Monday, November 22, 2010

Have you ever....

Have you ever been at the Gym, listening to your ipod and doing your abs at the end of your workout... over on the mats where you can stretch or whatever... and accidentally Passed some Gas????

And then tried to play it off like you didn't notice because if you can't HEAR it- you obviously DIDN'T DO it. And then you could not make eye contact with the other guy who was there doing his push ups.

Yeah, me neither...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I learned from my Mother


  • to Talk with my HANDS (no, not sign language- more like flailing)
  • that Name Brand doesn't always matter-- accept for TOMATO SOUP and MAC n CHEESE. (and don't follow the directions on the Campbell can and add water like JT did when we first got married and I almost cried...)
  • shopping at Thrift Stores is COOL! (she was the original Ashlee Crabtree- before Ashlee made it cool) And that Value Village is "overpriced".
  • how to mark my scriptures (ok, that was actually my Seminary Teacher, but she WAS my Seminary Teacher so I think it still counts)
  • to let my daughter wear a TuTu all winter long if she wants to (I just read how this is a good developmental thing for young children to have ownership over decisions that they are capable of making... I don't know if my mom knew that or if I was just TOO STUBBORN to fight with at age 5)
  • that the Dollar Store is a wonderful wonderful place (I was too cool for that information until I moved closer to one- now I am hooked!)
  • that a Glue Gun is an essential tool in any home
  • how to DECORATE a CAKE and the importance of creating a Rockin' cake for your Kids' Birthdays because they will brag about it and you will feel really cool!
  • how to sing- and a LOVE of BARBARA STREISAND's Christmas Music as well as Carol King, Neil Diamond and Jim Croche (no not their Christmas Music)... ahhhh I am smiling just thinking about them. (oh, my mom doesn't actually TEACH how to sing. But growing up I thought she was so crazy to turn down Broadway to raise a family!! At least I THOUGHT she had done that - since she was such a wonderful singer!... ... ... ... this is awkward since I don't know how to finish this one...)
  • Since I am on the subject of her amazing-ness (has anyone read Josh's blog about 'ness') she knows ALL the answers on JEOPARDY.
  • how to make Peanut Brittle, Elephant Ears, Swedish Pancakes and other yummy favorites
  • the importance of a Good Sense of Humor and laughing at your own jokes-- oh, and that it is kind of funny to call your parents by their First Names ;0)
Just thinking of her today and all of the fun things she has taught me :)

Won't it be funny to see what Riley says about me in 20 years...
  • a love for ALL things SPARKLY
  • a need for 100 pairs of shoes
  • how to make a mess in the kitchen
we'll see

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is for YOU

I THOUGHT I was writing this Blog for myself

I THOUGHT this was to document the evolution and events of my little family.

(you can SEE how diligent I have been with that by noticing the pictures on the side of the blog of my beautiful family... wait, are we missing someone? is Blake still crawling in that picture?)

I THOUGHT I was cool enough to not care what other people think.


Ok, all of you BLOG STALKERS out there. I KNOW you are reading this. I KNOW you know who you are. I KNOW are busy/lazy/boreing/forgetful but seriously-- HOW WILL I KNOW IF ANYONE IS READING THIS IF YOU NEVER LEAVE A COMMENT??

oh, what? There is something I can do through Google to find out who has been visiting my Blog? or how many of you there really are? Oh, that thing my sister in law tried to tell me how to do- but I was to computer illiterate to figure out how to do it on my own, that?

Well, I don't want to do that (ok, yes, I do. I seriously just could not figure out how to do it. But I did find out you could COPY something by pushing Ctrl and C at the same time!) Anyways, I just want you to LEAVE A COMMENT ALREADY!!

Is it rude to *yell* at my cyber audience?

sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.

Just, you know, let me know if you are reading this- before I give up and start posting really lame stuff...

oh, what? my stuff IS lame already? Ok, well, YOU don't have to leave a comment then. But everyone else does.


Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey Everyone-
We have a CHANGE of PLANS for the Girls' Night:

a) Jenni Warner wants to have a project night on Sat and we didn't think hubbies would like us girls out on Friday AND Saturday

b) Blake is STILL throwing up- and Macie just started in on the Diarhea so I doubt you all want to come over HERE tonight-- although I have been spraying everything down all day!

SO Let's move the Girl's Night WAX Party/Project Party/ Whatever you want to call it to get out of the House Night to:


BRING YOUR PROJECTS AND YOUR BROWS (or whatever else you need to wax) AND LET'S PARTY!

EVERYONE IS INVITED. Call me for address if you don't have it :)

If you were planning to come tonight and you CAN'T do tomorrow night- CALL ME I CAN STILL WAX TONIGHT :) It just may not be as much fun as a Girl's Night!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Girl's Night

Even if you don't feel like waxing- come play at my house (since JT will be at work and I will be baking anyways!)

the good news and the bad news


I have REALLY REALLY decided to not do Hair anymore... I know, I know, I say this every few months- but this time I am actually going to be strong and follow through on this. (as hard as it is) Sorry Everyone. :(

I will still probably do a few YW's hair in the ward that I trade hair for Baby Sitting, so if you see a YW and she says I did her hair- don't think I am being selective or anything (I just can't handle PAYING a babysitter!)



AND I decided I will try doing a WAX NIGHT GIRL'S NIGHT

8pm - till I fall asleep

If you are not interested in Waxing just come and hang out. (You know my house always has Yummy things to eat- and there should be lots of laughing and no kids around)

If you ARE interested in Waxing please let me know. I will do this like an Open House so you can come whatever time you like- OR you can schedule a specific time - I will just keep the wax hot so when we are sick of eating we can start waxing!

Brows: $8
Lip or Chin: $5
Lower Leg: $20
Full Leg; $35
Bikini: $20 (By Appointment Only) really, don't be a chicken-- you know you have always wanted to try it :)

let me know if you are stopping by :)