Friday, June 14, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

It's a shame that Valentine's Day only comes once a year.

OK, not really.  It is such a fake holiday anyways. Created by an elaborate conspiracy of vendors who are just out to make money. Some say it was Hallmark who kicked off the need for one more card to be purchased, written in (or if you are my husband; left untouched in the bag on the counter for weeks after Valentine's Day), gagged over, recycled, and forgotten. Others think it was a group of desperate florists with an abundance of red roses that were too cliche to sell so they needed to invent a reason for them to be a necessity in every American household once a year.  And still others believe that it was a collaboration of pharmacists, low on their quota, who targeted the desperation of women who feel like crap spending the holiday alone and therefore turn to the loving arms of an anti-depressant.   Does the price of Zoloft go up in February like the price of diamonds?

In any case, who ever invented Valentine's Day must be sitting pretty.  Or fat from all of the chocolates.

But it is a holiday that I have always celebrated.  My mom made us cute little Candy Bar Valentine's every year (before they were cool on pinterest) and that was the one day a year my dad picked out a card (indicating that he could, in fact, tell all 6 of his kids apart, even though we were often called by each other's names) and wrote in it that he loved us (I have kept many of them).  I have always liked V-day.  And really, I am narcissistic enough to love one more holiday where people tell me they love me and buy me stuff (even if it is a gimmick).

This year, however, I decided that I would be on the giving end.  Having just received my Silhouette Cameo (a crafting toy I had coveted) for Christmas, and having just set one of my 90 Day Goals to learn how to use this new toy, I decided to make a vinyl sign for my man. (*chorus of women saying "awwwwww" and all of my male readers asking "Why isn't my wife as awesome as Katie??" because every guy wants another painted piece of wood to hang on the wall*)

Of course, like most well meaning people, I began the project the week before with Christmas-like excitement and anticipation. I would be the most thoughtful wife.  Not to mention crafty- which apparently is the new standard for stay at home moms.  I would be praised by my goal group, adored by my husband, and respected in the blogging world (of 4 people who read my blog).  I would feel complete.

However, in reality, I would fight with my Silhouette (yes, I fight with all forms of technology) and end up spending the night crying and cursing and hating my new toy.

Some of you may be aware that it is in fact not February right now.  And you may have realized how strange it is that I am writing about an accomplishment from months ago.  You may be thinking that this post has been in the que for months and that this was the first opportunity I have had to post about my amazingness.  Or if you know me well, you assume that I took the pictures of that project and then left them on my camera until the SD card was full and just finally got around to downloading them to my computer in June.  Some of you die hards may even be judging me, seeing that I have failed in the crafty standard set for my particular occupation by not promptly blogging about any and all crafting pursuits.

I am here to clarify.

It's June 13th and I just finished JT's Valentine's Day present on my Silhouette.

Just the sign, I didn't make the pillows, I haven't reached that  pinnacle of crafting.
I am not sure if this counts towards next year's Valentine's Day and I am even more awesome for being 8 months early?  Or if my Goal Group will still praise me for finishing a 90 Day Goal in about 120 days?  Or if I have completely lost my status as a successful stay at home mom because there are no embellishments on my vinyl sign?  Who knows.  All I know is that I am no longer afraid of my Silhouette.  Mostly.


  1. I love this! Way to go Katie! Totally 8 months early. Now you need to teach me how to use one.

  2. Katie - I once started a craft project for my sister for Christmas...and I wrapped it up and presented it to her on Christmas morning - 60% completed, with a note that said that I know she likes crafting too so I wanted her to have some of the joy. I worked on it for FOUR months and was only 60% done and I was working on it for so many hours, I just wasn't good. Bless her heart, she finished the projecte, hung it up, and always told people I had made it for her. LOL

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