Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a girl will do for a PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE

I WAS going to wake up bright and early to BLOG about the best day of 2009...

Going to see WICKED for the first time last night!!! It was wonderful- everything I dreamed it would be for the past 5 years. The ONLY thing that could have made it better - is if the girl playing Galinda had tripped before curtains opened and her understudy had laringitis and they had to ask an audience member who already knows all of the words and is willing to wear those awesome ballgowns to come onto the stage and sing her heart out in front of a theatre full of adoring gay guys while floating in a bubble!!! And since that did not happen (which is obvious by the fact that I did not abandon my 2 children for a life on the road with the cast of WICKED) it was still a heavenly night!

But when I got on the computer to write about this, I stopped by my girlfriend Sara's BLOG (WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WRONG HERE THAT I CAN NOT INSERT THE LINK TO HER AWESOME BLOG!!) and got absolutely distracted by the PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE!! I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I just had one at Starbucks the other day after I chased Blake around Riley's ballet class and felt that I deserved a major treat! (Lucky for me, JT gets Starbucks Gift Cards from work) But I was bummed out knowing that the Card would not last much longer and I may not be able to afford this treat after Ballet tomorrow. And there it was- on her Blog (which I have to stay I AM OBSESSED with THIS BLOG!!) and I didn't care that it was 9am. And that I hadn't wrestled to keep Blake out of the neighboring toilets while tugging off Riley's Ballet tights after class last weak! (which is what warranted the last Pumpkin Frappucino!) I didn't care that I hadn't even gotten out of my P.J.'s I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

As I got out my Giant cans of Pumpkin (that I got from Costco after I could not find it anywhere else) and all of the ingredients, I realized- I couldn't do it. I just could NOT get myself to scoop that icecream!

So-- I laced up my running shoes- bundled up the little ones and snuggled them into the BOB double to go for a "run". This is in QUOTATIONS because a pregnant run with two kids in a double stroller is much closer to a waddle. In pregnant miles- I think I ran a marathon! In actual street miles- I think it was 2!

BUT here it is - 10:30am, and I am about to indulge in PUMPKIN PARADISE without ANY GUILT!!!! :)
(accept for my kids watching TV so I could BLOG in the middle of the morning!! ooops - Can's win them all!)


  1. mmm. i somehow forget about them every year, and then i remember/someone reminds and it's like christmas morning.
    i love how you earned it. go katie, go!

  2. I am so glad that you loved Wicked. I thought about you all night long. How wonderful it would have been for you to take over and sing for everyone. Dang it! I also love hearing about you and your "cravings" Do you really need to earn it, you pregnant girl??!! As far as I am concerned, a pumpkin milkshake at 9 am or whatever time it was for a pregnant girl is A-O-KAY! But, running makes you feel good, so good for you!

  3. Good for you Katie!! If only I could burn the question "Did I earn this?" into my brain, for everytime I eat a delicious treat :)

  4. Wow, YOu saw Wicked? I am so jelous. I have wanted to see it for years. It was always sold out, and now we simply can't do it. Pumpkin Milk shake? Hey thanks for cramming more ideas of Junk Food I should not be eating into my head. That was so good of you to run first. 2 miles. I'm lucky if I can get down the street. Way to go!! And your pregnant!!!! You must treat yourself.

  5. Hey Katie,
    I've finally returned to the blogging world and came across your blog today (via Stephanie's). I'm so glad I did! Your posts and personality bring a big smile to my face =)
    So I need to know, have you found a replacement mascara yet? Part of me wants to head to the Lancome counter tomorrow for curiosity's sake and the other part tells me to stay away - ignorance is bliss, right? ;)

  6. I think I need the recipe. :) Where can I find it?

  7. i just added the address to the recipe on my next post :)

  8. Just tried that pumpkin pie milkshake last night and it was AMAZING! Thanks for the link and congrats on your pregnancy!!!