Thursday, October 21, 2010

Score ONE for JT

Ever since we were cheesy Newly Weds (OK, sometimes we still are cheesy) JT and I have played a little game. You know the game. You played it in High School with your first Boyfriend when your mom would tell you it was time to get off the phone.

You would say "oh, I gotta go."
And He would say "Oh, ok..."
Then you would say "bye"
And He would say "bye"
Then you would WAIT to see if the other HUNG UP THE PHONE! When you could still hear him breathing you would say "You hang up first!" and He would say "No, YOU hang up first!"

And somehow we understand that the desire to not be the One to "Hang Up First" indicates Affection. We must like them MORE if we won't hang up first.

Well, JT and I have grown up-- but some things never change...

Me: "I love you, Babe"
JT: "I know, But I love YOU MORE"
Me: "No, You couldn't possibly love me more. I love YOU more"
JT: "No, I love YOU more."

This could go on for awhile.

Sometimes we try to make our point by throwing in what we consider proof of our "more" love. Like when I say - "I let you have the covers last night" or he says "but I love you more, because I bought the ice cream you like today"
(I should interject that we are never arguing about this. It is NOT a leverage thing, but a silly lovey-dovey-your-mushiness-is-nauseating- kind of game.)


He was telling me one groggy afternoon when he woke up from after working a lot of long nights about the experience he had...

He began with a few nights before when he got home from work in the middle of the night. He used the last of the toilet paper. He had been awake for most of 24 hours and was very tired. Knowing that I often wake up in my sleep to use the bathroom and how disappointed I would be to find the empty roll- he went to refill it. Unfortunately we were out of T.P. in the master bath. SO he went to the kids' bathroom, which was also out. SO he went downstairs and looked under the sink-- which was also out! So he took the roll off of the downstairs bathroom and brought it upstairs for me-- so that I would have it ready when I woke up...

But before he could finish the story, I had a flashback of that morning:
I was running late to get to my class at the gym. JT had just come home and I was just leaving. He looked tired. I ran in- to finish getting ready-- and used the last of the T.P.... No biggie, I will change it when I get home from the gym (I was not aware at this time, the good deed he had done for me a few nights earlier)...apparently, some time between my leaving the house and that afternoon-- JT needed the restroom...

I think you can see where this was going.
JT wins.

That is just the kind of person he is. The kind of guy who hunts down toilet paper so that I am not stranded in the bathroom in the middle of the night. (I am the girl who thinks T.P. just magically appears!) He is the kind of guy who really tries to live by the Golden Rule of Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated. He is the kind of guy who thinks of little things like surprising me with my favorite candy,(I am the girl who can't remember anyone's favorite candy) or cleaning the shower because he knows I can't stand it, or letting me sleep in, or taking a cold shower so I can have all the warm water, or EVERY time we get into bed asking if I need anything else (like a glass of water) and then hopping out of bed to go get it. (might I mention, that if he wasn't so sweet to get me water before I go to bed- I might not have to pee in the middle of the night!)

The bottom line is- JT WINS. Sometimes I really do just think about myself. He is so aware of my needs- and I am so aware of MY needs-- that I am not sure who is aware of HIS needs! lol.

SO while JT WINS for replacing the toilet paper, and then me leaving it bone dry for him without even a little scrap clinging to the roll ---



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  1. This is hilarious! I think sometimes we women don't always realize everything our men do for us, but then again, sometimes I think the men don't realize everything we do for them :)