Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh the Irony...

JT got an email today from the University of Washington. He was asked to come and interview for a spot in their MEDEX Physician Assistant Program -- yep, that's right---

After we have been accepted to the University of Rochester's program - U.W. decides to ask him to interview for their P.A. school.

Was it all of you praying to keep us here?

Was it the Alumni P.A.'s that work with JT at the Hospital - who called U.W. to tell them that they are anxious to hire JT and need him to get accepted so that he can start working as a P.A. at Valley?

Was it the fact that this year U.W. did not mess up his paper work (like they did last year!) and realized that he is a perfect candidate for their program?

Or is it simply the irony of life?

And what does this mean for us?

Who knows.

I guess if he gets accepted JT will need to do some serious soul searching to decide what will be the better fit for him. Nurse Anesthetist or Physician Assistant? (let's be honest, my vote will probably be for the more lucrative of the two careers) And I guess where our family actually belongs right now.

Who knows.

So, let's take an already stressful situation of trying to downsize, finding a place in Rochester, while getting our house ready to show to complete strangers, hoping that one of them will be a reliable renter and then throw in on top of it all- an interview at U.W. and the possibility of not leaving Washington at all.

Apparently my life wasn't crazy enough.


  1. WHAT. This is insane. Do not toy with us, Tylers. Coming to grips with your exeunt has been trying enough as it is.

    Good luck with the interview and good luck figuring out what to do. This is crazy. And kind of exciting? Am I allowed to say that?

  2. Whoa, that is really crazy!!! When it rains it pours right?!! Except I think you have had more than your fair share of stress lately. Good luck and you said it best, you will know and decide what is best for your family. Love ya!

  3. Wow. That is all I can say. WOW!

  4. Okay. I know you want JT to make some money, but let's face it. You belong HERE. We cannot survive without you. So needless to say, I am wishing JT a whole lot of luck! :)

    (Oh, alright, I'll accept it if you leave, but I'm really, really, really hoping that Heavenly Father agrees with me on this one!)

  5. Are you kidding?!? I almost can't believe it! How annoying and wonderful all at the same time! Can't wait to hear what you decide. :o)

  6. What's this!? You could possibly be staying!? As soon as I talk to you and find out how you're feeling about the whole thing, then I will give you my appropriate response. I don't want to inappropriately and prematurely say, "YAHOO!" :)