Monday, November 4, 2013

2nd Annual Tyler's Turkey Trot

It's November, that means it's time to start running/walking off the 3.3 pounds of Halloween Candy that the average american has consumed.   And what better way to run it off than training for the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot!?

2nd Annual Tyler's Turkey Trot 5K!!  Bigger and Better than ever (and when I say "ever" I mean last year, because it is only our second  year doing this.)  Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 28, 2013 at 9:00 am.

Bring your family (including your kids on their bikes or strollers) and run or walk on the Cedar River Trail for a FREE 5K event.

The Tyler's Turkey Trot is your chance to be with  your family and friends working off the Dutch Carmel Apple Streusel Cheesecake before you even eat it, while being grateful for all of your blessings.  We will have some fun ways to Be Thankful and express your gratitude while running or walking.

This year we have added a Food Drive to the festivities!  While we are being Grateful for our many blessings we can be mindful of those that have less.   Go ahead and be awesome and collect donations from your friends and neighbors (or invite them to run/walk with you).  Let's see if we can fill my car with donations!  (We will be donating to the Maple Valley Food Bank, that is located across the street from the trail where the event takes place.  Here is a link for things that they need this Holiday season and their website.)

We had so much fun last year, and plan to have even more fun this year!  Everyone is invited, did I mention it is FREE??  Please comment or text me or whatever to let me know if you think you might be interested in participating. (You can even hand out drinks if you are absolutely opposed to walking!)

I will kick off the spirit of the 2nd Annual Tyler's Turkey Trot by sharing one of my "thankfuls".

The past few years I have battled depression and anxiety.  It is infuriating to be a social, happy, outgoing person debilitated by something as draining as depression.  It seems so unfair, and so out of place for me to experience these deep, despairing emotions.  I am happy, and fun, and love my wonderful life!  How can this happen to me? I have been angry as I have heard people tell me that if your leg is broken you go to a doctor for medicine, and likewise if you have a chemical imbalance you would also seek medical help.  I don't want to be "sick"! It isn't as easy as a broken leg. There is no x-ray for depression.  There is no antibiotic.   And  I don't want to ask for help. (Don't worry, I have swallowed my pride and found the help I need.)  But as I have been struggling with these emotions that are way beyond my control, I have realized how physically blessed I am in other ways.  I have two strong legs that walk and run and carry me wherever I need to go.  I don't depend on a wheel chair, or find myself constrained to a bed. What a blessing.  I have eyes that see (they would probably see better if I wore my ugly glasses...if you haven't read that post, you should, so you will be thankful for your eyes too!) to watch my children grow up, and the leaves change in October. I have a heart that beats in rhythm keeping me alive.  I don't have to ask it to do this, it just does.   So while I have health struggles that some times overwhelm me, I am blessed with a physically healthy body.  I plan to use those legs, and that heart, and my eyes to run a 5K with my friends and family.  I hope you will join me and share your  many "thankfuls" with me!
We are missing a few families in this pic- but here is the 1st Annual Run.  Don't you want to be a part of this?!

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