you say? Wow, I NEVER THOUGHT of MOVING! I just lay around on my couch all day WAITING, thank you"
"pedicure?" (ok, this may not work- but it brought me and Heidi together which is ALMOST as good as a baby)

You get the point.
So with Blake I always said "end of July" and THAT IS WHEN HE CAME.
No DATE. No OVERDUE QUESTIONS. Just peace and quiet.

SO even though I have the new little baby calculator, please don't feel any need to keep up on my "Due Date" :)

P.S. Not that I did not appreciate the Love & Concern & Support that people are TRYING to show at the end. I just prefer to not have the Sex talk with 60 year old women in the hallway at church. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

I am TOO crazy (AND LAME) to figure this out!!

OK, so I know I should have a

(like Ashley does)

I have a crazy day today- and this is NOT the TIME to attempt to figure HOW TO GET MY ULTRASOUND pics on my BLOG.... so in 15 years when my little
GIRL is feeling all down about herself, and comes across the BLOG where I announce her gender and she discovers there is not even a PICTURE of her beautiful smiley face (and absence of the part that would determine her NOT a female) she will be able to have another reason (as if she will need one as a teenager) to be mad at me!!!!!! :)


ANYWAYS- Yesterday we had our ultrasound. Despite SEEING this little GIRL wiggling all over (to the point that I have to go back next month for another ultrasound since she kept blocking the view of important measurements! but who complains about more pics of the baby?) my favorite part is HEARING her!! Seriously, I can just lay there listening to that little HEART BEAT all day long. It feels more REAL to me than even the picture. All of the sudden I caught myself crying. I thought by your 3rd you were suppose to be SO exhausted by the first two, and so use to ultrasounds and pregnancy (especially if you were just pregnant a year ago!), and so comfortable with the miracle all of this- that you are immune to the emotions of hearing a heart beat. I am HAPPY to say- That ISN'T true. It was as magical as the first time with Riley.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • You barely make it to Ballet this morning WITHOUT a shower,wearing yesterdays smudgey remnants of mascara since last night you were too tired and out of it to wash your face, and hope that no one realizes that Blake's socks don't match... AGAIN
  • Your house is SO trashed that you have to get Little Ceasars Pizza because you can not FIND your kitchen (and afford the Good Stuff "Papa John's"!), and even if you could find what was once a kitchen, it would take too long to clean enough dishes to make dinner
  • AND THEN you let your kids ride their "bikes" around the driveway and garage while you eat your pizza in a camping chair rather than try to FIND that kitchen table!
  • You BLOG about it instead of actually CLEANING it
  • You finally realize that NO ONE is PERFECT and the sooner you admit to giving up on that facade- the better life will be.....
ok, ok, I don't know if I actually believe that last part. Will life be better when I get over trying to pretend that I have it together? Or will it just get a whole lot MESSIER?

And really- were ANY of you fooled in the first place???

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the shout out

My man is here to help - so I can finally add the link to Sara's wonderful Blog and the GLORIOUS PUMPKIN PIE MILKSHAKE that has been my staple food the last week! (I am beginning to get concerned that my unborn baby should get something else in his/her diet... but we will worry about that after pumpkin season!)

Sara's Blog is wonderful!!!

And even if you are not a Pumpkin Fan (which sounds blasphemous in October) she has tons of awesome recipes! For those of you who remember when I would go with the "Whidbey Island Girls" for the yearly get-a-way ... Sara is the reason we went!! Just to eat her yummy food all weekend and polish our nails! :) ok ok and to get a way from reality and be with the girls... but mostly for the food!!

If I understood this LINK stuff better I would send you to her recipe for White Chicken Chilli and Creamy Chicken Taquitos and all of the other yummy stuff I love.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a girl will do for a PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE

I WAS going to wake up bright and early to BLOG about the best day of 2009...

Going to see WICKED for the first time last night!!! It was wonderful- everything I dreamed it would be for the past 5 years. The ONLY thing that could have made it better - is if the girl playing Galinda had tripped before curtains opened and her understudy had laringitis and they had to ask an audience member who already knows all of the words and is willing to wear those awesome ballgowns to come onto the stage and sing her heart out in front of a theatre full of adoring gay guys while floating in a bubble!!! And since that did not happen (which is obvious by the fact that I did not abandon my 2 children for a life on the road with the cast of WICKED) it was still a heavenly night!

