Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Katie VS The Spider

One thing you may or may not know about me is:
I am deathly afraid of SPIDERS.

I have tried overcoming it. (Even to the point of letting a giant one climb up my arm on my mission because the elders promised it would cure me. It didn't.) I accept that it is absolutely irrational to think that something as teeny tiny as a spider (especially these little house spiders that are not even poisonous) could be any threat to me. I recognize that it is juvenile and even a bit pathetic the way I SCREAM when I see one the size of my pinky fingernail. I get it. But I am STILL AFRAID OF THE LITTLE PUNKS!!

(P.S. another day I will tell the story of me crying in my bunk at the MTC the night before our flight left for Madagascar begging Heavenly Father to send me somewhere else because our teacher had just told us a story about the Spiders in Mada...)

Today, I was being ambitious and decided to attack my "Craft Closet" This is the closet under the stairs that holds all of my crafts and hair supplies. It is OUT OF CONTROL. I was not concerned about finding any 8 legged friends because it is well lit and I am always in and out of it... I was wrong.

Now the thing about Spiders is not their size, it is not their nasty hairiness, it isn't even the numerous legs (although that does give me the creeps) that scares me. It is their uncanny talent for the Element of Surprise!

There he was- a GIANT (ok, the size of a dime) black, hairy spider running through my closet! After the initial SCREAM, I pulled it together long enough to bash the little guy with the lid of a box that I was holding. But HERE is where I made my mistake:

Confidently I strutted to the bathroom, basking in my victory, to grab some toilet paper to send him to a watery grave. Normally, when I smash the little guys I make sure that they are missing a leg or two so that there is no possibility of an escape while I am getting the toilet paper. But this time-- I was sure he was dead.

You all know what happened next- I returned to the site of the beating only to discover that the carcass of my foe was no longer in my closet!!


Frantically I jumped out of the closet, slamming the door.

Where is he now? Still in the closet? Or has he made it out under the crack and headed to the kitchen? Or even worse... could he be seeking revenge and climbing the stairs??!!
It freaks me out to think that he is on the loose in my home with little children and my BABY! And even more scary-- with ME!!

If you drive past my house- and see every light left on tonight... it is because I will NEVER be able to sleep knowing that the little arachnid is still alive! (I am only staying here tonight because it is a little crazy to get a Hotel to avoid a spider, but don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

SHE said, I said

Riley is in the back seat of a LONG DRIVE home from B.C. She is being cute playing with her My Little Pony's, so I look over the seat to smile at her.

RILEY: Why are you LOOKING at me??
in the sassy voice

and before I could stop myself...
in my sassy voice

rolls his eyes with a little laugh at how his wife has not only stooped to a 3 year old level, but has also brought back a saying that none of us has used since family car rides with our brothers in the 80's!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

HE said, SHE said


ME: Riley, don't splash Macie. (while she is helping me give Macie a bath)
RILEY: I am NOT!! (as she does it again)
ME: Riley it is important to LISTEN to Mommy...
RILEY: No, it is NOT. It is ONLY important TO YOU. It is NOT important TO ME.

I am sure all of you can actually HEAR the tone in Riley's voice as she says this. :)
I think I am going to be hearing some version of this for years to come!


Blake is finally starting to really "talk" :)
His favorite words are
and all vehicle sounds
Beep Beep, VRROOOOMMM, and my favorite CHOO CHOOOP!
(yes, for some reason he is adding a hard P sound to the end of Choo Choo)
or animal noises like

Monday, April 5, 2010

* Sigh *

This is one of those games where you match the columns.

Match the *SIGH* with the REASON:Numbered List

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Disappointed
  3. Relieved
Now for the matches

A. General Conference
B. Macie's Blessing Gown
C. JT's Anatomy and Physiology class

Now for the Answers:

Man, I know I should feel inspired- but I just feel like we have such a HUGE job as mothers and that our kids really are headed into rough waters! I have never heard a General Conference so directed at my own situation in life. And one that feels so overwhelming. I am however, still grateful that we had General Conference. I feel so much peace just SEEING the Prophet and hearing his LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT. I am also grateful for that voice of warning. They always seem to be a few years ahead on Revelation (ex. The Family Proclamation) and so I know that what they told us is going to really matter in just a few years. (which gives me time too repent and be a better Mom!!) :)
So, for the BIG sigh of being Overwhelmed- I know there is still peace...

Don't even ASK about the ordeal with the Blessing Gown for Riley. 6 weeks Hormonal Breakdown + Washington's lack of selection + Throwing out my back and not being able to move = One NOT SO CUTE Blessing Gown for Riley... that we will need to use again for Macie!! :( Hopefully between Jeni's creative juices, and my mom's sewing talents we can salvage the mess before Sunday. (WHY do I do this at the AWFUL 6 weeks point?? I should bless my babies at 10 weeks when I am back to NORMAL!! oh yeah, my sis is in town from England this week-- THAT is why we are blessing her now)
So, the BIG sigh of Disappointment for this beaded mess! (I am actually rolling my eyes and smiling as I write this one. So don't feel too sorry for me. After all- I never get those PERFECT pics of my kids on their blessing days anyways- so she could wear a potato sack for all I will remember!!... Which just made me think of Riley and I gardening the other day and finding a Potato Bug that Riley called a Motato Bug!)

Another one that I should not THINK too hard about. JT needs to retake an Anatomy and Physiology class THIS QUARTER. However, he was on the "wait list" at every school in the area to take it. (Does this sound familiar?) What we really wanted was an On Line class so that he would not have to be driving to Seattle or Bellevue everyday like he was before (after a 12 hour night shift). Yesterday was when classes started and it did not look promising. Of course, I was freaking out and JT's response was "Don't worry, I have REALLY GOOD LUCK getting in off the WAIT LIST" :) So, can we apply that GOOD LUCK to P.A. SCHOOL? ha!
He DID get in to the On Line Class (even though he was 3rd on the wait list, and the first 2 did not get in, go figure)
So, there it is: the BIG sigh of RELIEF that JT has somehow done it again and saved his butt at the last minute!

(Don't worry, I know it wasn't JT who saved his butt... I was on my knees a lot yesterday Thanking the real Hero of the day)

10 POINTS to anyone who got ALL of the ANSWERS RIGHT!! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


Hey Everyone-
I'm ready to do some hair again!!


I am not sure yet what my other date will be in April (a weekday) but let me know if you need it
... I can see your roots...
Just Kidding!