Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help Get JT into PA School... sorta

Ok, I am not soliciting for more letters of recommendation about how wonderful JT is and why they should let him in to PA school, or for Prayers telling Heavenly Father how wonderful he is and why He should get him in to PA school...

We have another idea.

JT's brother suggested being proactive, letting the school know he is serious about getting in and that he will benefit the school. One idea was to start doing more volunteer work in the community. So here is YOUR chance to HELP JT AND the children in our community!

Page Ahead
is a WONDERFUL, Local Organization whose goal is to get Books into the hands of our local children. (please follow the link above to their website)

Literacy can make the difference between the poverty of one generation and the promise of the next. Page Ahead helps children realize their potential by providing them with the inspiration to read.

A child who lacks early exposure to reading often suffers from low self-esteem, struggles academically, and is at higher risk for substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and delinquency. Succeeding begins with reading.

The idea is almost foreign to me to consider that children are growing up in homes without books! My house feels like it is almost overflowing with them! And nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than walking in on Blake sitting on the ground with his legs crossed surrounded by books. The scary thing is knowing what illiteracy does to a child and to the next generation's future. I remember thinking about this in relation to spreading the Gospel on my mission. How can I expect someone to accept the Gospel and receive ALL of the many blessings I have from the Gospel if they can't READ the Book of Mormon? I can't imagine my life without books.

SO what can you do?? Donate a BOOK

New Books Only, Please

Why a new book? Because Page Ahead serves children who receive free lunches, live in subsidized housing, receive English language tutoring, or read below grade level, a new book is a gift chosen, kept, and treasured. A new book tells a child, "You are valuable." A new book feels good in the hands. A new book is a prized possession. Children are more likely to learn about responsibility if they find value in their possessions. A new book encourages reading and heightens a sense of anticipation about receiving another book.

I believe they WILL accept VERY GENTLY used books as well, but I can see the benefit of something NEW to a child who may not receive many NEW things at this time.

Here is their Wish List- or any book you know your kids would love.

I know that there are a hundred "Good Causes" for us to donate to, but we are excited that this is a reputable local organization so our own children will be benefited by their friends and peers receiving these books.

If you would LIKE to donate-

JT has set up donation spots around the community OR you are free to drop any donation by our house.

The Book Drive will only last though March 10th, and then Page Ahead will be donating our books to children in need.


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  1. That is a great idea. I've found volunteering to be so beneficial in my life in so many ways. I actually got my current job, as well as another job in the past, and got accepted to grad school because of volunteering.

    I really hope JT makes it in. I know how stressful the whole school thing can be, especially when you don't know what's going to happen or where you will be. Good luck!