But when I got on the computer to write about this, I stopped by my girlfriend Sara's BLOG (WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WRONG HERE THAT I CAN NOT INSERT THE LINK TO HER AWESOME BLOG!!) and got absolutely distracted by the PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE!! I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I just had one at Starbucks the other day after I chased Blake around Riley's ballet class and felt that I deserved a major treat! (Lucky for me, JT gets Starbucks Gift Cards from work) But I was bummed out knowing that the Card would not last much longer and I may not be able to afford this treat after Ballet tomorrow. And there it was- on her Blog (which I have to stay I AM OBSESSED with THIS BLOG!!) and I didn't care that it was 9am. And that I hadn't wrestled to keep Blake out of the neighboring toilets while tugging off Riley's Ballet tights after class last weak! (which is what warranted the last Pumpkin Frappucino!) I didn't care that I hadn't even gotten out of my P.J.'s I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

As I got out my Giant cans of Pumpkin (that I got from Costco after I could not find it anywhere else) and all of the ingredients, I realized- I couldn't do it. I just could NOT get myself to scoop that icecream!

So-- I laced up my running shoes- bundled up the little ones and snuggled them into the BOB double to go for a "run". This is in QUOTATIONS because a pregnant run with two kids in a double stroller is much closer to a waddle. In pregnant miles- I think I ran a marathon! In actual street miles- I think it was 2!

BUT here it is - 10:30am, and I am about to indulge in PUMPKIN PARADISE without ANY GUILT!!!! :)
(accept for my kids watching TV so I could BLOG in the middle of the morning!! ooops - Can's win them all!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the meaning of SACRIFICE....

A few years ago, I began to feel like I should stop doing hair. This was difficult for to me accept because I enjoyed it, the people, the creativity, and oh yeah-- my own spending money. Finally a few months ago the feeling became too persistent and I began to say no to clients. I have definitely seen the blessings already in my family. But as JT and I sat down to budget last month a hard reality struck home: I would need to give up some of my luxuries. I know you are looking at my house, my cars, my stuff and thinking "hate to break it to ya, Katie, but WHAT luxuries are you giving up?" Look Closer, guys. Look into my eyes... well, around my eyes. Look at these dark, soft eyelashes.

Yes, that is right, I am SACRIFICING the unbelievable: LANCOME.

About 7 years ago, while still on my mission, I began to run low on my supply of MAC makeup from my sweet sister Beth who did her best to keep me stocked with my beloved makeup. My companion, Soeur Howell, and I stumbled upon a new little French shop near the main Grocery store in Mada where she introduced me to her long time friend "LANCOME MASCARA". I had loved Lancome before. I even remember the glorious feeling of stepping into the Charles De Galle Airport in Paris and seeing the Lancome store and wishing that the flight would be delayed long enough for me to visit the Birthplace of a dear acquaintance. I had loved Lancome for her perfumes, and also the Dual Finish Powder, but had never known LOVE like this. It wasn't long before I was hooked, using my credit card from home to purchase this extravagance on my mission. And since then- I have never strayed.

...OK... I admit, there was the ONE time I was broke- looking for a job, I had no money, I was DESPERATE! I HAD to go to the drugstore. I HAD to buy that little blue tube. But days later I hung my head in shame as I returned to the forgiving arms of Lancome, and those snobby Nordstrom-Makeup-Counter-Girls with my chunky smudgy black lashes and begged for them to take me back!

When JT asked me to marry him, I thought it appropriate to warn him of this OTHER relationship. It had been 2 years with Lancome, the longest relationship of my life. He understood and agreed that HE would NEVER ASK me to end the affair and further more, do all that he could to support it.
So, he has never asked. I just felt it, deep in the pit of my stomach, that forcing my children and unborn baby to live off of Top Ramen for a week to afford this affair was somehow not right.

So with that, to Lancome's "Definicils", "Flextincels", and my most beloved "Hypnose", the Snobby-Makeup-Counter-Girls, the 7 years of love and unfailing commitment, the days of stalking Macy's and Nordstrom waiting for those 3 beautiful words "Gift With Purchase", the tiny trial size tubes that have faithfully stood by in my purse for a moment of desperation when I needed to reapply, and to all of the cute tote bags I bid "au revoir".

