Monday, February 21, 2011

Puerto Rico, by way of Announcement

I know, we have all been waiting for JT to come home from work, open the Mailbox and find a Giant Envelope and whole bunch of Marshmellows saying that he has been accepted to Chattham's P.A. Program in Puerto Rico.

Well, I am here to announce that on Saturday (after a VERY LONG few days of work) he opened the Mailbox to find the THIN Envelope that felt like DeJa Vu even to my fingertips.

(I am saying HE DID NOT GET IN, incase anyone is confused out there in blogland)


man, I am TRYING REALLY HARD to think of SOMETHING WITTY to say right now.

Is it the fact that I am STILL sick from my run in with Mastitis?
Is it the fact that I am tired and distracted by Macie who is not down for her afternoon nap?

So- go ahead and pass it on. (that will make this easier on me)

I guess I will take some QUESTIONS from the AUDIENCE now.

Q: HOw did JT handle the news?
It was pretty rough. I think he is still in shock. And I am LAME at being Sympathetic. I should be a better wife.

Q: What will you do next?
probably NOT go buy a ton of Sunglasses like I had originally planned.

Q: What is Plan B?
oh, you mean Plan J,
I Don't Know.

(this makes me feel like After my Mission, when people are excited to see you and ask What you are going to do next, and I am still closing my eyes to hear the sounds of Madagascar and smelling my clothes to remember the smells and HOPING to NOT have to enter reality yet because I am not ready to let go of the mission... let the poor missionary tell you about the mission before you bug him about BYU!!!)

Q: How is KT handling the news?
I am surprisingly OK. I think I was being prepared for this, somewhere in the back of my mind. So, I get it. I am just HOPING that JT comes up with a Plan J soon.

Q: What can all of your FANS in the Blogosphere and around you DO for you guys?
Fans? why thank you, I had no idea!:)
well, I think JT could use a few prayers for some direction.
I think KT could use a few Hugs. And maybe even the other way around. :) And as cliche as it sounds- I DO appreciate it when you all say that you are glad that we will be staying here. If Puerto Rico doesn't want me- at least you guys do. :)

And if anyone wants to go out for a Virgin Pina Colada in Honor of What Might Have Been- I would take you up on it!

SO, there you go. That's All She Wrote.


  1. I'm up for the virgin pina colada- just let me know when. I know plan J is forthcoming- and I am glad that you'll be here.

  2. Ah, I'm sorry. I was hoping that Puerto Rico was going to be the place. Last time we saw JT in the ER we discussed the program at Rocky in Billings Montana. Maybe that option can go back on the table? Billings has two stakes plus a temple - and no sales tax!

  3. Oh man! I am so sorry Katie. I really thought this would be it. Hang in there! I will so go out for a virgin pina colada with you.

  4. boo...i'm so sorry, katie! order me up a virgin strawberry dacquiri in honor of what might have been. xo

  5. Blame it on me. I told you already I didn't want you to leave. I'm sad that you're sad, but boy am I relieved!

  6. I am so sorry Katie! I will definitely keep you both in my prayers. And, I miss you, so I will take you up on that Virgin Daqueri/Pina Coladas anytime!!!!

  7. I'm a fan and I'll totally give you a hug if you need. Poo-poo to the bad news. That stinks! BUT . . . sorry I can't think of a good "but". Poo-poo to bad news! I think you need some cookies. ;o)

  8. That really sucks! I am so sorry that things are taking a while to work thier way round for you guys. I know it will happen though.

  9. That stinks so bad! I'm truly sorry. You guys will figure out a totally wonderful Plan J that was way better than Plan H or whatever this one was. Now let's go get some virgin pina coladas!

  10. I'm sorry! It might not help but I do know exactly how you feel. For us the worst part was how much money we had to put in to apply, interview etc. just to be rejected. I really hope it works out soon! I can tell you it's totally worth it! My heart goes out to you....

  11. katie if you left who would be here to "keep it real" with me and my sometimes terrible opinions :) I'll totally come. call me and tell me when.
    hopefully you're next plan includes being HERE :)

  12. Katie- We don't know each other, but our husband's do. I've been following your blog since my hubby told me your hubby was applying for PA school. My hubby is recent PA graduate (well if 2009 is still recent).

    I'm sorry he didn't get into the program in PR. It sucks and it hurts and there is no way around it.

    If you have a chance to pull up his CASPA records, I would be more than willing to take a peek and see where he could work at improving for next year's applications. He's also more than welcome to do some job shadowing with my hubby for more health care experience. Let me know if you'd like to talk... once the frustration is gone and you're ready to pick up and start again :(

  13. Prayers- check! The universe does crazy unexplainable things some times. Love you guys.