Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just what I always wanted

A few months ago, when my super talented daughter, Macie, won a prestigious art contest with her Easter Basket submission, she received a gift card to Toys R Us.  Of course that meant an immediate trip to the most fun store on earth!

Here is Macie with her first Prize Winning piece of Art- notice the Blue Ribbon?

Here she is with the Toys R Us gift card.
I had no idea that this trip to Toys R Us would actually prove life changing for me.

After spending hours combing through each aisle for the perfect toy for Macie, we stumbled upon the Barbie aisle, and this is what we found.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the Barbie "All Dressed Up" head.  I had no idea they still made them!  I was flooded with emotion as I dropped to my knees to get a better look.  There were all of the old accessories.  Nail polish, make up, a brush, but also new additions like a flat iron, and fake nails with decals.  My kids stood in confusion watching my eyes well up with tears.  (Ok, maybe I didn't really cry... or maybe I did...) I explained that this was the toy I had always wanted.  Oh, how I had dreamed of having a Barbie Head of my own to do her makeup and braid her hair.  It was probably the toy I wanted most in my childhood.  I snapped a pic and sent it to JT to show him the toy I had always wanted.  He laughed and told me to buy it.  But the practical not ridiculously childish side of me resisted the urge.  Riley was as devastated as I was to not put the Barbie in our cart.  But I knew our house was already filled with toys and that if I want to spend $30 on makeup - it should probably be at the Lancome counter of Nordstrom.

It has been a month or two since Macie's artistic triumph and the day at Toys R Us. I had completely forgotten how my dreams had almost come true, when Blake lit up with excitement one afternoon before Mother's Day.

He came running to me and said "I know what I am getting you for Mother's Day!! It is something you have always wanted!"  I shouldn't have been surprised, after all, he is JT's son and JT is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  I laughed a little and wondered if I would be getting some Ninjago toy or Hot Wheels car.  (I should have known better than to be skeptic of his motives, that is something that Riley or I would have done, but not Blake.)

When Mother's Day arrived my kids were as excited as I was to open gifts.

Don't mind my no makeup, towel, and robe, it was Mother's Day!

Riley scratching her nose- this is why I should always double check the pictures even when JT tells me "it looks great!".

Getting excited!

Best Friends For Life!!

I could not believe that after all these years I finally had a Barbie Head of my own!  Of course, the kids love her almost as much as I do (emphasis on the almost).

Blake styling Riley while Riley styles Barbie.

Macie joined in on the action.
Some moms want nice jewelry, vacations, flowers, chocolates, thoughtful cards, and walks through the gardens, not me, I want children who know me well and love me.  Kids that think of me and what would make me happy.  And nothing makes me happier than playing (and braiding Barbie hair) with my children.

(Don't get me wrong... I still like jewelry and flowers and personal trainers at the gym and all of the wonderful gifts that JT gets for me! *I need to mention that so I don't get a Hot Wheel Track for next Mother's Day*)


  1. i love the picture of you with the barbie head. i don't remember the hands sticking out...it looks slightly creepy :) that is an awesome gift :)

  2. I don't remember the hands like that either but still super cool! I ALWAYS wanted an Easy Bake Oven. I always had to go across the street to use my friends any time I wanted a sweet treat and she never wanted to bake with me :( So fun that your kids listened to your excite and noticed your wants! Good job kiddos, and of course JT!

  3. This is so so cute!!! Then I read Wendy's comment and scrolled back up to see the creepy Barbie hands and laughed out loud. That was really thoughtful of JT, I love it. And I love the Barbie head and played with the one my bff had all the time.

  4. I had the exact same thought Wendy did. I think it might have to do with the unnatural angle of her arms. Anyway...Kallie got an Easy Bake oven for Christmas last year for this exact reason. I'm glad that YOU get to enjoy your Barbie head, though! :)

  5. Yep, this is why I bought my dear friend who turned 40 last year an Easy Bake Oven! :)