Wow, what a mother is willing to do for her family.

Can anyone recommend a REALLY GOOD MASCARA???????

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fly Swatter, Anyone?

So, Friday night we had a Birthday Party for Riley (I know, I know, I should be Blogging that! But I have to vent first!)

At some point during the party that was in and outdoors, two "guests" showed up uninvited into my home! We didn't even notice they were there until Saturday morning when we sat down to breakfast. Riley immediately exclaimed "Shoo Fly! Don't bodder me!" I looked up to see both rude guests on her cereal bowl.
Of course, at first, I was taken back in a nostalgic day dream to the time on my mission when I watched a Gigantic fly (apparently they are the only well fed street animals in Mada) fly from a pile of dog poo, to a slab of hanging raw meat (the little street markets did not have refrigeration- so the meat was left to hang in the sun, smelling wonderful!-- how do I indicate sarcasm?), and in slow motion come and land on my lip!! ... back to my kitchen...
Normally, barring the incident from the mission, I am not too horrified by flies. Yes, they are gross, and they land on everything, and bring it into your home (or onto your lip) but at least they don't have 8 legs. BUT now that the unwanted guests have stayed, camping out in my kitchen, for 3 DAYS-- I AM DONE!
I have left the doors open to try to lure them outside- but I am afraid this will allow them to invite more of their friends.
SO this brings me to the beginning... Fly Swatter... really, who owns a Fly Swatter? That seems so pioneer. Or like I should be somewhere on 'the Bayou' sitting on my porch. Why would I even own a fly swatter? And now - I wish I did! :(

JT just woke up (before he goes to work tonight... I didn't want that to sound like he just sleeps in the afternoon while I battle house flies) and took out 3 of the 4!! MY HERO!
"Seven in One Blow!"
10 points for anyone who knows what oldschool Disney movie that line is from! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WHY am I soooo TIRED????!!!

I have been WAITING to Blog about this for 6 weeks now!
For those of you that know me well, you will know that I don't get zits, I don't like hotdogs, I don't usually feel sick or tired, and I NEVER miss the gym (accept for a serious tragedy!) so what does it mean when all of these things happen???

You guessed it:

We are about 13 weeks pregnant- I think. We are due with Baby #3 on March 5th 2010!

I was hoping to add the pics from my ultrasound to this blog- but they didn't transfer from JT's scanner to my laptop. (this stuff ONLY happens to me!) But since my ovulation was a little off (being the FIRST and ONLY period I have even had in almost 2 years since I became pregnant with Blake) my calculations were off and my ultrasound was at 6 weeks instead of 8! Which means- the picture that barely resembles a baby at 8 weeks, barely resembled a blob at 6!! :)

So there you go. An explanation for the zit, the Hot Dog, the desire to sleep for hours on end, missing the gym (due to that exhaustion) and the reason I have basically dropped off the face of the planet for the last 6 weeks!!!
But as of yesterday- I seem to be feeling better. I even let JT sleep in today while I woke up with the kids! (the first time in 2 months)

If you do the math- that puts Riley and Blake about 22 months apart and Blake and Baby #3 about 19 months apart! This may also be the definition of INSANITY! At least the baby will be here before we move away to school and while you can all come bring us yummy dinners and help watch my kids! wink wink!

As far as names (which I know is the next question) since I don't know the sex- I have not even thought past the endearing name "Baby #3". I do know that I should not involve Riley in this decision. Last week she decided to name a pink bear and apparently she heard a commercial in the background that inspired her to name the bear "Zyrtec"!!!

Now many of you are thinking to yourself that because I am due on March 5 that Aleisa must be due on April 5 :) sorry guys, this time we forget to send them the memo to start trying exactly 4 weeks after us!! (like they did with their other babies) The same goes for Heidi-- although I DID try to get her to join the baby club and have her's 6 weeks after mine (just like her other babies) but apparently according to Jarod (and much to my surprise) HE and Heidi are in charge of their baby planning- not ME and Heidi!
Oh well guys, I guess there is always Baby #4!!
(just kidding just kidding just kidding! No plans for a baby #4!!!!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My camera is on strike

You know the commercial where there are all those people who are suppose to be pictures on someone's camera- and they are all bugged that they never get downloaded- just deleted? Yeah, that is my camera.

