Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ever since I had Macie I have received a lot of attention for having 3 kids so close together.

Most women, especially those who are already done with the toddler/baby stage, will say
"Wow, you are busy!"
I can see the smile in their eyes when they remember that phase in their life, and hear the empathy in their voice when we both know this is the polite way to say "man, you are crazy."

But today I was following behind JT as he was leaving the gym with our 3 kids. A man was holding the door open and asked, very surprised, "Are ALL these kids YOURS?" I saw JT smile and nod, and then the man said
"Wow! You've Been Busy!"


Isn't it interesting that Women will empathize with the chaos that I face as I chase after 3 children and the "busy", hectic phase of life I am now in--

While Men will Congratulate each other on THE GETTING TO this stage!!

So I guess that makes ME "CRAZY" and JT a "HERO"!!


  1. I love it! And I've been guilty of it too, sadly. Once at a park, I saw a mom with 2-year-old triplets (all boys!) and I said "wow, you've got your hands full" and she semi-snapped at me and said "in a GOOD WAY, right?" I realized that probably wasn't the best thing to say. And obviously not the most original.

  2. hahaha. That is So funny! It really is so true!

  3. We get those comments a lot too. That, and Peter has this air of calmness about him all the time so when people see him with our kids they're impressed and complimentary, while I get the "crazy" looks and comments. Figures!

  4. SO true. Tyler gets high fives (because of course he did all the hard work in creating the twins) and I get the looks of sympathy and pity...