Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Widget

Ok, I just saw this on someone else's Blog and thought how adorable it is. Normally I do not like to think of DUE DATES in ACTUAL DATES... probably because Riley was 8 days late and every "well-meaning" comment AFTER the due date is torture!

"STILL pregnant, Katie??"
"no, no, just faking it now. This is a basketball under my shirt, the baby is with my husband"

"WHEN is that BABY coming??"
"When I find out, YOU will be the first to know"

"Do you know what I heard HELPS the Baby come?..."
fill in whatever wife's tale floats your boat:
"yes, Sister So and So, we had Sex FOUR times last night, thank you."
"yes, I have eaten Spicey Thai Food for 6 days straight, I am now peeing curry, thank you."
"Oh? Walking you say? Wow, I NEVER THOUGHT of MOVING! I just lay around on my couch all day WAITING, thank you"
"pedicure?" (ok, this may not work- but it brought me and Heidi together which is ALMOST as good as a baby)

You get the point.
So with Blake I always said "end of July" and THAT IS WHEN HE CAME.
No DATE. No OVERDUE QUESTIONS. Just peace and quiet.

SO even though I have the new little baby calculator, please don't feel any need to keep up on my "Due Date" :)

P.S. Not that I did not appreciate the Love & Concern & Support that people are TRYING to show at the end. I just prefer to not have the Sex talk with 60 year old women in the hallway at church. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

I am TOO crazy (AND LAME) to figure this out!!

OK, so I know I should have a

(like Ashley does)

I have a crazy day today- and this is NOT the TIME to attempt to figure HOW TO GET MY ULTRASOUND pics on my BLOG.... so in 15 years when my little
GIRL is feeling all down about herself, and comes across the BLOG where I announce her gender and she discovers there is not even a PICTURE of her beautiful smiley face (and absence of the part that would determine her NOT a female) she will be able to have another reason (as if she will need one as a teenager) to be mad at me!!!!!! :)


ANYWAYS- Yesterday we had our ultrasound. Despite SEEING this little GIRL wiggling all over (to the point that I have to go back next month for another ultrasound since she kept blocking the view of important measurements! but who complains about more pics of the baby?) my favorite part is HEARING her!! Seriously, I can just lay there listening to that little HEART BEAT all day long. It feels more REAL to me than even the picture. All of the sudden I caught myself crying. I thought by your 3rd you were suppose to be SO exhausted by the first two, and so use to ultrasounds and pregnancy (especially if you were just pregnant a year ago!), and so comfortable with the miracle all of this- that you are immune to the emotions of hearing a heart beat. I am HAPPY to say- That ISN'T true. It was as magical as the first time with Riley.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • You barely make it to Ballet this morning WITHOUT a shower,wearing yesterdays smudgey remnants of mascara since last night you were too tired and out of it to wash your face, and hope that no one realizes that Blake's socks don't match... AGAIN
  • Your house is SO trashed that you have to get Little Ceasars Pizza because you can not FIND your kitchen (and afford the Good Stuff "Papa John's"!), and even if you could find what was once a kitchen, it would take too long to clean enough dishes to make dinner
  • AND THEN you let your kids ride their "bikes" around the driveway and garage while you eat your pizza in a camping chair rather than try to FIND that kitchen table!
  • You BLOG about it instead of actually CLEANING it
  • You finally realize that NO ONE is PERFECT and the sooner you admit to giving up on that facade- the better life will be.....
ok, ok, I don't know if I actually believe that last part. Will life be better when I get over trying to pretend that I have it together? Or will it just get a whole lot MESSIER?

And really- were ANY of you fooled in the first place???

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the shout out

My man is here to help - so I can finally add the link to Sara's wonderful Blog and the GLORIOUS PUMPKIN PIE MILKSHAKE that has been my staple food the last week! (I am beginning to get concerned that my unborn baby should get something else in his/her diet... but we will worry about that after pumpkin season!)

Sara's Blog is wonderful!!!

And even if you are not a Pumpkin Fan (which sounds blasphemous in October) she has tons of awesome recipes! For those of you who remember when I would go with the "Whidbey Island Girls" for the yearly get-a-way ... Sara is the reason we went!! Just to eat her yummy food all weekend and polish our nails! :) ok ok and to get a way from reality and be with the girls... but mostly for the food!!

If I understood this LINK stuff better I would send you to her recipe for White Chicken Chilli and Creamy Chicken Taquitos and all of the other yummy stuff I love.