Thursday, February 3, 2011

to be Better than I am

Jt and I just joined a 90 Day Goal Group
oh, you have never heard of a 90 Day Goal Group? it is AWESOME :)

Here is the idea--
you and a group of friends/strangers get together. individually you set personal goals in 5 categories that you will work on for the next 90 days. one of those friends/strangers will be your Accountability Partner. their job is to check in with you TWICE a day to help you achieve your goals while you do the same for them.

( i hear a lot of you snickering thinking "good luck getting a hold of Katie TWICE a day!" she hasn't called ME back in months!!)

but it is part of the Rules- so yes, i answer my phone twice a day. (and sorry, all, that fills my quota)

this partner idea is amazing. it helps to have someone ASK you IF you actually DID your goals. (especially someone who is not your cute spouse) and give you some great ideas. it also helps for day 37 when you feel like giving up and they won't let you. it also feels good to help someone else reach their goals.

Ever since my Mission I have been a little Obsessed with being "EFFECTIVE". For anyone who has ever read the old Missionary Guide and remembers page after page of comparisons between "Effective" and "Less Effective" Missionary Work they know what I am talking about. It was drilled in to us to use our time wisely, to Be Effective. (after all- we are on the Lord's time)

The other thing I picked up on my Mission was the LOVE of GOAL SETTING. (I guess I should have learned this with Personal Progress- but regretfully I did not) I LOVED setting Goals with my Companions. Especially STRETCHING GOALS. The ones we knew we could ONLY ACCOMPLISH with the HELP of the Lord. The ones that pushed us. That kept us working hard and feeling exhausted yet successful.


So- in case anyone wants to know what I will be doing for the next 90 days- Here you go.
Feel free to ASK me anytime how it is going. (preferably in Spanish...)

  • Attend the Temple Twice a Month for 90 Days
  • Take a question to my Scripture Study Daily and write about the answer and experience in my Scripture Journal
  • Pray before I leave my room every morning


  • Train for a Half Marathon
  • Work Out at least 5 days a Week
  • Only ONE Candy/Treat a Week :(
  • Eat TWO yummy Veggies a Day


  • Study Spanish a minimum of 4 hours a Week
  • Initiate a Conversation in Spanish 1 a Week
  • Spend 5 minutes a Night Planning for the Next Day


  • Attend the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Program Every Week
  • Have a Monthly Budget Meeting with JT - followed by kissing :)


  • No Social Internet until the kids are in Bed (email, fb, Blogs)
  • Organize and Archive the Mess that is my Family Pictures (4 hours minumum per week)
  • Wake up at 7am Daily

So, there you go. WISH ME LUCK! I am really excited- a little bit overwhelmed- but I plan to Blog about the experience as I go:)


  1. I did 90-day goals a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. It was amazing! You'll love it.

  2. Awesome Katie! I absolutely loved 90 Day Goals each time I did it and wish so much that I was able to do it again now, but I will for sure be doing it the next time around. I, too, picked up goal-setting on my mission and love that 90 Day Goals helps push me to be better. Your goals sound really great - so inspiring. Good luck!

  3. I'm adding another "I love it when I did it!" comment. Way to go! Plan on me asking how you're doing with it every time I see you now. :) (unfortunately I don't know Spanish, so unless I'm suddenly blessed with the gift of tongues I won't be asking in Spanish)

  4. That is a great idea. Man you have some great goals. I should just focus on less Lazyness and the rest would fall into place. But Lazy can be so much more easy. Humm.

  5. Your goals sound great - good luck! I love the Pimsleur Spanish CD's that I got at our (pathetically understocked) local library. Kissing after the budget discussion will probably make it much more tolerable.

  6. Well I guess I'm the only one who's never done a 90-day goal group. I tried to set one up with some family and friends last year, but I guess I was the only one who was interested. I'm interested to see how it goes. I've always wanted to try it.