Thursday, March 31, 2011

Question for Moms

Hey Fellow Moms--- I remember last Spring hearing the talk that it was time to sign up for SOCCER for the FALL and I didn't pay attention, because I wanted to be at PA school in the fall... Well, here we are AGAIN (all these things that I thought I would not have to do because I would be on the beach in Puerto Rico... guess life changes) ANYWAYS- I assume that is coming up soon. Any advice on where is a good place to sign Riley (and possibly Blake) up for Soccer? Any good experiences? Bad experiences? Suggestions? I want her to play Pro, or at least get a college scholarship- so it is REALLY IMPORTANT that she get ON THE RIGHT TRACK NOW. ok, just kidding, I just want to sign her up with her friends if any are doing it, or at least with a good program if there is one. Thanks

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Normally, I try to do most of my cleaning while the kids are asleep. But this is annoying because then I feel like I am trying to do EVERYTHING WHILE THEY ARE ASLEEP! ( email, Blogging, phone calls, running, cleaning, baking, eating things I don't want them to know about or don't want to share) You can see how tiring it is. And how I would need my kids to Sleep 20 Hours a Day to fit it all in! SO TODAY- while #1 was at Preschool and #3 was napping- I thought I could take on some basic cleaning with #2 being AWAKE.

I have been noticing my HORRIFYING WINDOWS ever since the sun came out, for and hour, a few weeks ago. I have been aware that IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN! AND IF the SUN DOES come out- I WOULD LIKE to BE ABLE to SEE OUT MY WINDOWS. (when it is overcast there is NO GLARE to illuminate the filth and fingerprints on my windows)

Well, it happened today so I grabbed my Decrepit Bottle of Windex (stop laughing at me Tami) and went to work.

NO SOONER than I CLEANED My ENTIRE FIRST LEVEL OF WINDOWS (inside only, let's be honest I am not Super Woman) I discovered #2 in the Front Room DOING THIS:

This may look harmless right? Maybe you can't see the green boogies in his nose threatening to slide down my windows.

WHAT IS IT about a CLEAN WINDOW that causes Blake to RUB HIS FACE ON IT?? A few months ago at Sprint I was returning my phone (hey, has anyone noticed I have started to ANSWER MY PHONE AGAIN??? yes, I got a new one!!) and when I turned to make sure he wasn't DESTROYING their displays I CAUGHT him with his TONGUE out WIPING UP AND DOWN their GLASS DOOR!!!
Oh, Blake, I see a future job on a very tall building with a lot of soapy bubbles and a squidgy....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


"If you keep making that face - it will STAY like THAT PERMANENTLY"

"Don't sit TOO CLOSE to the T.V. - You'll go BLIND"

We've heard them all. The things we are TOLD and the THREATS that are made to keep us FROM HAVING FUN.

Well, I have some news for everyone. I have DISCOVERED some new ones. Things we are TOLD- that are just NOT TRUE.... according to Katie Tyler.

Recently I GAVE UP DIET COKE- well Soda in GENERAL. Until the other night I couldn't REMEMBER the LAST SODA I had. I did this because the Caffeine gives me headaches- and I think it might be bad for me. But SECRETLY I was also thinking of all of the RUMORS I heard that SODA makes you GAIN WEIGHT or at LEAST RETAIN WEIGHT. I have heard the MYTHS of people LOSING WEIGHT just by QUITING SODA! So- I eagerly LOOKED FORWARD to this ADDED BONUS.


I have also (per my 90 day goals) recently GIVEN UP TREATS. Or at least SIGNIFICANTLY CUT THEM BACK. I went from DAILY CANDY/ICE CREAM and Bi-Weekly BAKING EXTRAVAGANZAS to ONE TREAT PER WEEK. This has been EXCRUCIATINGLY DIFFICULT to me (apparently I was addicted to yummy stuff physically as well as emotionally--we can talk about me crying in my pillow at night, drinking glass after glass of water, and finally chewing gum to get rid of the hole in my heart and the cravings another time). But I have been fairly successful. (passing up CUPCAKES??? yep) I did this because I had HEARD SOMEWEHRE that TREATS are BAD FOR YOU!

LIE #2.

I have been going to the Gym almost DAILY for months- almost a year now. So long that people are starting to REALIZE I WEAR the same GYM CLOTHES ALL THE TIME! (ok, no one has said anything -- but I know you all notice) I have been rotating between cardio and weights. I have even worked with a Trainer (who laughs at my scrawny muscles- but I don't mind because they ARE wimpy... but I can TIE Darcy in an Arm Wrestle- so there) I even SWEAT at the GYM and even grunt sometimes like that really buff guy that always swears and throws the weights down when he is done.. I don't swear though. Now- let's clear this up-- I am NOT GOING TO THE GYM to LOSE WEIGHT. Apparently this is ALSO an addiction (like the treats) where the more I go - the BETTER I FEEL! I feel HAPPY after the Gym, Patient with my kids, more Organized with my time, all around better. BUT I HAVE HEARD that EXCERCISE HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT! So once again- I ASSUMED this would be an added BONUS!

