Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME

When I was little I remember my mom was ALWAYS the FIRST to say Happy Birthday. And she would ALWAYS say
"I remember the Day you were born... I WAS THERE"
Which always made us smile because OF COURSE she was there!

Here are some of my favorite memories:

AGE 8:
Turning 8 when my oldest brother turned 16, so he was able to Baptize me. pretty cool.

Asking for a watch and opening up a present that was an empty box and wanting to cry- until my brother realized he had forgotten to put the watch IN the box.

Age 9:
Asking for "music" since I knew how cool that was. (Being 1986 Big "Boom Boxes" were the thing) My brother gave me "Wierd Al Yankovich"....

Age 10:
My FIRST Crimper! Yep, I remember being in the 4th/5th grade class split and being SO cool because I could Crimp my hair!

High School:
Waking up to go to Seminary- not knowing that my family had changed ALL of the clocks in the house to an HOUR EARLIER. We then went to my friend's house (the Merrill's) and had Heart Shaped Waffles with a bunch of my friends BEFORE SEMINARY!
(Yep, they were all crazy enough to wake up an hour early to have breakfast! I THINK that was sophomore year... I don't know)

Showing up at school to strangers saying Happy Birthday to me... and then seeing Posters with Pictures of me all over the school saying to wish me a Happy Birthday (I think this was my 16th)
I had good friends and a great mom, huh?

The Mission:
A SURPRISE P-Day Birthday Party at the "park" in Downtown Antananarivo. My companions Blind Folded me and took me in a taxi and through the crazy streets to the park where the rest of the missionaries were. :)(you have all heard me say that I LOVED ALL of my companions! I was so blessed)

Age 25:
Crying because I felt SO OLD (because I thought I should be married with 10 kids by 25! lol. SO glad I was NOT married yet!) - to a guy that could not understand WHY I thought 25 was old!! (yeah, he was right)

Age 30:
(kind of going to tear-up with this one)
Holding hands with Heidi as we crossed the Finish Line for my first 10k! What a wonderful present to myself! I don't know WHERE I got the idea that it would be cool to run a 10k on my 30th Birthday- but it was the perfect way to start out my 30's!
(p.s. Kristin COULD have held hands like a dork with me and Heidi but she was too fast for me!lol)

Age 32:
Woke up to Macie's sweet smile.
Kicked my butt at the gym.
Then we took the kids Downtown to Macy's and got their pictures with Santa Clause! They were adorable! Then we walked around, looking at the train, riding the Carousel, and eating THE MOST DELICIOUS APPLE FRITTER at Top Pot Dougnuts.
And after a Heavenly dinner of Papa John's pizza (scary how much I love it!) Jt and the kids gave me presents and even BAKED ME A CAKE!
Then when it couldn't get much better, some girlfriends sent me a bunch of Sweet messages (DITR), and lots of facebook Love!

So- I don't know if I could pick a FAVORITE BIRTHDAY- but I can say that each year gets better and better. I can't believe how HAPPY I am. I feel SO BLESSED to have the best friends, a wonderful family (extended included!), and so many happy memories.

Happy Birthday to ME!


  1. happy birthday katie
    i LOVE your family picture
    great location! it looks fantastic

  2. Katie - You have an AWESOME memory. I wish I could remember even my birthday 2 years ago! I'm glad you were spoiled on your birthday, you totally deserve it.

    PS - You know that you kick my butt at running ANY DAY.

  3. I don't know why I teared up on some of these? I guess I just imagine you saying all of them and that adds that enthusiasm i was talking about earlier :)So glad that you have those fun memories to hold on to!

  4. Happy (late) birthday! If I was cool and actually got onto Facebook I probably would have noticed. Oh, actually, I don't even know if we're friends on FB! Anyway, so happy late birthday! You gave me a little trip down memory lane of my own favorite birthdays.