Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I learned from my Mother


  • to Talk with my HANDS (no, not sign language- more like flailing)
  • that Name Brand doesn't always matter-- accept for TOMATO SOUP and MAC n CHEESE. (and don't follow the directions on the Campbell can and add water like JT did when we first got married and I almost cried...)
  • shopping at Thrift Stores is COOL! (she was the original Ashlee Crabtree- before Ashlee made it cool) And that Value Village is "overpriced".
  • how to mark my scriptures (ok, that was actually my Seminary Teacher, but she WAS my Seminary Teacher so I think it still counts)
  • to let my daughter wear a TuTu all winter long if she wants to (I just read how this is a good developmental thing for young children to have ownership over decisions that they are capable of making... I don't know if my mom knew that or if I was just TOO STUBBORN to fight with at age 5)
  • that the Dollar Store is a wonderful wonderful place (I was too cool for that information until I moved closer to one- now I am hooked!)
  • that a Glue Gun is an essential tool in any home
  • how to DECORATE a CAKE and the importance of creating a Rockin' cake for your Kids' Birthdays because they will brag about it and you will feel really cool!
  • how to sing- and a LOVE of BARBARA STREISAND's Christmas Music as well as Carol King, Neil Diamond and Jim Croche (no not their Christmas Music)... ahhhh I am smiling just thinking about them. (oh, my mom doesn't actually TEACH how to sing. But growing up I thought she was so crazy to turn down Broadway to raise a family!! At least I THOUGHT she had done that - since she was such a wonderful singer!... ... ... ... this is awkward since I don't know how to finish this one...)
  • Since I am on the subject of her amazing-ness (has anyone read Josh's blog about 'ness') she knows ALL the answers on JEOPARDY.
  • how to make Peanut Brittle, Elephant Ears, Swedish Pancakes and other yummy favorites
  • the importance of a Good Sense of Humor and laughing at your own jokes-- oh, and that it is kind of funny to call your parents by their First Names ;0)
Just thinking of her today and all of the fun things she has taught me :)

Won't it be funny to see what Riley says about me in 20 years...
  • a love for ALL things SPARKLY
  • a need for 100 pairs of shoes
  • how to make a mess in the kitchen
we'll see


  1. What a fun post! You're now going on my blogroll. And, yes, I did read Josh's blog about -ness. I also commented with my own -ness story. Everyone's gotta have one, right?

    P.S. My word verification is "nowtings." Definition: what my kids respond when I ask them what they're doing.

  2. I knew this woul d be a good one. Plus I am in love with your new family picture. How cute and so boy and girl. I love it! Is that at Alki?

  3. Whoa! Thanks for the shout-out and link. I'm truly honored. I think the only thing more special would be to be an actual member of your "everybody else" blog roll. Someday. Someday I hope to be cool enough.

    Also, your mom sounds like a great lady.

    Also I really liked the one you felt all awkward about because you didn't know how to end it. Is it a bad sign that that's pretty much how I feel during every small-talk conversation I ever engage in.

  4. (Can we just all pretend I ended that obviously interrogative sentence with a question mark? Thanks.)

  5. Love this list!! You do have a great Mom :)
    You're a pretty awesome one as well!
    BTW, I completely agree with the comment about Tomato soup and Mac 'n Cheese. One time I made tomato soup for Jenna when we were out of milk, she would not eat it. Her words were "this tastes interesting!" I also have a whole Costco size box of Kirkland brand mac n' cheese in my garage that is also "interesting". I've learned my lesson!

  6. I love it when I find a fellow Neil Diamond fan. He is the best. We went to his concert a couple of years ago. Amazing.

  7. This post made me miss you and Mom so much! When I got to the end and read that is funny to call your parents by their first names I even teared up a bit. George and Nancy are such funny names to begin with, the fact that they are our parents' names is even better!

    Speaking of her AMAZING singing -- I always thought she was actually Carol Burnette! I didn't understand why she was so mean in Annie.

    I think you're going to teach your daughters amazing things too! You're a great mom.

    Love you sis.