Monday, March 25, 2013

The Lazy River

Remember a year or so ago when I took you on a wild Roller Coaster Ride?  (One of my favorite blog posts ever.) In that post you got a taste for how we felt the last few years on our journey to P.A. school.  Well, I thought it was about time I check in with you all to let you know how it is working out.  We left off in California getting off of the Viper...

The plane lands in Las Vegas.  The sun is shining, the strip is bustling, and the palm trees are smiling down on me.  With a Virgin Pina Colada in hand I find myself in an inner-tube floating down the Lazy River.  This is the life.  I may not be staying in the SkyLofts, (the most expensive suites in Vegas, I saw it on the Travel Channel once) but I am pretty darn content with my little room and access to all of the fun vegas has to offer.

As I wind down the river soaking up the sunshine, there are a few moments where it tucks behind the clouds and the cold breeze reminds me that it isn't always hot in the dessert.  But at least there are palm trees.  Every now and then I am swept under a small waterfall, which seems like no big deal except it messes up my hair and waters down my pina colada. But all in all, who can complain?  Not me, this is definitely better than the rain they are getting back in Washington.  I am not really speeding through the river, which is no surprise, and it is much longer than the one at Wild Waves, but I am still enjoying the ride.  And for what it is worth, I am glad I am here.

So there you go. P.A. school in a nutshell. (For me, anyways, JT's experience is probably quite different.)  We are still living in Jennifer Tingey's basement, which turns out to be just right.  Ok, ok, it isn't the SkyLofts either-- but come on-- Highpointe?  We are just fine.  

It's been about a year since JT started the program (it was only part time in the beginning which was nice to ease into this change of life style) and is now in full swing.  Everyone told me how hard it would be with him in school this much and with him studying all night-  but honestly it is way easier than the last few years of him working two jobs and going to school!  Comparatively speaking- this is a piece of cake! Or a lazy river.

There are definitely adjustments.  I do miss him.  I still miss a few things about our old house.  I wish we knew where we will end up. But that is pretty much equivalent to a splash of water in my drink.  (Waterfalls ruining my hair or makeup are a whole other story... and I have probably had a few moments like that over the past year also.)  Sometimes it feels like it will be forever- kinda like being in the desert with no sun.  But being able to stay at home with my kids definitely reminds me of those smiling palm trees.  It isn't racing by (it is a 2 year program, after all) but it isn't dragging on either.  It is just flowing.  And for now it is flowing very smoothly.

I am extremely grateful to Jennifer and Stephanie for sharing their home with us. I am always touched when I hear Jennifer mention that we "share her house".  She never makes me feel like a tenant who lives in the basement.  They have made us feel like a part of the family.  And my kids love the extra love and attention.  We really have come to feel completely at home here.  (Don't worry, I won't start  making breakfast in my underwear or anything.)  And I feel so blessed.  Financially it is a HUGE help. (Even more than I realized it would be.) And while that is a big blessing and comfort (especially for someone like me who feels a lot of anxiety about money) it is not as wonderful as knowing that we are where we belong.  It still sounds crazy when I explain to people my situation, but I just smile and say that we are enjoying the ride.

I haven't mentioned enough how grateful I am that JT is in school.  That he will end up with a great career which will be the perfect fit for him.  I am grateful for Jennifer and her patience with us and love for us. (I honestly thank Heavenly Father daily for her.)  And I am grateful that we are still here in Covington, close to our friends.  For as much as I have wanted an adventure, or to live in the city, or move across the country- I am so grateful I haven't moved away from my friends.

A little less exciting than a Roller Coaster, but we were ready for a little less excitement around here :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be Cool, Like Me

People are always asking me how I became so cool.  They usually ask if I was born this way, or if I have had to work hard at being so cool.  I have been asked to teach seminars, write books, and share my secrets.  Which I usually won't do.  Sorry, kids.  I was just born like this.  (Which is obvious if you have met Macie and you already recognize her natural coolness.)

But for those of you who are still dying to be cool, who may or may not have been born with coolness in your genes, I am giving out this one piece of advice.  This little secret. This once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you want to be cool, like me, you should run a half marathon with me on May 4th 2013. 

 Guaranteed coolness will follow.

I realize that not everyone is at a place in life to get up and run a half marathon.  I know I wasn't.  But it's been my goal to train for and complete a Half Marathon in 90 days... also making me cool.  (and very tired)  So this invitation is for those of you who already can easily run 3 or so miles.  You can do this too.  (It is a fast and flat course with just a few rolling hills, which means even if you are a wimp like me, who can hardly make it up the hills, you can still do this!)

For the rest of you (who may hate running, or be pregnant, or have bad knees or whatever) there is still hope.  You, too, can still be cool even if you don't run with me.  You can come and cheer for me.  That makes you very cool, just by association!  No effort required!  All you have to do is show up on race day and cheer for me when I cross the finish line (on  my hands and knees panting for air and delusional with exhaustion).  Not only will this make you cool- it will immediately launch you into the position of Best Friends.  (I know, I know, this is the biggest news you have heard all day!) And help me when I want to give up at the 8 mile mark and go out for donuts.

So here are some details.

Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon. (Which I hope means they will serve Pina Coladas instead of Gatorade)

aka The Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon & 8K (Oh yeah, that means if a Half is not your style you can do the 8k!!)

May 4th, 2013

Beginning at 9 a.m. at Mt Si High School. 

I would LOVE to run with you, see you there, and watch you advance in your coolness.

P.S. For those of you, like the Nelsons, who are already cool by nature, you can still come support your sister/aunt/daughter/favorite cousin and lend your example of coolness to the others.

People who are already cool for running a 10K with me on my 30th Birthday.  In 38 degree weather!

You, too, could look this cool crossing the finish line with me.