Wednesday, June 9, 2010

could I be this cool??

I attended a Fireside a few months ago with Media as the Topic. The wonderful speakers addressed negative media and it's influence, but also POSITIVE media and it's power as well.

A lot of you know that I have been pretty "unplugged" this last month or so. I haven't returned your emails (OK that is normal) or checked your blogs (sorry) I haven't even watched T.V. I guess you could say it is my own personal DE-TOX. I have been trying to get rid of things that are not necessarily BAD but that DISTRACT me from the things that are BETTER. (and if you have had a conversation with me-- you know I am EASILY DISTRACTED!)

I have thought a lot about POSITIVE MEDIA. The speaker described the internet as an outlet to SHARE THE GOSPEL. And encouraged us to use it to do just that. I know that most of the people who look at my Blog are already members of my own faith-- so I guess this won't be much of a MISSIONARY tool-- but I am still going to use this chance to share my Testimony when I can.

I realize that just because we are members of His church doesn't mean that we don't have heartache, bad days, questions, doubts, and even sometimes feel very lost. So I guess we ALL need to hear eachother's Testimonies :)

SO Let's get to the part that makes me REALLY COOL...

I downloaded this Mormon Message from YouTube! That's right! JT isn't even here! I did this all by myself!! Maybe I should send an application to Microsoft! :)

(now that I bragged, I should actually check to make sure it works if you click on it!! how do I do that??)

Anyways- Here is a little Treat for all of us who need the reminder :) I know this is true.


  1. It works! Congratulations! Microsoft will be calling and begging for you to work with them any day now! :)

  2. Nice work Katie! You continue to be an awesome example to me. Thanks for posting this video. I loved it.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, Katie! :)
    And yes, you are that cool.