Thursday, December 2, 2010


Oh well, better late than never!

Riley LOVED digging in the guts and pulling out the seeds. She is SO NOT MY DAUGHTER!

This is how I dig in pumpkins! I am NOT a GUTS kind of girl. Ask my little sister, I think I convinced her to dig out all of the guts in my pumpkins growing up! I should have thought of gloves as a kid!

I DO like the CARVING part. I am really proud of this little lady. You can't tell, but she has Hi-Lights that Glow in the dark, and the longest false eye lashes I have ever seen on a pumpkin. Yeah, she's a cutie.

JT carved the kids because I was working on mine. This is how we do things. He does the Yucky Stuff. Then he helps the kids do theirs while I work on mine :) Oh, and I take the pictures.

What is on my kids' faces?? OH, that. They went into the Bathroom together with the markers they had for "painting" the pumpkins... and ended up making faces on each other! Thank goodness for Washable Markers!!

This is Riley as a princess. Why is this my only pic? You know why, I am lame.

Macie was our other princess! Not a great pic either. Once again. I am lame.

I didn't even get one of Blake at the Trunk or Treat party?? Don't act surprised- I am lame!

So here we are.
Riley was a Princess
Macie was, of course, a Princess.
Blake was an Astronaut.
Jt was dressed as The World's Best Dad :)
Katie- was just happy to be dressed and all in one piece and to have at least blogged it a few months later!


  1. Thanks Natalie for walking me through this! (I don't know how I missed your call, I was awake trying to figure out what I had done wrong!!)

  2. The kids looked really cute! What a fun Halloween.

    PS - Is it normal to be jealous of how cute your pumpkin looks? I wish my eyelashes were that long.

  3. I'm such a sucker! I have to scoop out the guts for Greg and Joseph now too. At least they let me be the pink fairy whenever I want. Love you sis.