Monday, September 21, 2009

Fly Swatter, Anyone?

So, Friday night we had a Birthday Party for Riley (I know, I know, I should be Blogging that! But I have to vent first!)

At some point during the party that was in and outdoors, two "guests" showed up uninvited into my home! We didn't even notice they were there until Saturday morning when we sat down to breakfast. Riley immediately exclaimed "Shoo Fly! Don't bodder me!" I looked up to see both rude guests on her cereal bowl.
Of course, at first, I was taken back in a nostalgic day dream to the time on my mission when I watched a Gigantic fly (apparently they are the only well fed street animals in Mada) fly from a pile of dog poo, to a slab of hanging raw meat (the little street markets did not have refrigeration- so the meat was left to hang in the sun, smelling wonderful!-- how do I indicate sarcasm?), and in slow motion come and land on my lip!! ... back to my kitchen...
Normally, barring the incident from the mission, I am not too horrified by flies. Yes, they are gross, and they land on everything, and bring it into your home (or onto your lip) but at least they don't have 8 legs. BUT now that the unwanted guests have stayed, camping out in my kitchen, for 3 DAYS-- I AM DONE!
I have left the doors open to try to lure them outside- but I am afraid this will allow them to invite more of their friends.
SO this brings me to the beginning... Fly Swatter... really, who owns a Fly Swatter? That seems so pioneer. Or like I should be somewhere on 'the Bayou' sitting on my porch. Why would I even own a fly swatter? And now - I wish I did! :(

JT just woke up (before he goes to work tonight... I didn't want that to sound like he just sleeps in the afternoon while I battle house flies) and took out 3 of the 4!! MY HERO!
"Seven in One Blow!"
10 points for anyone who knows what oldschool Disney movie that line is from! :)


  1. we've got 3 in our house - they are driving me, my family, and the preschoolers nuts!

  2. They sell packs of two at the dollar tree for a buck. Totally worth the investment.

  3. Wendel told me a trick - they fly straight up (not in the direction of their head but their back goes straight up) at first after they land (they fly out and up if that makes sense). So just be ready right above the fly's back for when it is ready to fly again and you will get it.

  4. I just love you. That is it. These kind of posts just make me love you even more!

  5. Mickey in the Brave little Tailor! (ok so I googled it, but I totally remembered the movie, just not the name of it) :)
    We have had the same problem with flies lately. We do own a fly swatter, but it hasn't been helping. I swear the dang things wont die! I feel your frustration!
    Oh and Jenna has been wearing that cute tutu bow in her everyday since the party! They are adorable.

  6. oops, the above should have read "in her hair" :)