LIE #3.

Now some of you are annoyed right now with me- complaining about WEIGHT... sorry. Some of you are considering writing a nice comment about how good I look... thanks- but you don't stand behind me on the scale (like MEN always do at the Gym-- don't they KNOW that number is PERSONAL?? Why do they stand so close??) The rest of you think I am just plain CRAZY because 6 pounds is not a BIG DEAL... BUT 6 LBS on a 5'3" body- in just 3 months- WHILE giving up SODA, SWEETS, and WORKING OUT IS a BIG DEAL! UUGGHHH!!

SO I am here to say that ALL of those things Jillian says on Biggest Loser is a LIE.

From NOW ON- Katie Tyler DRINKS WHATEVER I WANT (ok, still no DIET COKE because it really DOES give me HEADACHES), EATS SWEETS WHENEVER I WANT (ok, AFTER the 90 day goals- because I am too proud to admit failure on one of my personal goals) and WORKS OUT STRICTLY FOR FUN!!!(ok ,I guess I was already doing that)



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I learned in SPIN class

When I went to SPIN CLASS on Monday I was expecting a GOOD WORKOUT. I was not expecting a FAMILY HOME EVENING LESSON!

The instructor is crazy intelligent. Not just about Cycling (although he has done wonders to improve my form) but about all sorts of random stuff.
Here is what I learned:

  1. My New SportsBra is A-MAZ-ING! NO MOVEMENT, totally comfortable, I didn't know Sping could feel so wonderful!
  2. I need a SportsBra for my saggy arms to keep them from flopping around
  3. To IMPROVE my 72 hr kit

(now this is where I started to learn- some of this is new, so of it is forgotten, all of it felt important)


  1. KEEP it IN THE CAR, I don't know why I haven't been doing that already
  2. EXTRA CLOTHES if you have seen this guy you KNOW he isn't concerned about fashion, he was saying how if you are INDOORS during an EARTHQUAKE or other disaster the first thing that will happen is the SPRINKLER SYSTEM will go off! This is going to leave you soaking wet when you do finally leave. Or if you are caught in FLOODING you will get hypothermic quickly if you have to remain in your clothes for 72 hours.
  3. TRAPPED CLOSE TO HOME even if you are thinking that you are usually only 10 minutes from home and can get back there to get your supplies- that may all change with a Natural Disaster. Power Lines down on the road, broken roads, flooding, fire, all of the things that will come after the disaster. You maybe 10 minutes away and trapped.
  4. FIRST AID KIT recently one of JT's co-workers (a doctor in the ER) gave him a lecture for not having stronger pain meds on hand for an emergency. If someone you love is seriously injured in an accident and the ambulance or fire department is unable to reach you for a period of time- you need to be able to help the suffering until then with the appropriate first aid. He told JT that as a member of Our Church who feels so strongly about Preparedness he should already be doing this. This also goes for daily perscriptions. A few months ago when I came off of the Post Partum Happy Pill I had SEVERE side affects. That was weening down. If I was in a disaster and I was dealing with that cold turkey it would have been far worse. (not to mention for some people life threatening)
  5. OUT OF STATE CONTACT local communication will be very difficult. Have an out of state contact that all of your family can call, or email, or facebook so that everyone will be accounted for.
  6. WATER WATER WATER enough said
  7. DUCT TAPE he didn't say WHY you need this... but my mind thought of a million things I could do in a disaster with a roll of this Magicall Stuff!
  8. FLASHLIGHTS a few years ago someone in the Ward suggested having one in each bathroom so you can find it in a Power Outage easily! I LOVED this idea! But it is also important in your cars or 72 hr kit.

The other thing the Instructor talked about is WHY WASHINGTON is such a BAD TARGET for an EARTHQUAKE. Besides the convergience of two plates right off of the Strait of Juan de Fuca that could cause major Tsunami problems for the Puget Sound, he also pointed out how areas that are NEAR SEA LEVEL are like being on a River Bed. He used all of the Fancy Geographical words and terms for the type of SOIL that creates in our Valleys. He explained how this soil easily goes from firm to MUD with minor disruption and how easily it floods (evident by seeing all of the flooded pastures every fall) He pointed out that the bigger problem than flooding is SINKING! When the soil is shaken vigorously it will soften so much that things will sink. And as the Valley Sinks the MudSlides will also occur. ( I wish I could explain this as scientifically as he did) It made me think of the Destruction in 3rd Nephi and how I always wondered how entire cities were sunk and swallowed up in the land... now I know!

ANYWAYS--- He said ALOT more. To go to RED CROSS for a CHECKLIST. To get your plans in order. By this point I was so distracted by my fears and concerns I didn't notice all the PAIN I was in from Spinning!!