One of the problems with this strategy of only downloading when you absolutely have to- is what if you take up a new hobbie- like Blogging? And you want to put pictures of your new lawn- the "before and after" of the whole event- but when you sit down to finally download those "after" pictures- for some reason your camera will not connect with your laptop? And you think- stay calm- just blog about Father's Day- that was months ago! And you start to write the Blog before you check your computer for the pics- only to find that those cute pics or JT wearing the tie that Riley made in Nursery are also TRAPPED on that dumb camera that is not connecting with your laptop!!! So you finally give up and say
"THIS is why I didn't want a new hobbie, like Blogging, in the first place!!!"

Stay tuned for lots of pics of my yard when my husband gets home from work (and he can figure out this lame camera problem)... but by then we will have gone on our first camping trip with Blake, AND his First Birthday, and I am sure a hundred other things that will end up needing to be Blogged- pushing my new yard to the very back of the line up!

Oh well, c'est la vie!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Why I LOVE my little Blakers

Blake is a SPITTER UPPER. (yes, that is the medical term, I asked JT)
Because of this, I have always wondered if that affects how much other people love him... This stems from when I was about 21 (and VERY single- and naive about motherhood) and my friend had a baby that seemed to instinctively know when I was holding him- and usually on my way out on a date or with friends- and he would without fail spit up on me! (and my dry clean only clothes, that ONLY a girl without kids could own!) I was HORRIFIED by this! I feared holding him, because I knew it would end in a funky smell and trip to the dry cleaners.
SO in true Charmic fashion, I in turn have a "Spitter". That is right, he is 11 months old- and STILL I find little trails of spit up on my new carpet. Any of you that have held him, have probably experienced it. (of course he is not nearly as bad as when he was 6 months and I had to carry 4-5 burp clothes everywhere I went- and they would be DRENCHED by the time I got home)
So this BLOG is for all of you- that might be wondering how I love such a spitty little guy?!

I love him because he carries a sock wherever he goes. Sometimes one in each hand. And loves to sleep with them at night. No blankie- just his socks. It is a waste to put them on his feet- he will just take them off and carry them in his hand or mouth.

I LOVE Blake because he is SOOO ticklish. Ever since he was a newborn, he giggles when you take his onsie off over his head. Being naked was his favorite. He could be crying- until you lift up those little arms and then the giggles come!

I LOVE Blake because he LOVES Riley. This little boy LOVES his sister. She can beat him, kick him, poke him, take his toys, whatever you can imagine- she has done it. And Blake just beams at her! The sad thing is: I had a boy so that I could have a baby adore me- the way Riley adores her daddy... but no, I get a boy that adores his sister!

I LOVE Blake because he looks like I did as a baby, only skinnier. Yep, I just said my 24 lb 11 month old with tree trunk legs is skinnier than I was! I found baby pics of me - and was shocked out how much he looked like my pics. Only with 6 less chins.

I LOVE Blake because he is so happy. Sometimes he really just sits and laughs for no reason. I was in the shower today and could hear him sitting outside the shower, just cracking up!

Basically, I love him to pieces. Despite his spitting up on EVERY outfit, carpet, piece of furniture, inch of the car, pillowcase and relative that I have. Despite the fact that he has had a cold for over 4 months- causing the world's longest running nose. Because everything else about him far outweighs spit up and boogies.

MORE reasons I LOVE Blake-
he is a dancing maniac! EVERY time he hears music- even if it is just a toy- he starts rockin! Sometimes on his knees sometimes on his tummy- but always smiling or clapping! He is so cute.
I could add a hundred more reasons!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the icing on the cake

You know when you get all excited for a great idea, like decorating a cake for your cute hubbie's birthday (the big 27- he enters the "late twenties" as I enter the...well... you know) and then everything goes wrong, and you think "at least it will be a funny blog" but then your computer won't respond to your camera to down load the pictures- so it still takes another week to sit down and blog only to remember that you still don't really know how to put those pics on the blog anyways!! You know we have ALL had this happen!

