Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WHY am I soooo TIRED????!!!

I have been WAITING to Blog about this for 6 weeks now!
For those of you that know me well, you will know that I don't get zits, I don't like hotdogs, I don't usually feel sick or tired, and I NEVER miss the gym (accept for a serious tragedy!) so what does it mean when all of these things happen???

You guessed it:

We are about 13 weeks pregnant- I think. We are due with Baby #3 on March 5th 2010!

I was hoping to add the pics from my ultrasound to this blog- but they didn't transfer from JT's scanner to my laptop. (this stuff ONLY happens to me!) But since my ovulation was a little off (being the FIRST and ONLY period I have even had in almost 2 years since I became pregnant with Blake) my calculations were off and my ultrasound was at 6 weeks instead of 8! Which means- the picture that barely resembles a baby at 8 weeks, barely resembled a blob at 6!! :)

So there you go. An explanation for the zit, the Hot Dog, the desire to sleep for hours on end, missing the gym (due to that exhaustion) and the reason I have basically dropped off the face of the planet for the last 6 weeks!!!
But as of yesterday- I seem to be feeling better. I even let JT sleep in today while I woke up with the kids! (the first time in 2 months)

If you do the math- that puts Riley and Blake about 22 months apart and Blake and Baby #3 about 19 months apart! This may also be the definition of INSANITY! At least the baby will be here before we move away to school and while you can all come bring us yummy dinners and help watch my kids! wink wink!

As far as names (which I know is the next question) since I don't know the sex- I have not even thought past the endearing name "Baby #3". I do know that I should not involve Riley in this decision. Last week she decided to name a pink bear and apparently she heard a commercial in the background that inspired her to name the bear "Zyrtec"!!!

Now many of you are thinking to yourself that because I am due on March 5 that Aleisa must be due on April 5 :) sorry guys, this time we forget to send them the memo to start trying exactly 4 weeks after us!! (like they did with their other babies) The same goes for Heidi-- although I DID try to get her to join the baby club and have her's 6 weeks after mine (just like her other babies) but apparently according to Jarod (and much to my surprise) HE and Heidi are in charge of their baby planning- not ME and Heidi!
Oh well guys, I guess there is always Baby #4!!
(just kidding just kidding just kidding! No plans for a baby #4!!!!)