Wednesday, June 9, 2010

could I be this cool??

I attended a Fireside a few months ago with Media as the Topic. The wonderful speakers addressed negative media and it's influence, but also POSITIVE media and it's power as well.

A lot of you know that I have been pretty "unplugged" this last month or so. I haven't returned your emails (OK that is normal) or checked your blogs (sorry) I haven't even watched T.V. I guess you could say it is my own personal DE-TOX. I have been trying to get rid of things that are not necessarily BAD but that DISTRACT me from the things that are BETTER. (and if you have had a conversation with me-- you know I am EASILY DISTRACTED!)

I have thought a lot about POSITIVE MEDIA. The speaker described the internet as an outlet to SHARE THE GOSPEL. And encouraged us to use it to do just that. I know that most of the people who look at my Blog are already members of my own faith-- so I guess this won't be much of a MISSIONARY tool-- but I am still going to use this chance to share my Testimony when I can.

I realize that just because we are members of His church doesn't mean that we don't have heartache, bad days, questions, doubts, and even sometimes feel very lost. So I guess we ALL need to hear eachother's Testimonies :)

SO Let's get to the part that makes me REALLY COOL...

I downloaded this Mormon Message from YouTube! That's right! JT isn't even here! I did this all by myself!! Maybe I should send an application to Microsoft! :)

(now that I bragged, I should actually check to make sure it works if you click on it!! how do I do that??)

Anyways- Here is a little Treat for all of us who need the reminder :) I know this is true.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Normally I don't like to ask for parenting help on my Blog... for a few reasons.

1. I usually think I am right and that no one else is as smart as I am. (why am I smiling that there is actually some weird truth to that statement! What is wrong with me??)

2. I don't want lame advise.

3. I usually read books to answer my questions.

4. I don't want to have to admit that I actually may not even use the advise given to me. (ex: you coming up to me on Sunday asking how your advise worked out for me- and I don't even remember what you told me to try!)

5. I usually like to Blog about funny things and not beg for help!

With all of that said.... HELP

Riley still naps. SHE is usually the one who asks to have books and go to sleep. She will usually sleep for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the afternoon. I LOVE THIS! I have even read a lot supporting the importance of naps till age 4 and have felt good that Riley still takes them. It is a wonderful blessing with a new baby to still have the older 2 taking naps. Because of Nap Time, I have time in the afternoon to snuggle Macie- or to finally clean the kitchen from Breakfast, or read, or fold laundry or any number of wonderful things that are hard to do with all of them running around.

So what is the problem?? She started to wake up GRUMPY from her naps. And it lasts about 2 hours. Is this just the age? Grumpy, whiney, sassy? OR is she oversleeping?? Also- she has started to stay up later!!! The days of everyone asleep by 7 are over!! Some nights she is up until 8pm! (I know there are a few of you rolling your eyes right now, but this is an emergency to me) So what do we do??

Yesterday we tried "Quiet Time". How do you guys do this? Do you have them stay in their rooms? Do they actually stay in there? Do you give them things to do? How do we transition from Naps to Quiet Time? I NEED THE DOWN TIME, so how do I get her to cooperate.

Yesterday I tried telling her she could play quietly with her toys in her room while Blake napped and that I would come and get her when Quiet Time was over. About 15 mins later she came in to me studying and begged me to read books and cover her with her blanket!! Is it just not time to give up naps? But what do I do about this unacceptable bedtime of 8pm! and the afternoon Grumpies? Maybe this is just life with an almost 4 year old.

So tell me what you have done. Tell me what works for you and your little ones.