Monday, September 20, 2010

The Slug

While running the other morning I had an interesting encounter with a slug.

I was out running at a near by lake. I came around the corner on my first lap and looked down just in time to see a little baby slug right in the middle of the trail. I leaped and twisted to avoid stepping on it. I am not sure if I was concerned about squishing the little guy or of his little guts getting on my running shoes. Either way- I narrowly missed the squirmy little slug. I smiled to myself about risking my ankles to save a baby slug and kept running.

As I came around the corner on my second lap, I looked down to dodge him- but noticed that he had made it the two feet to the edge of the pavement and out of my way. I kind of laughed when I saw that I had run a half mile in the time it took him to get a foot out of the way.

Victoriously I congratulated myself for at least being faster than a slug. I may have even been a little smug about it. (you can tell I am rarely faster than anyone!)

Then as I was running away I thought of how that little baby slug was probably laughing at ME and thinking how he had already made it to the edge of the path while I was right back in the same spot as before!!

So WHO is the real winner? The one who seems to just make it to their destination in time to avoid disaster-- or the one who keeps ending up in the same spot every half mile??

Apparently I need new music on my Ipod if I have this much time to ponder while I am running!!


  1. You stinkin crack me up!!! Hope you don't mind, I found your blog and added it my list =) If you need to make more slug friends, there are always one in my yard somewhere ha ha

    Oh and BTW we are in the same ward as your Bro inlaw Aaron

  2. You are so funny! But I totally think you beat the slug :)

  3. You totally need to check out the children's book "rainy day slug" it'll give you even more insight into the life of a Seattle area slug :)!!!

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