Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • You barely make it to Ballet this morning WITHOUT a shower,wearing yesterdays smudgey remnants of mascara since last night you were too tired and out of it to wash your face, and hope that no one realizes that Blake's socks don't match... AGAIN
  • Your house is SO trashed that you have to get Little Ceasars Pizza because you can not FIND your kitchen (and afford the Good Stuff "Papa John's"!), and even if you could find what was once a kitchen, it would take too long to clean enough dishes to make dinner
  • AND THEN you let your kids ride their "bikes" around the driveway and garage while you eat your pizza in a camping chair rather than try to FIND that kitchen table!
  • You BLOG about it instead of actually CLEANING it
  • You finally realize that NO ONE is PERFECT and the sooner you admit to giving up on that facade- the better life will be.....
ok, ok, I don't know if I actually believe that last part. Will life be better when I get over trying to pretend that I have it together? Or will it just get a whole lot MESSIER?

And really- were ANY of you fooled in the first place???


  1. I have officially given up. Here's to hoping my energy comes back soon. Trevor's new favorite word guessed it, PIZZA!

  2. I personally believe that clean houses are for people with grown children. Besides, I guarantee you your kids will grow up and tell their spouses how much fun they had riding their bikes and having a pizza "picnic." But, if your kitchen had been clean, it would've been just another normal night they'd forget about. You haven't given up, you've decided to give your kids memories!!! :)

  3. Blogging about it instead of cleaning it... that's so funy!!! Other Mom's aren't perfect, they're just not pregnant. (And you have two toddlers.) Hang in there. You'll feel like yourself in a year or so. :)

  4. Are you sure you're not talking about my life? My house?

  5. Katie, Seriously! I have tried the whole think I've given up thing. It doesn't work. Because eventually you get so crazed by the mess that you go on a cleaning spree. You throw things away and yell at everyone the whole time. Good news is, its clean for a couple of minutes. Sad news is, its going to get worse with 3. Was just telling my sister inlaw that she should have stopped at 2. (I do love all 3 thou). It did take me a few years to realize that no one is perfect. If you stop by un announced, guess what? They are having the same problems.

  6. so funny and all are so true for us too i just laughed. one time i had a friend that posted a picture on her blog of her house monday morning completely trashed after sunday, with her daughter eating breakfast in a tiny clear spot on the table with stuff on her shirt from the day before..just to keep it real and show no one's perfect :) i would absolutely die if i did that though :)