Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snapped Finale

I know that you have all been waiting for this moment...  Ever since you read that I had snapped.   This Finale has no "rose ceremony", no one is getting "voted off the island" and there will not be any "singing the final song".  I guess it might seem a little bit anti-climatic as far as finales go.

As a short recap- for any of you just joining us (who didn't click on the link above to read about the moment that I snapped) -- Simply put- I snapped.  I needed to live in my home.  Put some holes in the wall.  See some of my true colors. After blogging I headed upstairs (since that is the most neglected area of my house- - I have got you all pretty well convinced with my downstairs that I might actually live here- it is upstairs where you feel the loom of our nomadic future). I think I may have confused some of you that I would be painting the walls.  Sorry to disappoint- I had a can of spray paint in hand- and unless I wanted to tag my own toy room that would not have worked.  Instead I give you this:

My upstairs hallway.  Some of the pictures may be changed (or added in the case of the one empty frame!)  and maybe (if I am lucky and my hammer man, JT, doesn't object) a few more additions before we move- but I wanted you to see that I actually followed through with this project! Yeah for me!  (and I am kind of proud of it!)

These are my crowning jewels.  The first letters of each of our names- with teal and black Zebra Print!  You know you love it! (ok, I know I love it!)

So there you go.  You can now go blog, tweet, or facebook about how excited you are for the "Finale of Snapped"!  How you knew it would end well, and that you felt relieved when it played out just how you wanted.  You may even want to gather for a "Snapped Finale Party"- where you reread my blog and even act out some of the key moments.  I am sure I will see teal zebra print cupcakes on pinterest within a few hours of this posting.  Or some of you can write about the major upset you felt when the wall wasn't painted - merely some frames and letters.  "she snapped over that?!"  I am sure this will be a hot topic of discussion for weeks to come... at least until The Bachelor starts up again.

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  1. so cute! I love that you did this. I would have done the same.