Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here we go


I have been trying to figure out a way to make this work. I have always felt that this is a career that I could do as a Stay at Home Mom, but with two kids I found that it was difficult to juggle this around nap times and grumpy times and that I just couldn't do it...

SO I have decided the best solution (so that I can continue doing what I LOVE) is to GET A BABYSITTER!! :) Duh!

I will have a babysitter twice or three times a month (if I am really lucky and everyone is dying to get their hair done) so that I can just spend the whole day doing hair instead of 2 hour increments while I pray that my kids stay asleep. I know this is less convenient for my clients who have to work around my hours- but better in the long run to have my undivided attention than to have Blake with a poopy diaper while you have bleach on your hair!


FIRST SATURDAY of the Month (DEC 5)
Anytime from 8am-5pm
THIRD TUESDAY of the Month (EXCEPT FOR DEC. WHICH WILL BE DEC 8) because of the Holidays.
Anytime from 10:00-10:00pm
I know for some it is easier during school and some it is easier in the evening. I do not expect to be booked this whole time- just available.


Woman's Haircut: $20
Men's Haircut: $15

Children's Haircut: $10
All Over Color: $35

Full Foil: Begins at $60

Partial Foil: $35

Brow: $8
Lip or Chin: $5
Full Face: $15

I am really excited to still keep my job as a Mommy but to be able to have the creative expression (and of course the social time) from doing Hair again!
Let your friends know if they are interested I am happy to take new clients!

Please let me know if you are interested in booking an appointment. I know that the Holidays are crazy- so even if you are thinking that you might be interested for January.

P.S. If there is interest I would be happy to schedule something during the Christmas Break if you have kids that need to come while school it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

Ok, we already KNEW that. But yesterday I spent 3 hours at the O.B., had 2 ultrasounds, and learned a lot of new info about this pregnancy- but I am most excited that It's A GIRL! For some reason- yesterday it became REAL to me. And I got really excited for another daughter! More ballet, more baking, more tutus, more butterfly kisses.

Unfortunately, JT could not go with me- and with Pregnancy Brain I have forgotten half of the stuff they explained to me! (Natalie- maybe you can help!) It turns out that the umbilical chord is not attached right, or well, or something. (darn that brain!) so I "get" to go back every four weeks for ultrasounds to measure that she is still growing on track. (but so far so good) It also turns out that the placenta is really low down by the cervix. But they think that will resolve itself, but it is another reason for monthly ultrasounds. The funny part of all of this is that JT could not be there, and when Dr Channell was explaining this all to me- she pointed out that I can't WORK OUT anymore, and no more You-Know-What for You-Know-Who!! :) I started laughing and told Dr Channell that JT would never believe me! He would say "yeah right, the ONE time you go to the doctor alone you come home saying you can't have _______ anymore?!" ha ha ha ha! And that is exactly what he said!!

So, no more working out... I can swim, or walk, that is it. I am a little bit concerned facing the Holidays pregnant and NOT being able to go to the gym for a good Post-Turkey Day workout! I know everyone says that it is OK to gain more weight when you are pregnant- but they never talk about LOSING that weight! And I really felt that being in really good shape with Blake helped the delivery and recovery! Is it weird that my biggest concern is losing this weight? Not the loss of _____, or the worry about the growth of the baby, or possible C-section? I guess I can only worry about what I can control- and usually- that is my weight.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Didn't I USE to be amazing? and brave? and spontaneous?

  • I have been cooped up in my house taking care of H1N1 sickos since last Thursday... I think it is affecting my Mental Health!
  • NO ONE is allowed to comment on this blog saying things like "oh, Katie, you ARE amazing" blah blah blah (in fact this should be buried in my personal journal instead of out there for pity and observation, but MAYBE someone else knows where I am coming from)
Didn't I USE to be amazing?
Like I said I have been trapped in my house for too long and I have too much time to THINK. The future right now is too overwhelming so I started to reflect on the past. It started with Ashlee's blog about group dates....

I thought back to funny things I did as a Young Adult. Spontaneous, Crazy things (some of which I hope Riley never does!!) Peeing on 1-5 (no, not the side of the freeway- the ACTUAL freeway!), riding on the back of cute boys' motorcycles, quiting a job and moving to SLC one day just because I needed new air to breathe! I don't think I had a fear in the world! (maybe that I would never ACTUALLY settle down!)

