Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The True Love Hairstyle

I have been doing hair for years.  It is something that I enjoy and it is a fun way to make money while hanging out with my girlfriends.  And every now and then, while doing hair, I learn something profound.

Last night I was cutting JT's hair.  We were trying to get it done quick because we had a ton of stuff we needed to do before I leave out of town tomorrow.  Recently, JT has started losing more hair so we have been cutting his hair shorter and shorter.  Now using a #2 guard on the sides.  (For those of you who have not cut your kids/husbands/missionaries hair- #2 is the size of the guard that goes over the blade that controls the length you cut the hair using clippers.)  As we were cutting his hair the unthinkable happened.  The guard broke.  (So now there is nothing controlling the length we are cutting his hair.)

No sooner did we notice it- when a long Vanilla Ice line appeared on the side of his head.

found this picture here
(Aren't we glad the clippers didn't slip and go for his eyebrows next??)  So here we are- Hairstylist and Husband and Vanilla Ice.  I was frantic.  There was a giant bald streak on the side of  my husband's head- and since he isn't a 1990's rapper I knew he wouldn't be able to pull it off!  I started to try to blend it in.  No luck. (Having a mostly female clientele I have lost the art of "fading" -  again, excuse my Hairstylist Lingo.) I finally tried to go down to a #1 (VERY short guard) to see if I could blend it.  Even worse.  Now I was no longer married to Vanilla Ice I was married to "Lt. High and Tight" straight out of Fort Lewis.

Jake Gyllenhaal
(picture from here, when he was filming for Jar Head)
I think JT looked slightly less Jake Gyllenhallish... but either way, I wasn't planning to be married to an army man.  As the hair got worse I started to panic. 

My first thought was "What will people think?? I am a hairstylist!  This will ruin my reputation!"  Then I thought "How am I going to kiss this guy?"  As I was freaking out, trying to suppress my tears of frustration, JT started to laugh.

"It's not a big deal, Katie," he said "It is actually kind of funny."  This is when I thought maybe he had gone temporarily blind, but then he went on "At least we get to spend more time together."  Because by now our 15 minute hair cut was taking closer to an hour. "It's just hair.  We can laugh about this and tuck it away with all of our other funny memories."

Suddenly, he was the hottest "Jar Head" I had ever seen.  (including Jake Gyllenhal) Who cares about what anybody thinks?  Who cares if I had to shave his head with a #1 all over? Who cares if it took trimming his hair all night to end up bald?  We were laughing and having fun.

I am so thankful for a husband who helps me laugh when I want to cry.  Who can easily see the bright side of just about anything- and point it out to me.  Who can make a career disaster into a sweet memory.  Who can bring me back to earth.  It is one of the greatest moments I have had as a hairstylist.

So when you see him at church on Sunday, or jogging around Fort Lewis, just salute him and give him a high five for being the best husband ever.  And when you see me, try not to judge my skills :)

Update: I wrote this last week before I went out of town, then forgot to hit publish- oops.  This is a family pic with his siblings, so you can see my fine Hair Artistry.  (JT is on the far left, in case you have no idea who my husband is, the one that looks better than Jake Gyllenhall.)


  1. I didn't see him on Sunday--so I didn't get a chance to salute. I'll have to keep my eyes out. :)

    I was listening to a podcast the other day from the Mormon Channel app. Sis. Beck was part of the conversation and she said, "Crisis plus time equals humor." I'm glad the time required to see the humor in your situation wasn't long.

  2. I love that: "crisis plus time--" On my mission we would say "whatever sucks now will be funny later" :)

  3. Hey, at least it was your husband it broke on and not someone else! What a catch you have to just laugh it off like that! :)

  4. JT is amazing and I can really hear him saying "it's no big deal". I did see him at the family Shauna Bday and he looked great. No salute necessary :) AND I hope I can finally get a comment to print so I can quit stalking, and participate! Love your thoughts -- even when I can't get the computer to comply.

  5. hooooo baby. it worked. miracle happened, right there. Go Katie! You're good luck! :)

    1. good luck? I think my clippers would beg to differ! :)But I am so glad to see you comment! thanks

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