Sunday, January 13, 2013

Missing Puerto Rico

I promised that I would finish writing about our vacation, and then I never did.  The blogging world is in an uproar.  It seems that everyone is dying to hear how the last few days of our trip went.  Ok, already, here you go.

Our last full day on Puerto Rico was jam packed.  We woke up early and took a little ferry for an hour long trip out to a remote island called Culebra.  (I would highly recommend it if you ever go to P.R.)  We thought the beaches were beautiful at our hotel- but these beaches were even better!

Even though there had been a big windy storm (that turned up the surf quite a bit) the water was still crystal clear.  It was amazing. We snorkeled on this beach, completely alone, for hours.  I have never had a beach all to myself before!  We loved it!

Then we walked a trail across the island to a different beach.  This one didn't have snorkeling, but it was even more beautiful than the first!

Have I mentioned I am not a photographer, and I have a little point and shoot camera- so these pictures do not do the sky and the ocean justice.  It was gorgeous.

I got pounded pretty good by another wave and gave up and came on shore while JT played.  Later I would find out that that wave would cause another bulging disc at the bottom of my back :( pretty miserable way to end a vacation.  But I didn't know that at the time, so I was still having fun!

This video is not anything exciting...unless you are me or Blake (who loves this video) and you worship JT and love watching everything he does.  And if you are not me or Blake it would be weird for you to adore JT as much as we do.  But you can still watch a video of him standing out in the waves so that you can see the beautiful beach at the end :)

At the end of the day playing on our deserted island we took the ferry back to Puerto Rico and turned around to take an excursion to the Bioluminescent Bay.  This was amazing!  I didn't have a waterproof camera so I don't have pics :(

We took a tour at night (in the dark) where you take a kayak from the ocean into the Bio Bay.  Because it was the night before the new moon-there was no moon so it was extremely dark and the tour winds for a mile or so through a narrow canal surrounded by giant mangrove trees.  It was cool to be paddling in the dark with only a tiny glow stick on the kayak ahead of you to lead the way.  (And for the those not married to Boy Scout who loves to kayak, there were lots of people running into the trees.) As we got closer to the Bay there were tiny sparks of light in the water.

The Bay itself was beautiful.  Pitch black, with a few scattered stars, and completely dark water- until you touched it.  The Bioluminescent Bay is filled with a bunch of teeny tiny microorganisms whose only defense is the light they emit.  It was like a million tiny sparks of lightning bugs.  Every disturbance to the water causes these bursts of light.  As we paddled, or dragged our fingers and toes in the water it was lit up and glowed!  It was really indescribable. (the tour took pics of us, but I can't find their website to get those pics! lol)

Our tour group sang Happy Birthday to me- which was nice, since I missed having a party or anything being gone on my Birthday (Which actually makes me think I don't need to count this Birthday and I can stay 33 for another year.  Sorry Ash, and Lolly, you will get old without me this year.).  It was a wonderful way to spend my Birthday and our last night on the Island.

The last day we woke up and took a walk along the beach, of course.

Loved the resort and those palm trees

It was 85 degrees when we left :( I miss it so much!!

Notice the back up swim suit??

We saved $ by not having a beach view, but I loved the rain forrest view from our balcony just as much!

This was the giant Gingerbread House at the Hotel (to remind us that even though it was 85 degrees, it was still December) I loved the smell of Gingerbread!
These were the guys singing at the last restaraunt we ate at, they were awesome.  That is a little Puerto Rican instrument "guiro" that looks like a squash.

Camarones and Tostones. Ahhh Delicioso!
I know this just looks like a pair of hot, tan legs with a beautiful pedicure... but it is actually the wheel chair I had to be pushed around in at the airport when my bulging disc was killing me :( 

So there you go.

Our vacation was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better trip.  OK, I guess I would have liked to come home with my tankini bottoms and without a bugling disc and five pounds of tostones in my thighs...  But even with all of that- it was the best vacation with my favorite person.  I loved it and I can't wait to go back!


  1. Apparently the video isn't working... I'll fix that later :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Someday I will get to PR, loved the pictures and SO wish it was 85 degrees here!