Tuesday, February 9, 2010

need help with BLOG

Hey Ladies- I am obviously Blogging Clueless... But I have noticed a lot of you going Private- and requesting to be removed from people's sidebars so that other Mean Mommies and people who don't need to be looking at our stuff will not be able to. This sounds great to me :) Unfortunately I am Cluelss (Ok, Mean Mommie out there- if you are reading this and you like to make fun of people's parenting habits AND their Blogging techniques: here is your chance to make fun of me too!)

Anyways- if I remove you all from my sidebar (or whatever it is called that list all of your blogs) is there a way to hide it so I can still go to it? Basically, I only check Your blogs when I go to mine and see that you have posted something new, and I am worried that if I don't see it on the side of mine I will never go back to yours and soon forget how adorable your kids are, how funny your lives are, and how cool I really am in comparison! (ha! we all know this is a joke and that reading your blogs only makes me feel uncooler!) Is what I am asking clear? How do I keep all the links to your Blogs private and still have a way to notice them??

Help me all of you Cooler Than Me Bloggers!! :)


  1. I use Google Reader (www.google.com/reader). You enter all the blogs you read and when people update their blogs it automatically gets sent to the reader. . . you don't need need to click from blog to blog to blog. Does that make sense?

  2. can you come over tomorrow and we can play with it? I will show you how to make your blogging life easier. Love you Katie! ~ Natalie