Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So to Honor Him

This year JT and I have been listening to Josh Groban's Christmas Album. And we have been LOVING "Little Drummer Boy".

Every time I listen to it I close me eyes and smile.

I love to picture a quiet manger in the middle of the night. I imagine a very young very sweet and very exhausted Mary snuggling a tiny newborn. I picture her happy in the stable and grateful that she wasn't surrounded by strangers in a crowded Inn during this precious moment. Thankful for her loving Husband who I am sure made her as comfortable as he possibly could, and felt sorrow that he could not give her and the Baby more that night. I am sure she was overwhelmed with the daunting challenge of raising the Son of God. And of course having known that according to Isaiah He would be "despised and rejected" and that He would be "a man of many sorrows". (It is unthinkable to imagine the heartache I would feel if my own son were despised and rejected.) And then to be "wounded for Our transgressions". Poor Mary. She must have been holding Him so tight that night. Protecting Him for as long as she could, until He would be called upon to be Her protector and Savior.

And right when my heart almost breaks for Mary I see the Humble shepherds outside of the manger. They must have been hesitant to interrupt such a beautiful moment, but then anxious to see and kneel before their King. I picture Mary being happy and gentle and understanding that she would always have to share Her Baby Boy. And grateful for the few that would not be there to despise Him, but to worship and Love Him.

And then of course- in the back of the crowd is this fictitious Little Drummer Boy. (don't worry, I have read Luke enough to know he wasn't really there :)

I love hearing Josh Groban sing about this boy. Being desirous to come and see the Baby. And the comfort in the realization that they were both Poor. I can see him nervously asking if he can play for the baby. And the thing I love about this song is how it builds. How I can literally hear the drummer boy get confident and excited as he drums on his little drum. The genuine desire to play his "BEST for Him." And my favorite part- is when he belts out the phrase "So to HONOR Him".

I get the chills every time.

How did this Little Drummer Boy know to give his Best for the Baby King? Who was poor, and alone in a manger. There was no throne, or crown, there was not even a cradle. And yet he, and the shepherds, and later the wise men all knew that they would come to Honor Him.

I am so thankful for this time of year. For beautiful music that inspires me and helps me to imagine what it would have been like to be there. Would I have been one of those in the crowded Inn? So grateful for a nice bed, and unwilling to congratulate the new mother in the manger outside? Would I have been looking for a Star to lead me to my Savior? Would I have been worthy and humble enough to see and hear the Angels?

Would I have Played My BEST for Him? So to HONOR Him?

I hope that I would have. I hope that I will. I hope that I will start this New Year, just like the New Star and look towards Him, point towards Him, and reflect His Light. I hope that I will be humble like the shepherds, and faithful like the wise men. I hope that I will be as selfless as Joseph (I wish we knew more about him, he must have been so special). And that I will be like Mary- and protect Him. Protect His name in my home, protect His Gospel wherever I go, protect His children that He has allowed me to raise.

And I hope that I will be like that Little Drummer Boy. Using my gifts and talents to the Best of my abilities to Honor Him.

Merry Christmas

Because you HAVE to close your eyes and LISTEN to the Song too!
(this is a link, so click here and listen to Josh with your eyes closed)


  1. Love it, Katie! I need to get myself that Josh CD...

  2. Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas Tyler family :)

  3. What an AWESOME post. :) Thanks for sharing your Christmas spirit!