Monday, May 23, 2011

the second date AND Bolivia

For our second date (I am not counting the dinner I mentioned in my previous Blog about Mother's Day - since that was Sunday Dinner at his family's house and Jt's attempt to keep me from going out with the other guy I had previously been dating.. so it doesn't count) Jt took me to help a friend move (in true Elder's Quorum President fashion) and then out to a movie. After the movie we sat in his car talking. (yes, TALKING, NOT Kissing)

We all know the story of how I chased him. How I loved seeing him serve in the church and found myself thinking how I wished I could find a guy LIKE him... and then realized I shouldn't keep looking for another guy LIKE him, I should just go for HIM! I had no idea at the time how perfect for me he was.

As we sat in the car talking, I immediately realized he was DIFFERENT then the other guys I was dating. When he talked about his mission his face lit up. Many of the other guys I found myself dating had all but forgotten their missions. And most thought I was crazy for how much I still talked about mine. I could find guys who were active, and some who were even faithful in their callings, but few who still had that Missionary Glow. Our conversation turned from the missions we had served to the missions we WANTED to serve. To the desire we both had to be back in the mission field with our future spouses. (yes, Jt was already HINTING that it would be me-- once I got him to ask me out- he moved quickly!) We talked of the places we would like to go, and the people we would like to serve. We weren't dreaming of "growing up" and being rich. Of having a boat or a giant house. We were dreaming of holding hands and traveling around the world. Of returning to Madagascar to build orphanages and teach life skills. Of going to South America to speak Spanish and build schools and clean water. And even back to Africa to hold sick babies and comfort mothers. We talked about the things we may have to sacrifice to live these kinds of dreams. Of possibly moving with our children, or spending our retirement on medical supplies rather than cruises. But it was obvious how sincere we both were and excited to find someone who shared our same dreams.

We didn't know then what we know now. We had no idea then that Jt would want to change careers. He was successful at Real Estate and enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss. We didn't know that it might be possible to start living those dreams before we are retired.

So here we are- almost 7 years since that Second Date. A LOT has changed. But some things never change.

We are planning our trip to Bolivia with a group of Doctor's that JT's brother knows. We will be helping with the Children there. Hopefully with their schools, educating them about Malaria and Dengue Fever and who knows what else! We will be leaving our own children for over a week! (which sounds crazy!) But we really WILL be LIVING a DREAM!

I still can't believe it. It seems unreal to do something like this. Especially right now! But I am excited to see that the Boy I fell in love with almost 7 years ago is still the same boy. He is even better than he was on that date. (mostly because he doesn't drag me along to help people move on our dates anymore!!)

It has been a TOUGH couple of years as other dreams have remained JUST out of REACH. So it is refreshing to remember that we have 3 beautiful children (I just had a typo that said 2 beautiful children... that could have been awkward!), a house in a ward we love with inspiring friends, and families that love and support us. SO apparently LOTS of our dreams have already come true!


  1. So glad you're making this dream come true! I love it. It's one of mine too but I don't have a clue when I'll get to fulfill it. You are one lucky girl!

  2. How awesome! I'm excited for you guys to have this experience!

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