Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Widget

Ok, I just saw this on someone else's Blog and thought how adorable it is. Normally I do not like to think of DUE DATES in ACTUAL DATES... probably because Riley was 8 days late and every "well-meaning" comment AFTER the due date is torture!

"STILL pregnant, Katie??"
"no, no, just faking it now. This is a basketball under my shirt, the baby is with my husband"

"WHEN is that BABY coming??"
"When I find out, YOU will be the first to know"

"Do you know what I heard HELPS the Baby come?..."
fill in whatever wife's tale floats your boat:
"yes, Sister So and So, we had Sex FOUR times last night, thank you."
"yes, I have eaten Spicey Thai Food for 6 days straight, I am now peeing curry, thank you."
"Oh? Walking you say? Wow, I NEVER THOUGHT of MOVING! I just lay around on my couch all day WAITING, thank you"
"pedicure?" (ok, this may not work- but it brought me and Heidi together which is ALMOST as good as a baby)

You get the point.
So with Blake I always said "end of July" and THAT IS WHEN HE CAME.
No DATE. No OVERDUE QUESTIONS. Just peace and quiet.

SO even though I have the new little baby calculator, please don't feel any need to keep up on my "Due Date" :)

P.S. Not that I did not appreciate the Love & Concern & Support that people are TRYING to show at the end. I just prefer to not have the Sex talk with 60 year old women in the hallway at church. :)


  1. That's funny! I feel your pain. Mine are always both late & induced. So due dates mean nothing. I can't imagine having a baby that decided to come early!!!

  2. My favorite was when I was pregnant (of course past my "due date"), a brother at church said to me, "That baby still hasn't come?!" To which I replied, "Yes, he did. But, I really was enjoying being fat so I shoved him back in." He didn't laugh. I thought it was funny.

    Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  3. Thank you! I was not even overdue and I heard it all. My favorite is when someone stops you in the hall and says "Wow I didn't think you could get any bigger than last week!" or "You are so huge!" Isn't it torture enough just to be pregnant at the end without all the commentary?

  4. Since we are planning a VBAC there is a VERY good chance this baby will be born sometime after my April 19th due date. From now on I'm going to start telling people I'm due sometime in April or whenever the baby decides to come.

  5. Katie you crack me up! I cannot wait to meet this new little girl of yours in "a few months." :)

  6. I love the way the baby in the countdown just floats and bounces off the walls in slo motion. But, it might be creepier if Little Beth was all wiggly!

    (Thought I would try submliminal messages to help pick the name)

  7. sigh *subliminal*

    PS -- when do we get to see photos of your babies from Halloween?

  8. whoa sis, it just happened TWO DAYS AGO! :) You must be on England time