Then on to Young Adult accomplishments like becoming an EFY Counselor. I remember hearing the staggering statistic that over 5000 people apply and only 400 were actually chosen -99% of those accepted were from one of the BYU campuses. (I was definitely NOT at BYU, I was in beauty school in Seattle) EVERYONE told me NOT to apply because it was so unlikely that I would be accepted! :) The best summers of my life were spent awake till 3:00am worrying about those youth and trying to teach them the Gospel while traveling around the country!

How could I resist serving a mission after that experience?

MADAGASCAR of all places?!
Fleas, mosquitos, GIANT SPIDERS, mystery meat, and the Craziest language I had ever heard!! There I was, on the other side of the world from anyone who knew and loved me, and yet I felt so brave and strong!! I spoke to people in their own gobbledy goop langauge! I walked down dark streets that I didn't know with a companion I had just met! (all of which are the most amazing women I have EVER known) I had never Laughed so hard, or Cried so hard, or Worked so hard in my entire life. I actually felt strong. Now, don't say this to the elders who trapped giant spiders in Pringles cans to watch me scream, or who came to rescue me and my comp the night the witch tried to break in to our house, or my President who listened as I cried that first week because I could not communicate and the thought of sitting quietly was unbareable!! Don't tell them, they may not have thought I was strong. But I did.

So that led me to think "Man, I WAS AMAZING!"

But where does that leave me now? A frumpy-sweats-wearing-house-wife with two and half kids, one mortgage, and a hubbie who is waiting to get into PA school (which probably won't be for another year now!) I am TRYING to see the Brave, Strong, Spontaneous girl that I use to be.

I know I should recognize that desire to bring more babies into this crazy world as Brave. Right now, it just seems a little bit insane!
I know that supporting a hubbie struggling to change careers should make me feel Strong. But right now it mostly feels overwhelming.
I know I must be Spontaneous and Crazy to bake with my three year old daughter! (the whole kitchen covered in flour after I mopped and cleaned it yesterday is a story for another blog!) But right now I am avoiding that side of my house.

I guess the Rhetorical Question of the Day is:
HOW do I keep my identity and stay true to the person I have always thought I am, while being in the position I never thought I would be in?

Monday, November 2, 2009


It all began with one little sugar cookie..

A whole lot of frosting...

And a ton of fun!

Riley and I baked Sugar Cookies for our neighbors- as if ANY of us need MORE treats right now:)

Then we went to the Ward's Trunk or Treat party. Jt had to leave early to go to work- and I was left a Semi-Single Mom...
What is it with Blake that would rather go find a stranger than be with Mommy? He squirmed, screamed, cried and howled until he saw Josh Weed! Then suddenly it was all better! This kid.

There were moments at Trunk or Treat that I had NO IDEA where EITHER of my children were! So I was less of a Single Mom and my kids were more Single Kids! I have always laughed at the idea of having a kid on one of those Monkey Backpacks that is actually a LEASH... but I may have to take it all back soon. With an escape artist like Blake on my hands I am definitely in trouble come March.

For HALLOWEEN I was left Semi- Single again (this time it may have been worse on JT than me-- who wants to deal with all the Crazies in the ER?) We went to JT's brother's house to Trick Or Treat with Riley's cousins. I was too scared to try to chase Blake around by myself while helping Riley go up to the doors to beg for candy. (Don't we love this wierd holiday??) Luckily, Blake latched on to Aaron like he was Josh Weed or something, and I could focus on watching Riley skip up to houses holding hands with her cousins all night! And then reap the benefits of an awesome neighborhood that hands out full size candy bars!! (Once again- who's brilliant idea was this holiday??)

Riley is into the Silly Face right now...

I got the Lion Costume from Natalie... man he is cute!

Too cute!!


Last of all.. the pumpkins...

JT and I have been married almost 5 years and never carved pumpkins together! So this last week- I thought he and I needed a break from the stress of our lives right now - and I bought two pumpkins for us to stay up late, drinking apple cider, laughing and carving pumpkins together. Unfortunately, JT had a big lab, followed by a big test this week and spent every night studying late into the night! (he did get an A so it is worth it!) I ended up carving the Pumpkins by myself with a Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper. (yes, Sis, I scooped out the guts of my own pumpkin!! I don't think I ever did that once growing up! It is NASTY stuff in there!!) I had carved I Love JT on one so he would see it on the porch when he got home the next morning from work. But while I was out- he turned the Pumpkin around to carve I love KT on the other side!

I guess when your man works crazy hours and goes to school during the days- this is how you end up communicating-- THROUGH PUMPKINS!