Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a Work in Progress...

Every 6 months - when we have the opportunity to watch or attend General Conference I get that feeling that is time to try harder to be the person I want to be.

This weekend I thought about who I am TRYING to BECOME and I thought of something I wrote on my mission. It has been tucked in my scriptures for years and I realized it is time that it is written somewhere that I can not lose it.

My Mission Statement.

(One of the missionaries that I served with had a "mission statement" - not about the actual mission, more of a personal statement -and he let me read it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and went home to write my own.)

It is pretty personal. It is What I WANT for me. Who I WANT to BE. It is a Way I WANT to live.

That means: I am a Work in Progress and I still struggle with a lot of these things. But it may give some of you Better Insight into Why I do the things I do. And Why I want to change some of the things I do. (I wrote this on my mission, and I probably need to update it with new insights)


My Mission Statement

I will help everyone feel IMPORTANT. I will use only GOOD WORDS that Build or Love. I will VALUE my Scripture Study Time as SACRED. I will FORGET myself and GO to WORK. I will TRY to APPLY every principle the Brethren teach. I will LISTEN to and Follow the Spirit. I will PRAY with ALL my HEART. I will pray for Humility, Charity, and More Faith. I will develop my Talents to HELP others. I will NEVER use HUMOR to HURT another. I will LOVE my FAMILY. I will Learn to BE a HEALER of HEARTS. I will be the One my Husband is Looking for. (check that one off) I will Remember my Covenants with the Lord. I will be More GRATEFUL. I will be SOMEONE that my FRIENDS can count on and trust. I will Raise my Children to Know their Savior, To Feel His Love, and to Praise and Worship Him. I WILL DO MY BEST. I will SMILE when I WANT to CRY. I will openly GIVE my HEART to my children and my husband. I will HONOR the Priesthood. I will ASK for HELP when I NEED it. I will find ways to SERVE. I will make others LAUGH. I will Teach PEACE. I will be an EXAMPLE of a Latter Day Saint. I will TRUST in the Lord and in His TIMING. (P.A. school??) I will be submissive and not murmur. I will Turn my WEAKNESSES into STRENGTHS. I will ASK for FORGIVENESS and Say "I'm Sorry". I will LISTEN more and TALK less. I WILL be SUNSHINE. I will Remember that the Gospel IS Life. I will Make my CHILDREN and HUSBAND my HIGHEST PRIORITY. I will FORGIVE those that HURT me. I will Leave others BETTER than I found them. I will be STRONGER than ANGER or FEAR. I will DREAM BIG and LIVE MY DREAMS.

Katie Nelson - Tyler

10 November 2002


  1. Katie, that's beautiful! Can I steal your mission statement?? Jk, really though, I felt inspired and uplifed just reading that and so much of it is SO you. I smiled when I read "I will be sunshine" hello- that is the perfect word to describe you. Love the whole thing, what a great thing to create.

  2. Katie - I read the first sentence and was like "done!" That's one thing I've always loved about you - you have a unique talent of making other people feel important. You've done it to me many times. Thank you!

  3. Katie, this is wonderful! Completely you and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. So far I think your doing pretty good! :) well said, well lived... great goals!

  5. Katie,

    I love your mission statement! I am so inspired to write one of my own. You are constantly inspiring me. Thanks for being so amazing.