Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is for YOU

I THOUGHT I was writing this Blog for myself

I THOUGHT this was to document the evolution and events of my little family.

(you can SEE how diligent I have been with that by noticing the pictures on the side of the blog of my beautiful family... wait, are we missing someone? is Blake still crawling in that picture?)

I THOUGHT I was cool enough to not care what other people think.


Ok, all of you BLOG STALKERS out there. I KNOW you are reading this. I KNOW you know who you are. I KNOW are busy/lazy/boreing/forgetful but seriously-- HOW WILL I KNOW IF ANYONE IS READING THIS IF YOU NEVER LEAVE A COMMENT??

oh, what? There is something I can do through Google to find out who has been visiting my Blog? or how many of you there really are? Oh, that thing my sister in law tried to tell me how to do- but I was to computer illiterate to figure out how to do it on my own, that?

Well, I don't want to do that (ok, yes, I do. I seriously just could not figure out how to do it. But I did find out you could COPY something by pushing Ctrl and C at the same time!) Anyways, I just want you to LEAVE A COMMENT ALREADY!!

Is it rude to *yell* at my cyber audience?

sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.

Just, you know, let me know if you are reading this- before I give up and start posting really lame stuff...

oh, what? my stuff IS lame already? Ok, well, YOU don't have to leave a comment then. But everyone else does.



  1. Katie! You know I always read you! PS Cute picture!

  2. Yay, you have your picture up.

    Um, yeah, no one ever comments on my blog either.

  3. You mean you might have to start posting some lame stuff about quitting hair, then starting up again, then quitting again, but you're gonna have a wax night instead? Oh, and then the wax night is changing?

    Just kidding!!! You know I love your (real) posts! :P

  4. I'll post on yours if you post on mine! You are so funny!

  5. Way to bring us out of our silence! You know the best way to get a comment is to comment on other people's blogs. I'm not telling you to comment on mine or anything, I just find it to be true. :) I don't know if I ever commented on it, but I loved that story about Riley a few weeks ago and your dreams. My sister was here and I told it to her. It is such a sweet one.

  6. Here I am!! Yes I read your blog and often forget to comment, Guilty as charged :)
    Love your family pic at the top, super cute!!

  7. feeling better about myself already

  8. I love the cute picture of your family in your blog header. I read your blog! But I know how you feel about the comments....people tell me they read my blog, but how am I supposed to know if I never get any comments?? =]

  9. love the new picture!! At gasworks park?

  10. I enjoy your blog! Love the new family photo!

  11. yep, Shelbi, that's Gas Works. it was a great place for pics!

  12. Ha ha! Let's all make a pact to comment more! Sometimes I think the same thing and then realize I am THE worst at remembering to comment as I'm reading through 20 different posts in my google reader. I guess I need to scale back my blog list or just remember to give a shout-out to a "sista" once in awhile!
    And btw, I love your blog! ;0)

  13. ok ok ill leave a comment. I miss you and love you and one of these days we will hang out. :)