Monday, July 11, 2011

well, now that's embarrassing

You know the time you read my blog about how I am living my dreams of traveling and helping others who are less fortunate? The one where I was so excited to try to speak Spanish and spend a week in Bolivia?

Oh, what? You don't really read or remember my Blog posts? Oh, well, now that's embarrassing for me also.

So- those of you who DO read this Blog from time to time and were really excited for me and my adventure... we have some bad news.

We are not going after all. It is so hard to go from telling the world that I am excited to do something to turn around and say-- "well, actually...."

But as we prepared for it- something just did not feel right. I worried and prayed and tried to figure it out. I tried to rationalize the feelings and continue as planned. But the more I did that- the sicker I felt. We did not feel true peace about the whole thing until we firmly decided not to go.

We don't really know why. It is frustrating when you get a prompting and never know why. I hope that there is a reason. And I hope that it becomes clear to us. But for now- we will go with our gut and just stay home.

On the happier side-- JT did find out he is #1 on the Wait List for Rochester University. So I guess there is still the chance that someone will drop out and we will be headed off on an adventure to New York... Keep your fingers crossed. :)

(and that would be a really good reason not to go to Bolivia)


  1. I think it's great you are doing what's right to you right now, even though that is a super hard decision!

  2. I hate having to tell people to forget what I've told them. However, it was right to listen to those promptings. So many times I have not. And wonder what would be different if I had.

  3. You both have amazing faith. It's awesome that you're following those promptings. I really hope JT gets into Rochester. (Sad for us, happy for you.)

  4. Also, good job for following the prompting.

    Don't you feel a prompting right now telling you that New York, much like Bolivia, is not correct?


    That thing right there above ^ ? That's called a stupor of thought. You just had it. Regarding Rochester.

    Okay okay, I'm not actually the HG. I admit it. And truth is, it's awesome JT's so close to getting in. We have our fingers crossed for you guys, in all seriousness.

  5. Katie, you've always been SO in tune with spiritual promptings. I think it's wonderful you're following those feelings.

    And HOORAY for JT for being #1 on the wait list!! That's fantastic news. Get me the student list and I'll go take someone down for ya ;)