Saturday, July 18, 2009

My camera is on strike

You know the commercial where there are all those people who are suppose to be pictures on someone's camera- and they are all bugged that they never get downloaded- just deleted? Yeah, that is my camera.

One of the problems with this strategy of only downloading when you absolutely have to- is what if you take up a new hobbie- like Blogging? And you want to put pictures of your new lawn- the "before and after" of the whole event- but when you sit down to finally download those "after" pictures- for some reason your camera will not connect with your laptop? And you think- stay calm- just blog about Father's Day- that was months ago! And you start to write the Blog before you check your computer for the pics- only to find that those cute pics or JT wearing the tie that Riley made in Nursery are also TRAPPED on that dumb camera that is not connecting with your laptop!!! So you finally give up and say
"THIS is why I didn't want a new hobbie, like Blogging, in the first place!!!"

Stay tuned for lots of pics of my yard when my husband gets home from work (and he can figure out this lame camera problem)... but by then we will have gone on our first camping trip with Blake, AND his First Birthday, and I am sure a hundred other things that will end up needing to be Blogged- pushing my new yard to the very back of the line up!

Oh well, c'est la vie!


  1. And then you spend all morning updating your blog, instead of showering, while your daughter watches too much tv :)
    I love Blogging!!

  2. I am so behind too...I just keep going and every so often do a "catch up post."

  3. Darn those camera/computer issues! Well hopefully hubby gets home soon - we need more Katie posts!

  4. yikes. i hear the camera unions are really tough to deal with. good luck! hopefully you can negotiate before there's a little picket line in your family room--laptops, speakers, tvs, media players, and cell phones tend to stick together in times like these.

  5. Ha Ha! That stinks! I still like reading your updates though. They're well worth the wait! ;o)