Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Lessons

Every now and then - While sitting at Church - The Heavens Open. The Clouds Part. And Angels and Glory Shine Down on my Little Family and keep my kids QUIET ENOUGH for me to HEAR the MESSAGE....

OR I am just in another state of BLISSFULLY UNAWARE while JT wrestles the 3 Tiny Monsters CLIMBING all over him and I am smiling up at the speaker...

Whatever the case- Recently I heard a Little Lesson that has CHANGED MY LIFE.

A few months back a friend was speaking and said something profound that I have to share. Jamie Stringham (that's right Jamie, a Shout Out in my Blog makes you Practically FAMOUS) was relating a story from the New Testament. (sorry, Jamie, I am going to butcher this - so you should leave a comment clarifying it!) I THINK it was the story of after Jesus' Transfiguration. He has this powerful and amazing experience and when they were done and came down from the mountain a "certain man" came to him and asked Christ to heal his son. Now Jesus could have said "I am really tired, can you bring him back in the morning?" But he didn't. We ALL KNOW how patient the Savior was and how we want to be like him. But this is where Jamie applied it to her life (and mine)

Jamie pointed out the Infamous Nightly Bed Time Routine. No, not the part where you brush the teeth, read the books, say the prayers and tuck them in. The part AFTER that. When they GET BACK OUT and begin STALLING. (in our house it can be anything from "I'm hungry" to "Did we Brush our Teeth?" which of course we did) Jamie pointed out how she can be more like the Savior at these times. Not getting upset or impatient, but being like Christ and loving our kids.

This has CHANGED MY WORLD! I went from totally FRUSTRATED, even ANGRY at the amount of EXCUSES that were taking place to a new level of PEACE. NOW when Riley gets out of bed-- I honestly tell myself that the Savior would have been patient. He would not yell, or get angry. Even IF He was tired. I find myself snuggling her back into bed, even singing another lullaby. I find myself even being GRATEFUL sometimes that she LOVES ME enough to want to keep stalling to be with me a little longer! I remind myself of something that my Pediatrician told me about her coming in during the middle of the night, to sleep in my bed - He said "I wouldn't stop her, someday she won't do that any more and you will miss it" She IS going to GROW UP . Someday she may be a Moody Teenager who does not want anything to do with her Mom singing her bed time songs! (and being 4 going on 15 I think that day is sooner than I realize) I want to be sure that the LAST THING RILEY THINKS OF BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP is that HER MOMMY LOVES HER. I don't ever want her to go to bed sad, or wondering.

I am sure the Savior COULD think to Himself "Come on, Katie, I JUST sang you that lullaby, or fixed that problem, or blessed you, or comforted you, and you are BACK OUT OF BED AGAIN?" But he doesn't. He just says "Come unto me."

Lucky Me.


  1. Thanks, Katie. I needed this tonight. Today was one of those Bad Mommy days. And right now, as I listen to my beautiful children talk to each other upstairs while they are playing instead of sleeping at 10 pm, (we all took a much needed nap today) I am choosing to smile as I listen to them instead of getting upset that they are not asleep. They really should be asleep, but I too, would like for them to remember that I love them as they fall asleep instead of how I should have been put in the corner a few times today because of how I talked to them. Thank you again.

  2. I completely agree. I often think of jamie's talk, it really was amazing. In fact that talk helped me to have "the talk" with my oldest tonight (yeah me, for not chickening out!) instead of sending her back to bed so I could watch TV. I have really learned in these past two months to not take my kids for granted. Try to appreciate each moment, b/c you never know what will happen!

  3. I really needed that. THanks Katie.

  4. I thought Jamie's talk was amazing, too! Great spiritual insights and I needed this reminder right now Katie.

  5. I usually leave sacrament meeting not having a clue what was said, but I actually heard Jamie's talk and it really hit home with me. I loved what she said. Thank you for reminding me of it again. It also reminds me of the talk from conference by Holland (I think) where he basically said we should be grateful for our difficult children for all they have to teach us (I'm probably butchering the real point of his message). His and Jamie's remarks have been the two that have really changed my perspective as a mom lately. Got me out of my rut sharing my miserable-ness with my children. I had a much happier couple weeks with the change of attitude.

  6. Yay!!! I'm famous! It makes me feel so happy that you and so many others appreciated my talk. I really like how you paralleled the bedtime routine to Jesus tucking us in at night. I'm so lucky that He doesn't treat me like I do my kids sometimes. Thanks for the reminder Katie. You're a pretty awesome mom/friend/visiting teaching partner.