Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Birthday (in July) Blake!!

Happy 5th Birthday Blake!! (2013)

Every now and then I throw one of my kids a pretty cool party.  This time it was Blake's turn.  He wanted a Ninjago Party.

Kai's Fruit Punch
Ninjago cupcakes and balloons

Kai is Blake's favorite. (Frosting is not.)

Ninja Riley

We had a Ninja Training Course where the kids could test out their skills.  They were pretty cute doing somersaults and tricks on the obstacle course.

One of the other brilliant Pinterest ideas, was a Ninja lollipop.  Seriously, what did our Mom's do before Pinterest? 

The Birthday Boy

I think this might be my favorite picture! So cute!!

Viva and Riley posing with the Golden Shurikens.

Russell and Ella in the sun.

No party is complete without a Party Break Down. 

The Boys. (These Boys are all born within a month of each other!)

Ready for the cake.

FYI I'm dressed to go swimming (not running) after the party.

Singing Happy Birthday

Even cute girls can be Ninjas.

Karate Jumps off the wall.

Sadie showing off some of her moves.

Macie loved being a Ninja

Viva, the Ninja Fashionista.
My Favorite Pose.  (It was so hot, Blake was dripping sweat.)

Looking tough

Ready to fight

More awesome jumps.

Another adorable Ninja.

Happy Girls


Now I feel like a good mom again, for posting one of my kids' birthdays.  I better do Riley's Birthday soon so that I can move on and begin 2014. 

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  1. How blasting this birthday bash was! These photos are totally awesome and have been showing a hint how joyful time the kiddos had over there. At the garden themed event space Atlanta we hosted the spring themed birthday bash for our twin girls. They loved all the arrangements done by their granny and grandma.