Monday, November 2, 2009


It all began with one little sugar cookie..

A whole lot of frosting...

And a ton of fun!

Riley and I baked Sugar Cookies for our neighbors- as if ANY of us need MORE treats right now:)

Then we went to the Ward's Trunk or Treat party. Jt had to leave early to go to work- and I was left a Semi-Single Mom...
What is it with Blake that would rather go find a stranger than be with Mommy? He squirmed, screamed, cried and howled until he saw Josh Weed! Then suddenly it was all better! This kid.

There were moments at Trunk or Treat that I had NO IDEA where EITHER of my children were! So I was less of a Single Mom and my kids were more Single Kids! I have always laughed at the idea of having a kid on one of those Monkey Backpacks that is actually a LEASH... but I may have to take it all back soon. With an escape artist like Blake on my hands I am definitely in trouble come March.

For HALLOWEEN I was left Semi- Single again (this time it may have been worse on JT than me-- who wants to deal with all the Crazies in the ER?) We went to JT's brother's house to Trick Or Treat with Riley's cousins. I was too scared to try to chase Blake around by myself while helping Riley go up to the doors to beg for candy. (Don't we love this wierd holiday??) Luckily, Blake latched on to Aaron like he was Josh Weed or something, and I could focus on watching Riley skip up to houses holding hands with her cousins all night! And then reap the benefits of an awesome neighborhood that hands out full size candy bars!! (Once again- who's brilliant idea was this holiday??)

Riley is into the Silly Face right now...

I got the Lion Costume from Natalie... man he is cute!

Too cute!!


Last of all.. the pumpkins...

JT and I have been married almost 5 years and never carved pumpkins together! So this last week- I thought he and I needed a break from the stress of our lives right now - and I bought two pumpkins for us to stay up late, drinking apple cider, laughing and carving pumpkins together. Unfortunately, JT had a big lab, followed by a big test this week and spent every night studying late into the night! (he did get an A so it is worth it!) I ended up carving the Pumpkins by myself with a Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper. (yes, Sis, I scooped out the guts of my own pumpkin!! I don't think I ever did that once growing up! It is NASTY stuff in there!!) I had carved I Love JT on one so he would see it on the porch when he got home the next morning from work. But while I was out- he turned the Pumpkin around to carve I love KT on the other side!

I guess when your man works crazy hours and goes to school during the days- this is how you end up communicating-- THROUGH PUMPKINS!


  1. Ok, your kids are cute and yada, yada, yada. . . .

    The important question is WHERE DID YOU GET THE CAFFEINE FREE DR. PEPPER????

  2. Sounds like a good time. It is hard having your husband gone and busy all the time. Luckily you have good friends and family around to help out. Riley is a great Princess (snow Princess right?) Anyhow, I have never seen a Princess done that way and loved it.

  3. Hey Jamie-
    it is DIET, I don't know if that is a problem. But I have gotten it at Fred Meyer and at Super Walmart :) I have only seen it in the 12 pack.

  4. First off, I <3 Dr. Pepper! I should try the caffeine-free kind so that my child in-utero doesn't go crazy when I indulge. Also, I understand needing to find creative ways to reconnect with your husband. Darren is working 63 hour weeks in Everett and going to school for his Master's degree, so I totally understand feeling like a single mom most of the time.