Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How I found The Love of My Life... you know I am talking about Mascara, right?

I've been through heartbreak.  Terrible, sad, aching, how-can-I-go-on heartbreak. I have spent years getting my hopes up, only to be crushed.  What can I say? I'm a snob.  I'm picky.  I have nice taste.  I know exactly what I am looking for.  So why has it been so hard to find? Why have I been so vulnerable, and so willing to get my heart broken?  All for some thick, long, luscious, black eye lashes?!

Finally, the heartbreak is over.   I have finally found the Love of My Life!!  Overdramatic? If you think I am being over dramatic, you have obviously never had your heart broken.... by mascara.

You know me, and how much I love mascara.  More specifically LANCOME mascara.  I have loved it for a long time.  But a few years ago I decided it was time to give it up.  (Mostly because my husband went back to school full time and on a student loan non-salary Lancome seemed to be a little too extravagant.) Since then, I have been on the search for the perfect (non Lancome) mascara.  I have tried it all.  Every kind of Cover Girl, Maybeline, and finally Loreal.  While some of them were absolutely awful, others were bearable. But I just was not in love. There was always something wrong.  Too flaky, too hard, too sticky, made my eyes itch, too waterproof, not water resistant enough, clumpy, smudgy, wispy, cheap. Sad.

Then last year, at my sister in law's house I noticed her long lovely lashes.  They were fabulous.  I thought they were extensions.  But she told me they were a new mascara called Younique.  When she told me they cost about $30 (the same as Lancome) I pretty much brushed it off. That mascara was in my "too rich for my student loan blood" category.  But then for my birthday JT got me a Sephora gift card. (Yay!) After some careful research, I decided to purchase "Too Faced- Better Than False Lashes".  It was raved about on some make up blog, and it was the same system as Younique.  (Two tubes of mascara, one with fibers and the other to seal the fibers to the lashes.)  I was so excited!!

But the results were terrible.  (Heartbreak) The fibers didn't stick well, and the seal never fully dried. There were times that my eye lashes got stuck together and would not unstick. (We were on our way to dinner with friends, when I sneezed and one set of eye lashes completely stuck together!  I looked like I had the Statue of Liberty's weird crown thing sticking off of my eye. Four long, sticks poking out from my eye. I could not separate them! Another time, my car window was rolled down and the wind blew my bangs into my lashes and they stuck!  When I pulled my hair away my lashes all smushed together and I was left with one big glob on one eye.  Heartbreak.) I had given up on the whole Fiber Lashes idea and was back to Loreal when I saw a friend of mine selling Younique!  The same stuff my sister in law had!

I did my research, and dove right in for a Blind Date.  And it was truly Love at First Lash. The gel is a smooth gel mascara (not just sticky mascara like Too Faced).  It went on smooth and easy.  The fibers made my lashes long and thick.  It firms up enough that I can even exercise in the mascara and it doesn't run or smudge at all.  In fact, it lasts all day!  It never flakes or smears.  It just stays on my lashes- where it belongs!  And it makes my X-love (Lancome) look puny in comparison.  I never thought I would love again after Lancome.  Let alone leave Lancome for another mascara.  But this is it.

Can you guess which eye has 3D Lashes??

It is the Love of My Life.

So for everyone who has wondered how I fell in love, you can see for yourself on my website. I invite you to start a lifetime affair of your own. :)

And to clarify: I will LOVE JT for all Eternity.  That is how I justify having a Love of My Life that is not my husband.  I am assuming that when we reach the Pearly Gates our lashes automatically grown long and thick and glorious, and I won't need mascara anymore.  But until then... I am in love with Younique 3D Fiber Lashes.