This led to an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FHE. Where JT walked me through turning EVERYTHING OFF in our house if a Disaster Occurs. Where we TRAINED the kids to go to a Doorway or Under a Table if the Ground Shakes. The review of Stop Drop and Roll. And finally ending the Evening by making Chex Muddy Buddies- and letting the kids SHAKE them up in the Bag and calling them EARTHQUAKE COOKIES! lol!

If you have any other great suggestions that the Spin Instructor left out- pass it on!

My heart goes out to the people in Japan. It seems so close to home this time. And it makes me want to get all of us ready just in case.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Bad Reputation

I was ALREADY writing this blog in my mind, and then I went to the Relief Society Meeting tonight...

I remember hearing the quote when I was young that went something like:
"Pick the REPUTATION you want, and then LIVE UP to it"

This was suppose to inspire us to behave in the way we wanted others to perceive us. With my SENIOR YEAR of High School came the opportunity to IMMORTALIZE our REPUTATIONS by putting our PERCEPTIONS to a VOTE. Senior Superlative. You remember Biggest Flirt, Cutest Couple, Luscious Locks (I had to add that because my "B.F.F." was voted Luscious Locks because she really does have the BEST HAIR ever!!) anyways- our chance to pin a reputation on someone that will last in their unopened year book for forever. THIS was the chance. Did the I LIVE UP to the REPUTATION I had chosen?? I don't even remember how it was phrased. Most Nicest? Most Friendly? Something along those lines. I kept thinking how good it would be to be remembered as THE NICEST girl in our High School. Voting Day Came. And being on the Student Council, I was one of the people assigned to collect ballots. NO I didn't LOOK. I didn't have to. Every class was willing to tell their picks. Surprise Surprise - I was NOT Most Friendly. I was however, "MOST LIKELY TO JOIN THE CIRCUS."

Obviously this was MUCH MORE FITTING.

Now as I look back- I wonder if anything has changed??
I was recently noticing among my friends that I am rapidly gaining the Reputation of The One Who Will Say the Thing No One Else Wants to Say. Or maybe The One to Say the Thing She SHOULDN'T Say. HAVE I TAKEN CLASS CLOWN TOO FAR?? Am I saying things I REALLY SHOULDN'T say-- JUST TO GET A LAUGH??

Will I NEVER be The Nicest because I am too busy being the Loudest?

As I have been planning my REFORMATION, and thinking of the Perfect Place to UNVEIL the NEW MOST NICEST KATIE TYLER, I went to the Ward's Relief Society Party...
We were all asked to write One Thing About Ourselves that No One Else Knows. This is a hard enough Task for a Big Mouth Like ME. Everyone knows Everything about me. I scan my brain for something, some crazy act that no one knows about- when I think of my REFORMATION! Ah Ha! This is my chance. Tell something SIMPLE, and NICE about myself!! Nothing Crazy. Nothing Shocking. Nothing Mischievous. Just Me.

Then they begin to read the Anonymous Things and we are suppose to GUESS WHO did it.

Fun, Right?

Here are some of the Things:
"This person has a Tattoo" (remember we are a group of Mormons, so this is breaching scandalous)
Everyone's Unanimous Guess:
"Katie Tyler"
Now I am forced to answer "I DO HAVE a tattoo, but that wasn't mine"

"This person MOONED such and such Hall at BYU" (once again, this is really crazy for a bunch of old Mormons!)
Everyone's Unanimous Guess:
"Katie Tyler"
Now I am forced to ask my self "Have I mooned that hall?" Before replying that again it was not me.

Soon it became RIDICULOUS how Quickly Everyone Thought Things were ME.

(I should insert the Disclaimer here that it was a Really Fun activity and we were all Laughing. You were all Laughing at me, I was Laughing at the Irony of this Night FEEDING into THIS POST!)

SO- After MANY GUESSES I think we ALL came to the CONCLUSION that IF it SEEMS kind of Mischievous (I am using this word because MOST of you do not Speak Malagasy so you don't know the word MADITRA which is much more appropriate but I can't think of the RIGHT English Translation so we are going with Mischievous instead of Naughty-- because that sounds creepy) ANYWAYS-- IF it SEEMS Scandalous it is PROBABLY KATIE. In all Honesty- I am seriously wondering if this has gotten out of hand? Am I misrepresenting myself? Or my values? I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of me.


What if I LIVED UP to the WRONG REPUTATION?! Are there any DO OVERS? Can't we go back and everyone Guess ME for the Random Acts of Kindness? the Never Been Kissed? any one of Things that someone voted MOST NICEST would probably do??
Is it too late?

Scale Back on the Most Likely to Do or Say Something She Shouldn't DO or SAY and become Most Likely to DO and Say the NICEST THING...

wish me luck,
you can find me at the circus.