Friday, February 18, 2011

Consider Yourself Warned...

A poem about breasts

by katie tyler

Some say it is from Pregnancy

I’ve read it could be Nursing

My Doctor says Hereditary

But either way, I’m cursing.

How is it that at Seventeen

They were perky and in place.

But now at Thirty Two

They sag like a Disgrace?

It’s bad enough I’ve got “Fine Lines”

And that my Waistline’s Shot.

But do They have to flop like this

And everything go to Pot?!

I feel like I have been Betrayed

Shouldn’t we Girls stick together!?

But no, they sag, and shrink, and shrivel-

And NOTHING makes it better.

It would not be Sooo bad,

If sagging was all there is.

But here I am in just two months

With another case of Mastitis!

Oh, Girls, the things we go through

The Pains that we endure.

This has to be another sick joke-

Played on us by Nature!

(WAIT A SECOND! Mother Nature?? SHE’s BEHIND ALL OF THIS???—I think we better blame SCIENCE!)

all joking aside- this is SO lame! puking, fevers, headaches, burning, pain, enough already! isn't this girl weaned yet??


  1. anyone know why the font is all TINY on this?? I tried to make it large and it kept going smaller!
    Maybe my font is shrinking just like everything else!!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry that you are dealing with this again! I hope you feel better soon. I miss you so much! We need to get together when you are better! Love you!

  3. The font was large in my Google Reader.

    That was so funny, but sad at the same time. Funny because, well . . . it was a poem about breasts. And sad because I've had that before a couple times and it is NOT funny! I don't know what's worse, getting it when you're dead tired right after having a baby or when you've been at it for awhile and think you're in the clear. That really stinks! Hope you feel better soon!
    BTW, Did you get a prescription?? After the first time, my nice doctor just called it in without seeing me. Bless him!

  4. I am sorry you have mastitis - I am glad it didn't bother your sense of humor! I hope you feel better soon. You have a beautiful family./