Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

SOMETIMES I wonder if I am on the right track?

These past few months I have been on my knees more often asking that question. I have noticed that at times like this it is easy to LOOK BACK at a time that I know I was "on track" and wonder what happened.


"On the mission I felt the SPIRIT more often"
I personally think this is a myth-- but I still sometimes think it!!

"When we had more money it was EASIER to BUDGET"
No, Katie, it just wasn't as noticeable as when I mess up now!

"In my LAST WARD..."
I will let you ALL fill that one in on your own!

I have been feeling that last one lately. I have been thinking of how LOVED I felt by my Young Women in my last ward, and wondering if that is the same here... (I should mention that I worked with an amazing group of "girls" when they were 8 years old in Primary, 12 year old Beehives and then 17 year old Graduating Seniors!! What a blessing to watch them grow up!! And then start all over with all of their Younger Sisters!!) I just kept wondering if I am making a difference in this ward. And if the GIRLS can FEEL how much I REALLY DO LOVE THEM!? But it is a hard question to answer until you LEAVE the calling and LOOK BACK and say


Well, Luckily for me, I didn't have to get released to answer this question...

Our WONDERFUL YOUNG WOMEN threw me a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER!! And they REALLY Surprised me!! The girls were SO sweet and SO excited! They wrote me very thoughtful cards and gave little "Baby Girl" adorable little gifts.

I am SOOOOOO grateful that this Little Baby Girl will be born into a ward surrounded by sweet examples and amazing Young Women who already love her!! So as if it is hasn't been enough to have HEAVENLY FATHER reassuring me that I AM ON TRACK- This shower really helped me to know that I AM where I belong with the GIRLS that I belong with!!


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  1. Yay! So glad you were "showered" with love. Ha ha, that was super cheesy. Now we just have to wait until she makes her appearance!