Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a girl will do for a PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE

I WAS going to wake up bright and early to BLOG about the best day of 2009...

Going to see WICKED for the first time last night!!! It was wonderful- everything I dreamed it would be for the past 5 years. The ONLY thing that could have made it better - is if the girl playing Galinda had tripped before curtains opened and her understudy had laringitis and they had to ask an audience member who already knows all of the words and is willing to wear those awesome ballgowns to come onto the stage and sing her heart out in front of a theatre full of adoring gay guys while floating in a bubble!!! And since that did not happen (which is obvious by the fact that I did not abandon my 2 children for a life on the road with the cast of WICKED) it was still a heavenly night!

But when I got on the computer to write about this, I stopped by my girlfriend Sara's BLOG (WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WRONG HERE THAT I CAN NOT INSERT THE LINK TO HER AWESOME BLOG!!) and got absolutely distracted by the PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE!! I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I just had one at Starbucks the other day after I chased Blake around Riley's ballet class and felt that I deserved a major treat! (Lucky for me, JT gets Starbucks Gift Cards from work) But I was bummed out knowing that the Card would not last much longer and I may not be able to afford this treat after Ballet tomorrow. And there it was- on her Blog (which I have to stay I AM OBSESSED with THIS BLOG!!) and I didn't care that it was 9am. And that I hadn't wrestled to keep Blake out of the neighboring toilets while tugging off Riley's Ballet tights after class last weak! (which is what warranted the last Pumpkin Frappucino!) I didn't care that I hadn't even gotten out of my P.J.'s I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

As I got out my Giant cans of Pumpkin (that I got from Costco after I could not find it anywhere else) and all of the ingredients, I realized- I couldn't do it. I just could NOT get myself to scoop that icecream!

So-- I laced up my running shoes- bundled up the little ones and snuggled them into the BOB double to go for a "run". This is in QUOTATIONS because a pregnant run with two kids in a double stroller is much closer to a waddle. In pregnant miles- I think I ran a marathon! In actual street miles- I think it was 2!

BUT here it is - 10:30am, and I am about to indulge in PUMPKIN PARADISE without ANY GUILT!!!! :)
(accept for my kids watching TV so I could BLOG in the middle of the morning!! ooops - Can's win them all!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the meaning of SACRIFICE....

A few years ago, I began to feel like I should stop doing hair. This was difficult for to me accept because I enjoyed it, the people, the creativity, and oh yeah-- my own spending money. Finally a few months ago the feeling became too persistent and I began to say no to clients. I have definitely seen the blessings already in my family. But as JT and I sat down to budget last month a hard reality struck home: I would need to give up some of my luxuries. I know you are looking at my house, my cars, my stuff and thinking "hate to break it to ya, Katie, but WHAT luxuries are you giving up?" Look Closer, guys. Look into my eyes... well, around my eyes. Look at these dark, soft eyelashes.

Yes, that is right, I am SACRIFICING the unbelievable: LANCOME.

About 7 years ago, while still on my mission, I began to run low on my supply of MAC makeup from my sweet sister Beth who did her best to keep me stocked with my beloved makeup. My companion, Soeur Howell, and I stumbled upon a new little French shop near the main Grocery store in Mada where she introduced me to her long time friend "LANCOME MASCARA". I had loved Lancome before. I even remember the glorious feeling of stepping into the Charles De Galle Airport in Paris and seeing the Lancome store and wishing that the flight would be delayed long enough for me to visit the Birthplace of a dear acquaintance. I had loved Lancome for her perfumes, and also the Dual Finish Powder, but had never known LOVE like this. It wasn't long before I was hooked, using my credit card from home to purchase this extravagance on my mission. And since then- I have never strayed.

...OK... I admit, there was the ONE time I was broke- looking for a job, I had no money, I was DESPERATE! I HAD to go to the drugstore. I HAD to buy that little blue tube. But days later I hung my head in shame as I returned to the forgiving arms of Lancome, and those snobby Nordstrom-Makeup-Counter-Girls with my chunky smudgy black lashes and begged for them to take me back!

When JT asked me to marry him, I thought it appropriate to warn him of this OTHER relationship. It had been 2 years with Lancome, the longest relationship of my life. He understood and agreed that HE would NEVER ASK me to end the affair and further more, do all that he could to support it.
So, he has never asked. I just felt it, deep in the pit of my stomach, that forcing my children and unborn baby to live off of Top Ramen for a week to afford this affair was somehow not right.

So with that, to Lancome's "Definicils", "Flextincels", and my most beloved "Hypnose", the Snobby-Makeup-Counter-Girls, the 7 years of love and unfailing commitment, the days of stalking Macy's and Nordstrom waiting for those 3 beautiful words "Gift With Purchase", the tiny trial size tubes that have faithfully stood by in my purse for a moment of desperation when I needed to reapply, and to all of the cute tote bags I bid "au revoir".

Wow, what a mother is willing to do for her family.

Can anyone recommend a REALLY GOOD MASCARA???????

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fly Swatter, Anyone?

So, Friday night we had a Birthday Party for Riley (I know, I know, I should be Blogging that! But I have to vent first!)

At some point during the party that was in and outdoors, two "guests" showed up uninvited into my home! We didn't even notice they were there until Saturday morning when we sat down to breakfast. Riley immediately exclaimed "Shoo Fly! Don't bodder me!" I looked up to see both rude guests on her cereal bowl.
Of course, at first, I was taken back in a nostalgic day dream to the time on my mission when I watched a Gigantic fly (apparently they are the only well fed street animals in Mada) fly from a pile of dog poo, to a slab of hanging raw meat (the little street markets did not have refrigeration- so the meat was left to hang in the sun, smelling wonderful!-- how do I indicate sarcasm?), and in slow motion come and land on my lip!! ... back to my kitchen...
Normally, barring the incident from the mission, I am not too horrified by flies. Yes, they are gross, and they land on everything, and bring it into your home (or onto your lip) but at least they don't have 8 legs. BUT now that the unwanted guests have stayed, camping out in my kitchen, for 3 DAYS-- I AM DONE!
I have left the doors open to try to lure them outside- but I am afraid this will allow them to invite more of their friends.
SO this brings me to the beginning... Fly Swatter... really, who owns a Fly Swatter? That seems so pioneer. Or like I should be somewhere on 'the Bayou' sitting on my porch. Why would I even own a fly swatter? And now - I wish I did! :(

JT just woke up (before he goes to work tonight... I didn't want that to sound like he just sleeps in the afternoon while I battle house flies) and took out 3 of the 4!! MY HERO!
"Seven in One Blow!"
10 points for anyone who knows what oldschool Disney movie that line is from! :)