Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blake's Big Dream

While I am waiting for my Fitness Book to be published, I am still focusing on my full time career: Stay at Home Mom.  (I really need a cooler way to say that)  Now that Riley has started Kindergarten I have more time with just Macie and Blake which has actually been pretty entertaining.  In fact, it is worthy of it's own Blog Post.

Here is Blake.  He is my little sweetheart.  He still wants to marry his Mommy.  (I don't have the heart to tell him that I am actually taken, because there is something adorable-- and totally not creepy-- about the idea of a little boy wanting to marry his Mommy.  Until you think about Oedipus and then it actually does get creepy.  But Blake just loves his Mommy.) He also has a wonderful imagination.  Right now he sounds like the soundtrack for a Saturday Morning Cartoon.  Every thing that comes out of his mouth is some cartoon catch phrase like "You won't get a way with that!" or "Not if it's the last thing I do" or "That's 'Mr.' Blake to you" or my favorite the sigh and head shake "Oh, brother." as he rolls his eyes.

One of the adorable things Blake does with his imagination is day dream.  He is always telling me about the random things he is thinking about.  

"Mom, do you know what I was just dreaming?  I was just dreaming that we were at Disneyland and I was fighting the Dragon with Mickey."

Usually pretty adorable stuff like that.

But the other day this is what he told me while we were eating breakfast.

Blake:"Mommy, do you know what I was just dreaming?"

Me: "No, Blake, what were you dreaming?"

Blake: "I was just dreaming that I had another penis right here."  As he points to his chest, up by his armpit.  

Me: I recover from my total shock and try not to laugh so that he can finish his train of thought.

Blake: "Yeah.  I was dreaming that I could have TWO penises!  Cool!  Then I could go to the bathroom and just bend over!" (Because standing up is just not cool enough?  He told me the other day how he feels bad for me that I am a girl because I have to sit down when I go potty.)  Then he demonstrates how one would go about peeing while bending over.  Grinning from ear to ear.

So that's my boy.  We are quite proud.