Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunny Half Day Syndrome

You know when it has been RAINING for WEEKS (or even MONTHS)? And then you get a SUNNY DAY (or the first TWO sunny days in a ROW in over 7 months)? And you HAVE to abandon your plans ENTIRELY to get outside and ENJOY it?

My Little Sister calls this


This dates back to our High School Days and the panic we would feel on those rare Half Days that it was sunny. It is EXCITING ENOUGH as a Teenager to get half of a day off school (especially when it shortens all of your classes to 20 mins. rendering them useless to the teacher and in effect giving us a WHOLE day OFF since we don't actually THINK during the half day we are in school). But when you add the POSSIBILITY that the day may ALSO be SUNNY- it creates a dangerous EFFECT.

We suddenly PANIC. Our minds go into OVERDRIVE fearing that we MIGHT WASTE THE ONLY SUNNY HALF DAY THAT WE MAY EVER GET!!!!

We feel the COMPULSION to BE OUTSIDE the ENTIRE DAY. We feel the NECESSITY to "Live it up" since it MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

I see this Carry Over even into Adulthood.

The SUN IS OUT. And Panic has set in.
What are all of the FUN things I have been WAITING to do all WINTER?

Bike Ride
Ferry Boat
Water Park
Fly a Kite
Go to the Beach

How on EARTH can I fit it ALL in TODAY?!!
(because one of the Effects of the SYNDROME is the INABILITY to BELIEVE this PHENOMENON may EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!) SO - it has to ALL fit in today!

Can I BBQ on a ferry? What if I ride my Bike TO the Camp Ground? And Maybe there is a Fountain there? Does the Water Park close early? Because I can't make it there until After the Hike? Oh And then Another Picinc for dinner! But that will have to be in the car on the way to the Beach. But we will keep the Windows Down so we FEEL the sun! (we don't want to waste it, you know) And then all the way back to the Camp Ground! (with the KITE flying out the sun roof the whole way)

It's sounds exhausting I Know!
But WHEN will we EVER get a SUNNY HALF DAY (or TWO BACK to BACK DAYS of 70 degrees) AGAIN???!!!!!


  1. This is so true. I saw on the news yesterday that the last time we had a weekend like this was mid-August of last year. Mid-August!! Yes, we will be outside today, too. And tomorrow.

  2. *sigh* You could live in Phoenix and only dream of overcast rainy days. :)