Here goes:
SO I decide I want to be like my hero Stephanie (if you are reading this, please don't look at the pictures!!) and bake a wonderful cake for my hubbie. But instead of doing it the night before (like I should have) I do it the morning of his birthday. Now, I should explain that I LOVE baking. LOVE it! Yet, I should NOT be allowed to Bake. Baking should be for scientists, mathematicians, people who FOLLOW directions, people who PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing, people who realize that the person who WROTE the recipe was probably right, and people who read the directions ALL the way through before beginning! That is NOT me. So I start in on making the Marshmallow Fondant. (for the first time) While both kids are awake! Needless to say- between sifting 7 cups of powdered sugar- all 3 of us and the kitchen were COVERED in white powder! I was hurrying so that I could get it set in the fridge in time to frost during nap time at 12:30. (because I did not read the directions the night before to know that I should have let it set OVERNIGHT!) I got it done and baked little mini cakes and frosted that with regular butter cream- which somehow required spilling MORE powdered sugar all over me and the kitchen! I thought it would be a good idea to put the cake in the fridge while I rolled out the Fondant. My fridge was a little too full.....

Yep, that is my cake! Hours of Fondant and cake baking to end up on the ground.
Really? Who does this happen to?
JT doesn't even like cake.

Well, I made a little cake with the leftover rounds (since I made a mini) but was so sick of hassling with it (and it was time to work on dinner) that I handed it over to Riley to decorate! She did better than I probably would have!


SO I guess even if I SHOULD not Bake- Riley definately should!
And here is the Birthday Boy (Don't pay attention to Katie with NO MAKEUP!! obviously I was a little busy that day!!)

SO there you go, STILL A ROCKSTAR! :)
Happy Birthday JT!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So What? I'm Still a ROCK STAR

Earlier this afternoon I was sitting here throwing myself a pity party. I was looking through all of the awesome blogs out there, feeling like the world's lamest mom! I usually don't consider myself one to play the "I am not as cool as..." game, but I found myself completely consumed thinking how uncool I am!
Then, because our minds are scary places, my mind went back to earlier this week when I was weighed at the doctors' office. I weigh one lb MORE than I did AFTER I had BLAKE almost 10 months ago!!! Some of you may think- "so what? 9 on 9 off, right?" or the classic
"no, Katie, you look great... for having two kds" or "lbs don't matter"

The worst part is that this amount is actually UP about 4 or 5 lbs since I ran on my Birthday!!

You can see the need for a pity party, right?

I realized that all three kids were asleep. (three including the really BIG kid I call JT) I laced up my new running shoes, and strapped on my Ipod and took advantage of the rare sunny day we are having. I started to run around my neighborhood thinking- I have been to the gym everyday except Sunday for the past two weeks, I have done so many weighted lunges that my wobbly legs make jello look solid, I have worked so hard in my spin class that I must have pedaled to china and back and yet here I am -- MORE than I weighed after Blake!

BUT, I turned the corner, to end the fourth mile of my run to hear PINK singing in my IPOD "SO WHAT?! I'M STILL A ROCK STAR..." and it hit me
SO WHAT I can't even add the pictures I want to this lame BLOG?
SO WHAT I forget to take pictures of my kids doing awesome things when every other supermom seems to remember?
SO WHAT I go to the Gym everyday but ruin it by baking and eating all night?
SO WHAT I weigh a lb more than I did after Blake.

...for some crazy reason, I am soooo happy! I really am a ROCK STAR!
(special shout out to PINK! - thanx -)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Talks Excessively in Class

That was ALWAYS on my report cards in Elementary School. "Katie is a pleasure to have in class. Talks excessively in class."
I picked Riley up from Nursery the other day, and it has already begun!
"Riley loves singing time, but she gets so excited for each song saying 'oh, this is my favorite song!' that she talks through the whole song! And when we are done she is sad that she missed it!"

Favorite phrases
"Oh My!"
"Holy Cow!"
"Swimming Soup" (for swimming suit)
"No, Blake, you got BOOGIES!"

A few weeks ago in the church bathroom
Riley: "Mommy, you go big poopy in toilet?"
Me(embarrassed): "No, Riley, just potty"
Riley: "oh, good job, Mommy! You need candy?"

Of course I wanted to hide in the stall until the bathroom cleared out!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 1

Here Goes...
My New Year's Resolution was to join all of the other Mormon Mommys and start BLOGGING! No, I am not going to Scrap Book, or invent a new giant hair bow, I am just going to start with a Blog.
So here I am, starting May and my New Year's Resolution. Better late than never!