Saturday, May 7, 2011

... only a Mother could love....

We've all heard the Phrase:

Well in honor of MOTHER'S DAY-- I give you a Face that ONLY My Mother could love:

It gets better.... wait for it....

That is right, My Mom LOVED Jabba the Hut! Or as my Family actually called me "The Michelin Man" because my arms and legs and tummy and neck, ok EVERYTHING looked like it was made out of tires like the Michelin Tires Man!

And Now I give you: THE MOTHER that LOVED THAT FACE, and neck, and legs....

There she is, the woman who gave me LIFE (and maybe a little too much to eat! just kidding). This is the woman who let me wear a Tutu EVERYDAY (accept at Disney Land, and I am still a little bitter about that) when I was five just because I wanted to. (I owe her my free spirit for that) This is the woman who made the best birthday cakes of any mom I knew. (I owe her my love of Cup Cakes and the joy of piping frosting) This is the woman who taught me funny songs around the camp fire on family camp outs. (I owe her my love of music... or at least the funny stuff!) This is the woman who helped me highlight my hair when she caught me skipping school having a REALLY REALLY BAD DAY even though coloring our hair was against her rules! (I owe her my understanding and flexibility to not sweat the small stuff) This is the woman who opened my Mission Call and told me over the phone when I was scared to go that she had read it and KNEW that "in ALL the WORLD this is where My Katie should go". (I owe her the strength to open my already opened mission call and GO on my mission - which has been one of the BEST DECISIONS of my life) This is the woman who called home from her Mission in Washington D.C. when Riley was born to tell me she would be able to come home for a weekend and see my newborn baby! I don't think she knew how much it meant to me to show her my new baby girl. (I owe her a lot of tears for that one)

She did ALL OF THAT for that "little" baby girl with a Face that only a MOTHER could love.

Now, she is not my ONLY MOTHER.

I have one more. This woman gave me my GREATEST GIFT ever. A WONDERFUL HUSBAND.

This is JT with his Grandpa Davis (Shauna's Dad) Whom we named Blake after (Blake DAVIS)

JT is the bottom left :) sorry, I didn't have any Baby Pics- so he just gets toddler pics!!

JT is on the left with the cool hat, his little brother is on the lawn mower with the pizza! too cute to pass this one up!

And now I give you the Mother who gave me her son:

There she is: The woman who gave me the Love of My Life. (and because of him, 3 beautiful children- so I owe her a lot of my happiness). This is the woman who I fell in love with first. (that's right, on our 2nd "date" I met his mom and fell in love! I HOPED I would fall in LOVE with JT so that she could be my mother in law! So I guess I owe her the fact that I even Love her son!) This is the woman who welcomed me into her home and family after only 3 weeks of dating her son! (I owe her my immediate acceptance and comfort in her home) This is the woman who shares my talent for weeping! (she may be the only person who tears up more than I do! I owe her a few tears for that!) This is the woman who invites me to sing around the piano with her on Sundays or Holidays (which is better than dessert for me! and that is saying alot. I owe her the love JT has for music) This is the woman who has been an example of Quiet Dignity. (something I strived to attain on my mission with little success-- obviously. I owe her my desire to keep trying!) This is the woman who lets me lay around her pool all summer long, or at least the 3 days that it is warm around here! (I owe her my Vitamin D and the 3 freckles I get each year!)

So there you have it. My Mothers. How blessed am I to have two wonderful women to look up to, be friends with, and love??

Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for "Loving Our Faces."

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  1. Katie I am crying. One because of how funny you are and two because of how sweet you are. Happy Mother's Day!