Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hair- for a good cause....

November- the Month I am DOING HAIR!

What? Katie is coming out of retirement? For one month and for one month only... or maybe more, we'll see.

The truth is- we are being extremely careful with our money right now, knowing that we might being spend a small fortune on moving our family to NY. And normally I am ok with tightening my budget a little bit...

But right now I am desperate (and I mean desperate) for some time alone with my guy. It has been a few years since we had a night alone. I am not talking about a date night. We get those (thanks to swapping hair cuts with fabulous babysitters), I am talking about a whole night together. The kind of night where you do what you want (go ahead and interpret that how you like), and then wake up whenever you want, without little blankies and binkies creeping into bed, without an alarm clock, without any distractions or obligations. Just us.

These past few years have been stressful. And although I appreciate the anxiety of choosing between two goods (UR or UW) over the stress of coping with the unknown- it is still difficult. The closer we get to moving, the more I realize that living close to family (who can help watch kids) will be ending. And I realize that the long dreamt of night alone could be postponed for a very long time...

SO- instead of breaking our budget, starving our kids, or sleeping in a tent in the back yard- - - I am going to do hair for a month! :)

I am hoping this is a Win- Win.

I know there are a few of you who have wanted to sneak into my house and get your hair done, and I know there are a few more of you whose house I want to sneak into to do your hair! (just kidding, I just had to say it) so- I will be available in the evenings all month, or the weekends of Nov 5ht and 26th.

Call me, facebook me, show up at my house (ok, don't do that)- just let me know.


  1. I will definitely come in for a trim, Katie. You need a night alone!

  2. I literally just finished a conversation with Shaun that included him asking, "can't you just sneak into Katie's house and get your hair done?" Would you believe I actually told him that maybe if I waited just a little longer, I was sure you'd sneak into my house to do my hair! And then to sit down and read your blog! It's a miracle! I can get my hair done without any sneaking! I'm glad I can do something to help you get what you want. I'll call you!