Friday, June 4, 2010


Normally I don't like to ask for parenting help on my Blog... for a few reasons.

1. I usually think I am right and that no one else is as smart as I am. (why am I smiling that there is actually some weird truth to that statement! What is wrong with me??)

2. I don't want lame advise.

3. I usually read books to answer my questions.

4. I don't want to have to admit that I actually may not even use the advise given to me. (ex: you coming up to me on Sunday asking how your advise worked out for me- and I don't even remember what you told me to try!)

5. I usually like to Blog about funny things and not beg for help!

With all of that said.... HELP

Riley still naps. SHE is usually the one who asks to have books and go to sleep. She will usually sleep for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the afternoon. I LOVE THIS! I have even read a lot supporting the importance of naps till age 4 and have felt good that Riley still takes them. It is a wonderful blessing with a new baby to still have the older 2 taking naps. Because of Nap Time, I have time in the afternoon to snuggle Macie- or to finally clean the kitchen from Breakfast, or read, or fold laundry or any number of wonderful things that are hard to do with all of them running around.

So what is the problem?? She started to wake up GRUMPY from her naps. And it lasts about 2 hours. Is this just the age? Grumpy, whiney, sassy? OR is she oversleeping?? Also- she has started to stay up later!!! The days of everyone asleep by 7 are over!! Some nights she is up until 8pm! (I know there are a few of you rolling your eyes right now, but this is an emergency to me) So what do we do??

Yesterday we tried "Quiet Time". How do you guys do this? Do you have them stay in their rooms? Do they actually stay in there? Do you give them things to do? How do we transition from Naps to Quiet Time? I NEED THE DOWN TIME, so how do I get her to cooperate.

Yesterday I tried telling her she could play quietly with her toys in her room while Blake napped and that I would come and get her when Quiet Time was over. About 15 mins later she came in to me studying and begged me to read books and cover her with her blanket!! Is it just not time to give up naps? But what do I do about this unacceptable bedtime of 8pm! and the afternoon Grumpies? Maybe this is just life with an almost 4 year old.

So tell me what you have done. Tell me what works for you and your little ones.


  1. It's normal for them to start waking up grumpy, but also if she's not going to sleep when she used to then I'd say start doing them only every other day. For quiet time we have "movie naps." My kids need that time to just sit and do nothing for 1 1/2 hours or so and rest their bodies and minds. Anya watches one in her room with a little portable DVD player and Leah watches one on TV. So I still get my alone time. Once they start staying up later at night it's a deal-breaker for me and naps have to go.

  2. Well. This is a really hard topic. So don't take my advice, but here are my thoughts. Try, Try again. Jaden, it simply doesn't matter what time he goes to bed he is up between 6am and 7am. My kids almost always wake up grumpy. I also do video naps. Lexy needs to nap, but doesn't usually. Jackson is cutting out his naps sometimes. Just turned 2. I say, let the girl nap. Wake her up after 45 mins. if you want and see if she will still sleep at 7, or have a better attitude. Otherwise, learn to live with 8pm bedtime. It is still an amazing time.

  3. My kids got quiet time when they started refusing to take naps. I would have no idea what to do in order to get them to stop taking naps. So all I can say about the possibility of Riley not taking naps anymore is "it's about time!" (misery loves company) :)

  4. I wonder if her naps are too long, causing her to wake up grumpy? I am way older than almost 4, but if I take a long nap in the afternoon I always wake up grumpy verses a short nap when I wake up feeling rested. We too do the movie nap, and I have Jenna lay down on the couch in hopes that it will help her rest. She normally will ask or do this after preschool. But then I think its important after that time to get them busy again, so that they will be tired when its time for bed.
    A few other things for quiet time I would suggest are books on CD, or even listening to music with earphones. It could be a fun childrens CD or the primary songs.
    Good luck!

  5. The transition to quiet time is really hard. I put it up there with taking the binky away or potty training! Seriously. Jaxson stopped napping when he was 2 and I was 8 mo pregnant. I was desperate!!! You might try buying some new toys (or swiping some that she might not notice) and putting them in a backpack that is only for quiet time. (Library books work great too.)It gets better and better you just have to TEACH them what quiet time is. So don't give up after a couple bad days. At our house I don't care what you do in your room for quiet time but for that hour or hour and a half I don't want to see you or hear you.... quiet time in the living room never worked for me. It always had to be in a bedroom or playroom. Good luck!